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Capturing the brilliance of colored gemstones in gallery-ready work comprised of hand-painted fabric finished with traditional quiltmaking techniques.

Joining a quilting workshop to learn about a unique hobby can soon turn into a passion. All one needs is perfect guidance and brilliant ideas. Join MJ Kinman to learn quilting skills. Since ancient times, stitching has been in place, but quilting is still an art to combine different types of patterns in clothing. Most quilting is done to join two pieces of fabric to make warm clothes. But learning to make a Gemstone Quilt is about a craft that includes gemstones and fabrics. In addition, the quilt uses various accessories that add beauty, elegance, and purpose to the arrangement. Gemstone quilting is another form of stitching, with layers of fabric are stitched together, usually with gemstone settings. The basic purpose of making a quilt is to provide warmth to the user, but a quilt is also used to create interest and beauty. The use of gemstones contributes to the quilt design in every way.

Tips to Help You Get Started With New and Innovative Modern Quilt Design

Quilting is an art gaining a lot of attention in the past couple of days. If you've never made a quilt, then it may look like an intimidating experience, but once you get familiar with the way things work, you start loving it. When you start new in the world of quilts, you may find it hard to get some modern ideas that can set your quilt apart from the rest. When you look for inspiration from other modern quilt artists, you'll notice that the modern designs have mostly been bright colors using large solids, asymmetry, and improvising on the designs and making it better. These designs are aesthetically pleasing, that it gets difficult to take your eyes off of the quilt. This article will explain a few tips that you can use in your next quilt to give it a more unique and modern design.

Nowadays, every other person is interested in taking up a new hobby. If you are one of those people who also have a few extra hours on your hands, then here is your chance to become a certified Quilt Artist with MJ Kinman’s online workshops. This means you can acquire a new hobby and create comfortable quilts for yourself and your family.


Advantages of learning quilting and its key benefits

Advantages of learning quilting and its key benefits

Quilting has been done by humans since the 13th century. Though the usage of fabrics, methods of quilting and the techniques used have changed considerably, the thought behind quilting has always been the same. To keep your family and yourself warm during the cold winter months. With technological advancements, you can take quilting classes from anywhere. Read More...


How to Make a Quilt for Beginners

How to Make a Quilt for Beginners

Quilting is an easy task and once you get the hang of it becomes an immensely inspirational and relaxing activity. Quilting is an activity that starts as fun and a good way to pass time that quickly turns into a hobby, and you start coming up with new and creative ways to showcase your ideas into a piece of fabric. Read More...

Quilting is a dedicated skill that focuses on arts and crafts. When an aspirant learns to knit an intricate quilt, they find themselves joining an elite club of renowned artists who have created thousands of delicate patterns. But the techniques you develop come from a professional course taken in a Quilt Classes.

Everything You Need to Know About Fiber Art

When you learn to wave a fabric, you learn the craft of bringing together a product resulting from excellent craftsmanship. With the learning of fiber art techniques like knitting, quilting, weaving, etc.

What Every Quilting Beginner Should Know About Quilting

By now, you must have seen some amazing quilts and have developed a keen sense of interest in quilts. That is the main reason you’re here reading this article on what every quilt beginner should know about quilting.

Are you considering learning how to quilt?  By all means, you are inspired by seeing beautiful quilts. You can also be a proud creator of beautiful and useful quilts by joining a workshop. A Quilting Workshop is the right place for you.

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started with Quilting

This blog is a compact guide for the new quilters who are feeling unmotivated. Most people opt for quilting out of passion or to acquire a new skill or hobby. They invest in quilting books, do research, and follow every quilting video on YouTube to enhance their project.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Quilting

Quilting is a wonderful creative outlet for all quilters, but did you know that it may also help your mental health? This provides more impetus for you to Google up “quilt classes near me”. Keeping ourselves emotionally and psychologically healthy is linked to our entire physical well-being, which is why fine arts such as quilting, sewing, and other forms of crafts are so vital in our everyday lives.