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Internal Links Strategy

Internal Links are situated within your own website pages. When you link back from one webpage to another webpage in the same domain, it is called Internal Linking.

Internal Links Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide To Improve Internal Linking In 2021 - eGoodMedia

Internal Links are generally focused on a specified webpage on your website that you want maximum visitors to explore. It is really helpful in case you want your visitors to reach a buying decision.

Drive Organic traffic Google Image search - eGoodMedia

If you want your visitors to see a large image with a clear view then you can use pop-ups to display a large view or you can redirect the user to the next web page so that they get a clear view of the image.

If you already have a good user base in other LinkedIn groups where group members listen and accept your words then it’s recommended to take your business promoting to the next level by creating an industry-specific LinkedIn group for your target audience.

Drive Organic Traffic Without Ranking On Google - eGoodMedia

Discovering different ways to drive organic traffic enables small businesses and newly launched websites to become competitive in the market. Today consider Google as your primary and only source of traffic and slow your online growth and revenue.

Create SEO Friendly Content To Boost Website Traffic - eGoodMedia

The earlier content writer used to avoid adding external links in their content but today search engine gives preference to a website that has included external links on their website.

These statistics might have cleared your view on how essential infographics are for your website. But here is the twist not all types of infographics can help you to get backlinks from other websites.

Select A Clear And Compelling Title For Your Videos - eGoodMedia

Your target keyword or business name will help you to identify whether you have a competitor on youtube or not. If so then make sure you analyze their work before creating a youtube marketing strategy for your business.

SEO Guide: Keyword Research - eGoodMedia

If your site is well organized (as in the navigation is logical and easy to understand), you shouldn’t need to use more than one or two keywords per page — each page will serve its own purpose.

SEO is a crucial one. Because most of the organic traffic or say website traffic comes from search engines. Your website building skills need to be acknowledged & praised.

Are You Looking To Grow Your Business Using Facebook Messenger? - eGoodMedia

Looking to grow your business using Facebook messenger? If yes then you have landed on the right article where we are going to highlight some important tips that you can use to scale your business in the competitive market space.

How To Define Dwell Time? - eGoodMedia

As such, you never know how many others bounced from a particular web page following its unfamiliarity to the solution. There may be other reasons like an annoying navigation menu or a slow web page loading.

There are many businesses out there who create a separate website for different countries. But if you are using your main website to create subdirectories then you need to have different pages that will work as a part of geo-targeting which means location-based targeting.

Each of these webmasters is easy to approach and execute a deal thereafter. However, you can’t hit the bullseye wearing a blindfold. You have to analyze the importance of your referral traffic and the right referring domain to place your backlinks.

Looking To Improve Your Social Media Engagement - eGoodMedia

Looking to improve your social media engagement to grab more user’s attention on your social media page? If so then you have landed on the right article where we are going to highlight some important tips thet you can use to improve your social media engagement.

Create Sitemap Using Screaming Frog - eGoodMedia

Screaming frog allows you to select which section of your website you want to include in the XML sitemap. Once done click on next navigate to the image tab and if you wish you include images then click on the box or ignore.

Tips To Create A Successful Video For Your Business - eGoodMedia

Before getting into any video creation process it is recommended to analyze what type of video content you are going to create. If you are going live then the video can be a big cause and topic relevant.

Different Types Of Link In Off-Page SEO - eGoodMedia

If you want to increase your brand and website visibility among the audience then it is important for you to perform the basic off-page activities. Link Building and link earning both are considered as the essential aspect of Off-page SEO.

Schema Markup is a form of microdata that is used by internet marketers to let search engines understand your particular web page.

Broken Link Building: A User Guide For Off-Page SEO - eGoodMedia

A broken link could be replaced with a live link consisting of a fresh piece of information along with the backlink to your web page.

Reddit Marketing: Scale Your Business Using Reddit - eGoodMedia

Reddit is another popular social media marketing platform using which you can create a strong presence if front for your communities. A right and positive Reddit mention can help you to get a hundred thousand visitors on your website and on your product.

The reason for posting this article is to raise awareness regarding social media trends & norms. Social media is the only platform where you could evaluate the existing consumer behavior & determine your marketing strategies accordingly.

Social Media Engagement During COVID19 - eGoodMedia

By now you might be having a clear idea about how social media posting time changed or little fluctuated during the COVID19 pandemic. Engagement depends on what type of content you are positioned and how it relates to the user.

YouTube SEO: A Beginners Guide To Optimize Video Content - eGoodMedia

We have created this post to introduce you to various YouTube SEO standards following which you can grow your brand value & business popularity online and also rank your website on the top search engine results.

Website marketing is crucially focused on getting traffic & user recognition for whatever website classification we discuss. A law firm website is also focused on getting more & more clients to whom you could provide with your legislative skills & facilities.

Various Aspects Of A Video SEO - eGoodMedia

Some of you might be confused between YouTube SEO & Video SEO. The confusion is quite relatable. A lot of your YouTube SEO videos can also link back to your target web pages. It could be a great source of ranking though, it’s not focused on your website videos anyway.