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Top 10 Health Benefits of Tea - Ten Reasons Why Drinking Tea is Good for Your Health

Often recommended as a healthier alternative to coffee and other carbonated drinks, tea is packed with nutrients to help you enjoy a better life. From its numerous health benefits to other positives, here's why everyone should drink more tea.


Low in Caffeine

We all need a little bit of caffeine to wake us up in the morning or to give us a boost of energy during the middle of the day and many of us opt for coffee because it's loaded with caffeine. But excessive consumption of caffeine can also have its side effect so switching to tea is a healthier alternative as it contains only moderate amounts of caffeine.


It's the Antioxidants

Antioxidants are necessary to repair wear and tear and keep us feeling and looking young. Tea is a herb that is so full of antioxidants that drinking tea regularly can help keep old age and diseases at bay. White tea or green tea is best as these are less processed than black tea.


Drink Up and Lose Weight

Green tea, in particular, is known to have properties that make digestion of fats a smoother process. Dieticians and weight loss programs alike recommend drinking a cup of green tea after every meal due to its many benefits or even prescribe green tea in the form of pills.


Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Research suggests that those who drink tea regularly are less likely to suffer from heart attacks or strokes. Drinking tea is known to reduce the risk of a heart attack by 20% while reducing the risk of a stroke by 35%.


Boost Your Immunity

Helping immune cells meet their targets in a more efficient timeline, Tulsi tea or basil-infused tea has been used by ancient medical practitioners to fight off diseases for centuries. Tea's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nature is the main reasons why it is so effective.


Improves Bone Health

Recent studies conducted on animals have proved that green tea can prevent those who are ageing or battling various bone diseases from further bone loss. Moringa tea, in particular, is credited with having higher calcium value than milk as well as Vitamins K and A. Those who are young and healthy can also rely on this tea variety to maintain strong bones as Moringa tea is also known to contain iron.


For Better Dental Health

Researchers in Japan have found that those who consume tea are less likely to encounter dental issues such as cavities and tooth loss. As a nation of tea drinkers, Japanese dental health is impressive, to say the least as tea does not erode the enamel of teeth, unlike most other beverages.


Aids Digestion

Herbal tea varieties are also known to help in healing digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome because tea is naturally infused with antispasmodic qualities. Ginger tea and chamomile tea, in particular, are known to combat nausea and common colds. Those who take part in a tour of Heritance Tea Factory or participate in a tea tasting in Nuwara Eliya will attest to the powerful taste and calming nature of ginger-infused teas.


It's Calorie-Free Nutrition

Those who are on special diets or on a weight loss program can substitute a cup of tea for snack time and cut down on the daily calorie intake.


Protection Against Cancer

Those who are of a higher risk of developing cancer due to their genetics will also benefit from drinking more tea as studies have demonstrated a link between these two elements.

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