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Hair removal methods and skin care tips

10 Best Epilators of 2021 + Reviews (My Top Picks)

In my epilator reviews guide you will find everything you need to know about the 10 best epilators of 2021, how many tweezers each has, the caps and accessories

Best Epilator for Men: Emjoi AP-18MS Review

Emjoi AP-18MS is the first epilator that comes to my mind when talking about an epilator for men and this model is a truly fantastic one, just read this review

How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs When Epilating, Shaving or Waxing

Exfoliation is the first step when it comes to learning how to prevent ingrown hairs but what do you do when physical exfoliation doesn't eliminate the problem?

Epilator Vs Shaving: Which is Right for You?

Both shaving and epilation have their pros and cons but the winner for me is epilation due to one main reason: the smooth hairless skin lasts a lot longer

Epilator vs. Waxing: Two Fantastic Hair Removal Methods

My winner in the battle of epilator vs waxing is and always will be epilator but waxing is just as wonderful as a medium-term hair removal method, find out why

Top 10 Hair Removal Methods Compared (Complete In-Depth Guide)

From shaving to waxing to epilators to laser hair removal to electrolysis, there are plenty of hair removal methods to choose from

How to Make Epilation Less Painful: Top 4 Tips That Work for Me

Epilators can cause quite a lot of pain but there are a lot of tips that can help you with reducing the pain, making them a great cheap hair removal method

Epilators Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages and Prices)

The biggest pro is that epilators offer silky smooth skin for 2 weeks at least, while being really affordable, the biggest disadvantages being pain and ingrown hairs

5 Best Epilators for Face That Work GREAT (2021)

I will show you which one is the best epilator for face for you, whether you have a low budget or you want top of the line products

Top 4 Best Epilators for Underarms (Armpits)

When choosing the best epilator for underarms you get two choices: you either choose a facial epilator or a whole-body one, but what's the best choice for you?

Top 7 Epilation Benefits: Reasons for Choosing Epilators

Epilators are cheap, you can have smooth skin for at least two weeks, using them is simple, and there are many more reasons for choosing epilators

How To Use an Epilator (A Beginners Guide to Epilation)

Learning how to use an epilator is incredibly easy and there are only a few basic things that you should know, like keeping the skin taut or holding it at a 90 degrees angle

Remington Epilator: My Top 3 Picks and the Alternatives

If you've been curious about getting a Remington epilator my post will definitely help you with picking the best one for you or maybe you'll end up picking a totally different brand?

Do Epilators Hurt? Obviously Yes But What Are the Options?

The answer to do epilators hurt is pretty obvious, it's a straight yes, but there are ways that can make epilation a bit more comfortable in the beginning

Braun Silk Epil 9 (9561 Epilator) Reviewed

I've just bought a Braun Silk Epil 9 epilator, the 9561, and I want to share with your my first experience, my first epilation with such a fantastic epilator

What is an Epilator? Do Epilators Work? Let's Find Out

Have you wondered what is an epilator, how does it work, and what does it do? You will find your answer to all these question and more in this post

Braun Silk-Epil 9 Review: Is This the New Top Epilator on the Market?

The Braun Silk Epil 9 series offers some really incredible epilators, some of the best on the market with amazing accessories

My 6 Post Epilation Care Tips for Sensitive Skin

There are a few simple steps that you need to include in your post-epilation routine if you want your dry sensitive skin to be without breakouts or irritation

How to Clean Your Epilator (Beginners Guide)

A clean epilator is important because its tweezers make really close contact with your skin and no bacteria must interfere when hairs are removed from the root

How to Get a Fabulous Epilator if You are on a Tight Budget

You don't need a big budget for getting a really good epilator and I'm going to offer you some examples that demonstrate that a low budget is good enough