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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Top 5 Hacks for Healthy Skin - Five Tips to Maintaining Skin Health

As the largest and one of the most sensitive organs in the human body, maintaining healthy skin is vital not only for beauty purposes but also for overall well-being. The skin's ability to remain supple and elastic depends on how well one takes care of this organ. Here are 5 ways to do just that.


You are What You Eat

Eating a healthy diet and consuming food that is beneficial to your skin is the first line of defence against unhealthy skin. Looking youthful and maintaining a glowing complexion all depends on the nourishment one gets from within as applying various treatments and ointments can only go so far if salty and fatty foods are part of everyday meals. Some of the best food types to consume for healthy skin include mangoes which are rich in antioxidants while tomatoes are also known to prevent the onset of skin cancers. Olive oil is also known to help combat dark spots, pigmentation and wrinkles while green tea is also known to boost ailing skin cells and heal most skin conditions.


Reduce Stress

Keeping your stress levels low is also essential for a healthy skin tone and even complexion as a bad temperament or high-stress levels are known to contribute to a plethora of ailments. This includes flaky and itchy skin as well as excessive sweating and hair loss so stress really will take its toll on your body and appearance. Rashes and scales on the skin are visible signs of stress as feeling overwhelmed is known to increase the production of sebum, a substance that blocks the skin's pores which can lead to acne in some cases. Practising meditation, exercise and indulging in a spa getaway in NSW at a venue such as Elysia Wellness Retreat or any other spa hub are ways to reduce stress.


Maintain Moisture

Everyone's skin requires a great deal of moisture and hydration to remain supple and fresh so using moisturizers is a good way to restore the skin's natural moisture, especially as one ages. Cold climates and air-conditioning are known to cause dry skin so using moisturizers at home and at work is essential for most of us. Some of the other ways to recover moisture include taking shorter baths, using warm water instead of scalding hot water and using gentle, scent-free soap.


Cut Back on Drinking and Smoking

Alcohol is a documented cause of non-melanoma related skin cancers as well as the risk of contracting basal cell carcinoma. Smoking is also known to affect the skin badly as signs of ageing appear on smokers sooner than on non-smokers due to the blood flow restrictions caused by the nicotine. So cutting out or cutting down these two habits can do wonders for your natural glow.


Sleep Well

Adequate rest is essential for healthy skin as those with poor sleep patterns or insomnia are known to contract various skin diseases more frequently. Skin cells rejuvenate as we sleep and depriving oneself of rest can harm your complexion as the repair mode our body enters during sleep is cut short.