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Accelerator Blogs

Opkey test accelerators are used to accelerate the speed of the enterprise software like Slesforce, SAP , Oracle etc


Salesforce test automation with AI powered Continuous Testing - Opkey

A Salesforce test automation platform with zero code test builder and test process orchestrator for end to end testing. A DevOps readySFDC testing tool.

Overcome the challenges of SAP Ariba Updates with Continous Testing

Accelerate the SAP S/4HANA Journey with Automation

S/4HANA has been the biggest platform upgrade after SAP decided to take back support for SAP ECC in 2025 and getting there is sure not to be easy or cheap. The likelihood to add a major platform update is a challenging prospect for organizations, especially in a complex and highly custom SAP ecosystem where even routine updates can be painful to implement. Poorly planned migrations can lead to budget exceed, system downtime, security failures, and more serious business outcomes. Owing to these issues, an increasing number of SAP users are realizing that successful S/4HANA adoption will look more like an extended journey than a one-time IT project, which means greater cost, scope, and time before the full value is obtained.

Accelerate Business Assurance on Salesforce Revenue Cloud – OpKey Blog

Despite accelerated initiatives and hasty adoption of digital solutions due to the situational challenges posed by the pandemic, deals stalled because customer needs suddenly changed, sales channels were disrupted, and forecast data became unreliable because no one knew what to expect. Salesforce applications are not untouched by this situation, as budgets tighten, end buyers now expect fast and flexible purchase options, including how and when to pay. As Salesforce has become a ubiquitous MXDP (Multi-Experience Development Platform) that many internal teams rely on, frequent testing is conducted to ensure that seamless workflow becomes a necessity.

Remove the Need for Hypercare Through Continuous Testing of SAP Applications – OpKey Blog

During this global health crisis, there is a special need for speed and business applications to be ready for the challenges ahead. To achieve the desired result, it’s critical to align business goals with both testing methods and quality ambitions. SAP continues to evolve to a highly configurable and extensible business process platform. Using sophisticated onboard innovations and prediction engines, in-memory platforms such as SAP S/4HANA are changing how we process, analyse, and act on the ever-increasing volume of data we create every day.  

SAP Test Automation for Accelerating Digital Transformation – OpKey Blog

Digital transformation is near the top of the business leaders’ agenda today. Future SAP technologies are the catalyst that accelerates digital transformation initiatives. The next generation of SAP solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori, offer even more promising capabilities like migration, end-to-end integrations, and business intelligence. Adequate testing is required to accelerate these SAP projects and deliver innovation faster. 

Talking challenges and accelerating test automation for SAP Fiori Apps – OpKey Blog

Nowadays, technology is advancing not only in minutes, but every second. For digital transformation and a smooth user experience demand, SAP Fiori came to the picture, presents a new graphical user interface for SAP Business Suite. It is the user interface supplement and can replace the SAP GUI. SAP Fiori has cross-device application features, allowing the user to start a procedure on their desktop or laptop, it can even be continued on a tablet or smartphone. If required, the data can be accessed within an application, on-premises, or cloud systems. SAP Fiori is established using the latest user interface structure which is UI5. It is a simple, robust platform because SAP UI5 is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, two proven technologies. It runs on HANA, which means that even complex HANA evaluations can be seen on your smartphone or tablet in a split second.

Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Migration Testing Strategy – OpKey Blog

The slow pace of already existing digital transformation has now been actively considered across every industry to make their processes more effective and efficient. The traditional methods implemented across businesses are unable to meet the customer’s expectations and hence the need for newer technology is widely felt to streamline the workflow at reduced costs and efforts. Organizations still continuing with the existing Oracle EBS are now focussed to move their ERP to the Cloud but fear significant costs and efforts leading to potential loss of business continuity. The need for implementing continuous testing while migrating to Oracle Cloud is paramount for early detection of defects and catering to the issues right in the initial stages, eventually saving thousands of bucks.

How to implement successful continuous testing for Salesforce? – OpKey Blog

Salesforce is one of the most prominent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms in the world spanning a wide range of industries and company sizes. It is useful in connecting an organization to its customers, which essentially accelerates sales and grow the customer base. Since Salesforce has turned into an all pervasive MXDP (Multi Experience Development Platform) platform, it is relied upon by many internal teams, and its frequent testing is required to ensure unhindered workflow.

Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Migration Testing Types – OpKey Blog

Testing is crucial during the migration of the legacy application to the Cloud without any data loss or downtime. So analyzing and determining which testing strategy to employ while performing migration is critical to business success. Enterprises must invest quality time and effort to establish a proper migration testing plan. A well-defined migration testing strategy is essential to mitigating the risks involved and delivering a successful migration. It comprises of three phases the Pre-Migration, In-Migration, and Post-Migration. We have already given a brief introduction to the Pre-Migration readiness checklist in our E-Book. In this blog, we’ll break down what migration testing types entail for the rest two phases.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Accelerated Testing Solution - OpKey Surge

Opkey Surge provides end to end continuous testing solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP to minimize project risks through its AI based test automation features.

Veeva Vault continuous automated validation solution - OpKey Surge

Get fastest access to validated upgrades and functionality for your Veeva Vault with AI based test automation solution OpKey.