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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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Content Farm Research

eHow Shows Critics How to Create a High-Quality Content Farm

Based on the latest data from Compete PRO,, which was acquired by Demand Media in May 2006, had more than 54 million unique visitors in May 2012, surpassing the previous peak of 49.8 million achieved in March 2011 before Google rolled out the Panda 2.0 update.

Google's War on Nonsense

Imagine a sci-fi universe in which every letter, word and sentence is a commodity. Companies make money off chunks of language. Bosses drive writers to make more words faster and for less pay. Readers then pay for exposure to these cheaply made words in the precious currency of their attention.

Bleacher Report and the evolution of the content farm

The purchase of the sports-blogging site Bleacher Report by Turner Broadcasting unit fills a content hole for the Time Warner unit, but it is also a validation of the user-generated-content model behind the sports-blogging network, and a sign of the disruptive effects that model can have.

The New York Times, the Content Farm, and the Power of the Brand

It was timing that was either ironic or fitting: Less than 24 hours after Facebook filed for its big IPO, The New York Times Company announced its earnings for the last quarter of 2011 and for the previous year as a whole. While the company isn't doing great, it's not doing terribly, either.

Elapsed Time: Are Medium & Quora Just the Rebirth of Content Farms?

Three years ago a terrible collection of beasts rose from the sea and threatened the Internet we love so dear. These " content farms" churned out low quality prose in SEO-friendly formats to try and garner traffic from Google and other search engines.

List of content farms | Jon Gales

'Looks' like it might be something? That's hardly a good reason to advertise shutting down another person's hard work. I like wonderhowto. I went to it for the first time today after seeing it on your list. When I was a kid, my favorite books were the original 'Tell Me Why' series.