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List of Top 8 Virtual Mom Apps

Being a mum is a lot to handle. A child's future depends majorly on how the parents of that child bring the child up; therefore, parents pay attention to execute that delicate job well. Although both parents have a part to play in a child's life, in most families, while the father is away working, the mother usually takes care of the kids.

Top 8 Virtual Mom Apps to Try Today


1. Messages From Mom

1. Messages From Mom

The pain that comes from losing a mom is unbearable. If you’re a mom that belong to that club, then you can relate to the sad emotions that flow within you, each time you remember that you can’t text mom, and must make it through life without your greatest supporter.

When life hits you that hard, the Messages from Mom app comes in as a good companion. The app is designed to help bereaved persons get back on track with life.

Top features include reminders for daily activities and key events such as your birthday or wedding anniversary. You will also see motivational messages and quotes that encourage you to deal with the situation.

The app is easy to set up and available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store.


Mums Pump Here

Breastfeeding is sometimes a hazel for most nursing mothers, especially when they are outside their home, from finding a safe place to comfortably breastfeed their child to avoid harassment and discrimination from people for breastfeeding in public.

In 2012 Priya Nembhard and Kim Harrison, to help breastfeeding and breast pumping moms created the Mums Pump Here mobile website, one in New York City and another in Miami.

Still striving to help nursing moms, the website launched the Moms Pump Here Nursing Room Locator App in 2015. With the app's aid, breastfeeding mums can find, rate, or share nursing mom-friendly places to breastfeed their kids comfortably. You can also find health and wellness information on the Mom blogs and YouTube channel.

So if you are a nursing mother and you find yourselves in locations like shopping malls, airports, parks, or recreational centers, you can be sure to find a suitable breastfeeding location with the Mums Pump Here app, available on Apple iTunes and Google Play store.


Care zone

Caring for a sick child is another trouble mothers have to go through. When a child is sick, moms have to find out what is wrong with the child, probably take the child to the hospital for diagnosis, get drugs at pharmacies and also deal with the discomfort of staying with an ailing child.

There are cases where a caregiver puts a child's life in danger caused by taking the wrong medication or with the wrong prescription. This mistake is often made when the caregiver, like the mom, forgets the right prescription.

With the CareZone app, a mom's caregiving workload is reduced. The CareZone app is a United States-based app. With the app, moms can store important information like medication doses, track the number of doses taken and receive medication reminders.

Moms can also record medical appointments, record different symptoms the child displays for further analysis by the medical practitioner, and receive important health tips for the family.



Children have low attention and concentration, making it hard for them to remember chores they are supposed to do and stick to them. As children get older, parents assign tasks to them to help them form the habit of helping out in the home and to take of themselves.

Moms can assign the kids simple tasks like making their bed, sorting their clothes, picking up their toys, and probably brushing their teeth. However, because kids would always show that they are kids, they ever need to be monitored.

Brili app would ensure that your kids complete their tasks and also track them. This app is perfect for kids with ADHD who have difficulty paying attention. With Brili, mom can customize their child's routine for mornings, afternoons, or bedtime and also time for reminders.



When a child is still a baby, he spends most of his time with the mother. Since the child is always with the mother, she protects him from danger, and she is assured of his safety because he is close to her.

However, the more a child grows, the more he will spend less time with his mother. As they enter into teenage, they become reckless.

With an assistant mom like Life360, moms can now track their child's location. Life360 is a family social networking app created under Life360 Inc. in 2008. The main features of the app include location sharing, circles, places, and premium. You can also group messages with your friends and family using the app, and when your child encounters a problem when driving, he can call for roadside assistance.



Going on vacation with your family can be fun, but whoever said it was easy. As a mum with kids, it is not always fun to prepare for a trip. Apart from packing the necessary things like clothes, footwear, and others, you need to arrange traveling affairs.

With TripCase, you can store your essential travel information to avoid losing them. To upload these details, you don't have to start typing a long list of things; you forward the booking confirmation to the app's email address, and it would automatically upload.

The app can also provide additional information like airport map, weather condition, or delayed flight, even before the airline sends out a message.


Supermom workout

The journey through the months of pregnancy is a beautiful love story between a mother and her child. While that phrase is one of the most beautiful things in your life, it is also one of the fast body changing phases.

After delivery, a mother's body would never be the same as before pregnancy. Although changes in the body differ from one woman to another, most of them experience increased body weight.

But no need to worry, moms. You can always get that your body shapes back with apps like Super Mom Workout. The app is designed for women who neither cant go to the gym to work out or busy with work and nursing a baby.

Available on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the Super Mom Workout would help you get fit. For nursing mothers who stay with their kids all day can involve the child in the workout. But no matter the method you choose to use, never forget to consult a physician before starting any new exercise program.


Hey! Vina

What better way to spend your free time as a mum than to spend it with people you can relate to. Motherhood is a demanding job, and so sometimes, a mum needs to wind off.

With Hey! Vina app, you can connect with different moms across the world. Founded by Olivia June, the appease created for women to meet each other and create beautiful life-changing friendships.

Try the virtual mom app today and share experiences with other moms around 153 different countries.



A mom's job is a very happy and rewarding job, but it can be demanding and stressful. Moms need assistance from time to time to help them cope with their work. With virtual mother apps like CareZone, Brili, Life360, TripCase, Messages from Mom, and Supermom workout, their workload can reduce, and they can enjoy being a mom.