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Headline for The Best Blog Posts Week 22, 2013
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The Best Blog Posts Week 22, 2013

My weekly list of the blog posts I found most interesting. Published today on

Blog Ranking: 5 Ways to Ensure Blog Ranking on Google does not happen!

If particular search terms are not that competitive it's not that difficult to appear on page 1 of Google particularly for longer phrases as opposed to particular keywords. But there are some good reasons why you don't always achieve this. Years ago I used to play Football but ended up as a substitute a lot.

A Decade of the Most Popular CMS: Wordpress [Infographic]

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the most popular content management system- WordPress. What was once a small blogging software in 2003 is now one of the most used and important CMS in the world.

What Should You Post in LinkedIn Updates?

The other day, my Twitter buddy, Moustafa Mansour, asked me about what should be posted in LinkedIn updates. As LinkedIn gets more social, many of us have proba

How do you compare? Canadian social media stats

Michael Goodwin, Senior Partner for HTC, displays an HTC First cell phone wit the new Facebook interface at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., Thursday, April 4, 2013. One in three anglophone Canadians says not a single day goes by without checking into their social media feeds.

Involve your workforce in your content marketing strategy

In organizations that rely heavily on content and information to attract, persuade and serve customers, the content marketing team consists of more people than those who are strictly involved in content marketing. Subject matter experts, consultants, managers, etc. can all contribute.

Why You Need Both Influencers and Advocates

I was really excited about #brandchat last week! It was about influence marketing with guest Sam Fiorella. People were having conversations about influencers and advocates, and everything was great! Then, someone showed up for the sole purpose of promoting their brand. They started saying that brands should never use influencers, and focus on brand advocates instead.

Get a Link Back to Your WordPress Site from Copy & Pasted Text

Did you know that copying and pasting makes up 82% of all content sharing on the web - 4.5 times more than social sharing buttons? That's what advertising giant 33across/Tynt found in a study done at the end of last year. You may find that interesting. But so what?

Never mind the analysis - abuse and vitriol are trending on Twitter

Listen to the editor of the Daily Telegraph talking about his job and a day stuffed full of "data-influenced decisions". Here's a news story, breaking fast. Do you choose video, running blogs, simple digital or even simpler print to run it big? What's trending on Chartbeat, Google and Twitter (which Tony Gallagher calls the new Press Association)?

Five Fat Phrases Clogging Up Your Content

A big trend in health and fitness these days is being "lean." Lean meat, lean muscle, (heck, even Sheryl Sandberg wants us to Lean in .) Getting lean is about narrowing something down to its essence - just the good stuff.

4 Things to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

I've been using my client experiences and questions as inspiration for my articles here on SteamFeed, and one question I have come across quite often is how do I speed up my WordPress site? With so many photoblogs these days and even more oversold shared hosting no wonder this question is coming up more and more often.