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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Reasons why Millenials love Coliving Spaces – A Case Study

It is easier and more effective today to keep switching jobs and moving from place to place. This is a lifestyle that was first picked up by millennials and has spread along with the next generation. They prefer to gain all kinds of experience around the world and this is where co-living comes in. Here are reasons why you should consider it!


Cost and Ease

One of the best things about co-living is the fact that it can be quite cost-effective. As such it has become very popular with millennials. It is almost impossible for millennials to buy a house under today's market price. And renting properties can also be quite costly. The best solution for this, and thanks to the fact that millennials' job hopes often – is co-living.
If you are considering a co-living space in Bangkok, you will come to know that the spaces come already fully furnished with all the bills taken care of or split between those making use of the space. No longer do you have to worry about maintenance costs and your utility bills.


Community Living

What is community living? In new spaces that have popped up all over the world such as lyf Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok, you get your choice of room with co-living spaces such as a communal common room, kitchen as well as a communal rooftop. There's plenty of opportunities to socialize and meet other millennials such as yourself possibly engaged in the same kind of industry. And when you have had enough socializing you can always retreat to your private room.
This is especially important as studies have found that the current generations suffer from chronic loneliness due to their housing situations and jobs. With co-living, you can gather together with like-minded individuals and live a more fulfilling life.



Co-living spaces are also great for security, especially for young women who want to take the liberty of trying to live on their own but who are also a little afraid to take the step due to safety reasons. There will be a group of people whom you can go shopping with and do other similar activities – all within a safe zone.


Quality and Variety

The most appetising aspect is that you are no longer subjected to conforming to your financial capabilities. With co-living your residence choices are endless. You can spend a year in the vibrant and faced pace city of Bangkok, or you can spend quite 6 months up on a farm in Northern Italy. The possibilities and varieties are endless.



This also puts a lot of work opportunities within your grasp. You don't have to restrict yourself to a local job market anymore. You could take up something obscure like ice-fishing in Greenland or go on a teaching assignment to Thailand. Wherever your heart beckons. You can find plenty of jobs and meet similar people with whom you can form lifelong bonds. It will be like travelling all over the world and living with friends. As if that gap year from university never really ended. Co-living is the way of the future!

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