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Top 10 attractions in Abu Dhabi – Pack your itinerary with the best there is!

With the major economic growth and infrastructural development that has occurred over the past decades, Abu Dhabi has grown to become a major tourism destination. It is on par with the neighbouring city of Dubai, and it is considered sometimes to be a preferred destination due to the peace, quiet and rich cultural history on display for visitors.


The stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Cultural landmarks or typically bookmarks in the pages of history. They tell a story of a time that has stayed frozen while the rest of the world has hurried past it. They represent the deep reverence and history behind a nation and are the embodiments of the most important parts of a nation's culture.

This grand mosque is no different. Its striking white minarets and round domes make it instantly recognizable and are a magnet for visitors from across the globe as well as the Middle East. A true homage to the nations cultural grounding in the Islamic faith, it's precise and intricate architectural design draws you in and tells a story of grandeur and beauty.

It required thousands of artists and 11 years to construct but it is sure to stand the test of time and speak its story for centuries to come.

There are many things to do in Abu Dhabi of a similar vein and much of them can be easily accessed from many popular accommodations such as the Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi Hotel.


The Louvre of Abu Dhabi

It may catch you by surprise but there is indeed a Louvre that resides outside the famed Parisian halls. This museum is a hotspot for artistic and cultural enthusiasts. It is a good thing that the Louvre, Abu Dhabi is immaculate in their exposition in ancient monuments.

It holds a revolving schedule throughout the year and brings several themes for its eager visitors so that each visit may be a unique experience. For example, one of the artworks featured at the museum was three-thousand-year-old Egyptian artefact, belonging to the famous pharaoh Tutankhamen.

The design of the museum itself can be considered an artwork, as it lies surrounded by the ocean, glimmering white.


Are you a fan of Falconry?

The Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi is another destination during your visit that should not be missed. The art of raising falcons has been a skill that has been passed through generations and plays a major cultural role as well. This hospital deals exclusively in the care, rehabilitation and training of falcons.

There is a long stand connection of falcons to the local culture as they have been used through time to aid Bedouins in hunting for food. An interesting fact is that these falcons are also trained to bring a catch back to its trainer alive so that it may be prepared under the correct Islamic guidelines.

As a major part of the cultural heritage of the region, these animals also receive certain special privileges, for example, they are the only animals in the United Arab Emirates that are allowed to travel inside planes. They must however only use first-class or business class flights!