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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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6 things to consider when purchasing a portable PA - Let your audience be clear and attentive

A potable PA maybe your next requirement if you are planning to host an event, be it a public gathering or an entertainment show. Yes, you may always hire them from an external party, but, if you need it often, the best thing is to buy one. When you do, consider these facts.


Where will you hold the event?

When purchasing a portable PA, it is of utmost importance to consider the location of your event. If the event for which you'll be using this PA system is an outdoor one, you'll have to use an advanced version to beat all the external noises as well. Thus, depending on whether the event is held indoors or outdoors, your purchasing decision can vary.


What about the audience?

Some events attract a large audience of about 250 people, and in such an instance you may use the Mipro MA707. If the audience tends to exceed that amount (around 400 people), you need to have more power and go for an MA708. If you are expecting just around 50-100 people, you then don't need to go for advanced versions and be okay with a shoulder model such as the MA101 series.


Is it portable?

According to your requirement of the PA, the degree of portability may vary. For example, if the PA you are going to purchase is to be used for a beach wedding function that should be easily transportable to the chosen location. And you should also be able to lift the speaker to the stand without an issue. For this. The weight of the unit should be less.


Will you need any accessories and additional extras?

There can be many extra accessories that you need as speaker input options. These often include CD players, Bluetooth music players, protective speaker covers, and many more. Microphones also are a must depending on the event you do, and you may buy microphones with the cable or wireless options (handheld) on sites such as When you are looking out for sound systems for sale in Sri Lanka, see if they offer speaker stands as well because covering a larger audience effectively requires you to have one.


Microphone compatibility?

If you go for a smaller speaker, it will only accommodate 01 internal receiver for 01 wireless microphone. But, if you go for advanced models (suitable to cover larger audiences) such as MA 705, MA 707, or MA 708, they accommodate 2 internal receivers which enable the presenter to use both the handheld wireless microphone and a lapel option.


Can the device power an extension speaker?

If you want the sound to be distributed far better to larger audiences, you will probably need an extension speaker. But not all models have the ability to power an extra extension speaker. In such instances, you should always go for a model from MA705 upwards. You just need to connect them with the speaker cable, and your job is then done!