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Investigation Hotline

Investigation Hotline is a private investigation and detective agency headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Our diverse investigation team is made up of professional investigators, forensic examiners, detectives and security experts. Since our founding in 1988, we have been using the latest and greatest intelligence gathering procedures and techniques to seek out and gather detailed court worthy case reports for our clients.

10 Cheating Red Flags You May Be Overlooking |

If you are reading this, chances are you are already having suspicions about your partner. Trusting your partner to remain faithful to you in your relationship can be difficult, especially when they begin to act out of character. Whether your definition of cheating is a physical act, or whether it includes emotional cheating, the impacts can be devastating. It is understandable that you want to get to the bottom of it. There are obvious signs that your partner is cheating, such as taking mysterious phone calls, keeping their phone away from you and spending more and more time at “work”. But check out these cheating red flags that you may be overlooking.

Am I Being Catfished? |

Among the many things that the internet and social media have changed in our daily lives, the dating scene has completely evolved to exist in a digital landscape. Dating websites have developed into dating apps, allowing people to meet other interested individuals from anywhere in the world with a simple swipe of their finger. Gone are the days where proximity mattered and people actually had to get off of their couch and out their door to meet their partner.

How Investigation Hotline is Catching an Equal Number of Men vs. Women Cheating |

Many people would agree that cheating is immoral. However, what most people can’t agree on is who is more likely to cheat and when. For a long time, it was assumed that men were more likely than women to cheat on their partner, but studies within the last decade have indicated that there is more of a balance between the two parties than originally thought. Typically, men are more likely to have physical affairs, while women are more likely to have emotional affairs. This margin, however, is diminishing and concrete answers on the subject become increasingly difficult to find. This can be frustrating when you suspect your partner of cheating and you want facts to fall back on.

Investigation Hotline is Grateful for our Incredible Customers and Would Like to Protect the Public This Christmas Se...

At Investigation Hotline, we are grateful to all of our clients who are now friends for life. Many of our loyal customers have posted reviews about their personal experience with us and we invite you to read these stories for yourself. This blog is intended to protect our valued clients. We urge you to call us before to get you the help and security you deserve.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Private Investigator |

Similar to when you decide to renovate a home, it’s important to understand the fee structure in which you will be transacting under. There are services that are of fixed fee nature, and those that command hourly billing. Fixed fee activities are those of a repetitive nature and often considered common services whereby the amount of effort and resources required can easily be estimated. These are activities such as background checks, vehicle registration searches, reverse phone number identification and bugging and de-bugging a location of choice. Services that depend on a varying degree of effort or involvement from investigators will often be charged hourly. Time spent on activities such as locating missing persons, compiling data on hidden assets, video or audio monitoring for legal or domestic cases, will often depend on the availability of information and sometimes, the luck of timing. Some missing persons may be easily located whereas others could be hiding under aliases.

Using Technology to Find a Missing Person |

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, between 70,000 and 80,000 people are reported missing in Canada every year. Whether these disappearances are caused willingly or unwillingly, they leave concerned family, friends and coworkers in their wake. Police, government and often private investigators become involved in the search for missing persons, and with the development of technology, the search has become wider and easier.

PINs and Passwords: Your First Line of Defence |

One of the top causes of data breaches by hackers is poorly secured devices and accounts. These may include computers, laptops, phones, tablets, bank accounts, email and social media accounts, etc. These devices and accounts are often secured by Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), hand selected by the owner, in addition to (or instead of) passwords or biometrics to lock and unlock. These PINS, or passwords (a phrase, word, etc.), are the first line of defence against unauthorized access into your personal or business information and devices. Because they are the first line of defence, it is very important to maximize their effectiveness in deterring hackers.

Investigation Hotline Discusses What to Do If Your Company’s Trade Secrets Are No Longer Secrets - EconoTimes

EconoTimes is a fast growing non-partisan source of news and intelligence on global economy and financial markets, providing timely, relevant, and critical insights for market professionals and those who want to make informed investment decisions.

Why You Might Want to Hire a Private Investigator Like Investigation Hotline

Here are reasons why people have chosen to seek out private investigators' help to bring clarity, answers and security back to their lives.

Investigation Hotline Outlines What to Do When Your Gut Tells You Your Partner is Having an Affair - AVA360 Entertain...

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