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Updated by Clove Dental on Feb 02, 2021
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Top 7 Myths Of Root Canal Treatment Busted

Despite being a simple and affordable procedure, there are people around the world who would put off RCT. Why? This is because they have heard of rumours that they now believe to be true.


Debunking Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Debunking Myths about Root Canal Treatment

One of the most common treatments in the world of dentistry, root canals have had their fair share of doubters around the world. You can go around and ask people about why they won’t get an RCT and you can hear a number of reasons, none of which will blame the root canal treatment cost. Yes, despite being a simple and affordable procedure, there are people around the world who would put off RCT. Why? This is because they have heard of rumours that they now believe to be true. So here is a small article about the myths of RCT that you should stop believing in right now.


Root Canals Hurt

This might come as a shocker to you, but root canals don’t actually hurt, at least not in the modern times. The myth about painful RCTs actually rose out of a time when they used to be plenty painful. With modern technology and improved anaesthetics, root canals are completely free of pain. Knowing what to expect often eases our anxiety, which is why you must know that RCTs are pain free.


Too Many Visits

It is natural for you to think that RCT is a long procedure. In reality, though, you can get it done in as less as just one sitting.


They Make You Sick

There is no evidence that suggests that root canals can make you fall sick. Your chances of falling sick after a root canal are equal to a person who did not get a root canal, which says a lo


Pregnant women can’t have RCT

Pregnant women can and do get root canals whenever possible. It is understandable that people think that since pregnant women can’t get an X-ray, they can’t get a root canal either. But the radiation from the X-ray is within the safe limits, which is good for the mother and the baby. However, to prevent any issues, the dentist at the dental hospital will still cover the pregnant lady’s belly with a lead apron during the X-ray. Also, you can ask whether the anaesthetic used for the procedure is safe for pregnant ladies or not.


Extractions are Better Than Root Canals

To think that extractions are a better choice than root canals is a flawed idea because the entire aim of a root canal is to save your natural tooth. There is nothing that can 100% replicate our natural tooth, or has the kind of strength it does. This is why Root canals are all about saving the natural tooth, which makes them a far superior choice than extractions


Root Canals Remove The Root

Another common misconception about root canals is that the dentists remove your tooth during the procedure. In reality, root canals actually help you by removing the infected pulp from the inside of a tooth, thus leaving the roots inside.


Crowns Cause The Need to Get RCT

It is a common myth dental crowns cause the need for getting a root canal. Not only is that untrue, but very far from reality. A crown is put on a tooth to help prevent the entry of bacteria back into the tooth by completely sealing it. If you do need a root canal in a tooth that has a crown, it means that the tooth had an abscess before or the bacteria got under the crown, not because of the crown.



Any procedure that we may need to go through, especially in dentistry, seems daunting. This is why we often resort to believing in myths that help us put off the idea of getting a procedure done. But treatments like root canal are more focussed on helping us get rid of the pain than causing us more. Therefore, always talk to your doctor about any doubts you may have, so you know what to expect while you go in.

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