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6 Things You Need to Know About Surfing in the Maldives – Riding the Waves…

The Maldives is an archipelago consisting of around 1200 islands and they offer bits of paradisiacal stretches that make for an unforgettable vacation. And one of the joys that these islands pave the way for you is the thrill of riding its waves.


Best months to catch uncrowded waves

March and April bring the perfect surfing conditions around Ghaafu Dhaalu Atoll, which consists of light wings. May to October, the North and South Male atolls calls all the surfing enthusiasts to test their mettle on its consistent waves.


Scoring the best deal

After thorough research, you may find that there are several ways of scoring the best surfing deal. You could opt to book early enough that would ensure that you get to book your dream Maldives beach villa, right around the time when the best surfs hit the beach! You could also keep your eyes peeled to grab last-minute deals that would fit your schedule perfectly (not to mention your budget!)


Best board size

The surfing points you find in the Maldives are quite long and you may get a range of conditions from hollow and fast to shallow and fun depending on where you opt to go surfing! The best surfboard would be the one you'll be most comfortable in – be it Rhino Gun to Hypto Krypto, opt for the one that you feel you can handle well.


Waves in the Northern atolls

During your stay at a resort such as Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, you should know about some of the waves that you're going to be facing if you're thinking about surfing there. If you're a beginner at this exciting water sport, you will be most likely taken towards the Ninjas Break. Although the name might make it sound quite daunting, it actually provides smaller waves that are ideal for beginners. The Honky's Break, Sultan's Break, and Pasta Point would suit you if you're an intermediate or an advanced surfer. Chicken's Break is more suited for advanced surfers and it has gained its name due to the island it breaks off, which was once known for poultry.


Waves of the Central atolls

For those who are looking forward to surfing around the islands of the central atolls of the Maldives, there are around 14 breaks. Kasabu is probably the only surf point for beginners here. Vodi and Muli are better suited for intermediate surfers while Outside Mikado and Refugee's Lefts are reserved for advanced surfers. If you're a total pro, you could even venture toward Refugee's Rights and Bedhuge to show off your surfing moves!


Waves of the Southern atolls

The Antiques surfing point will provide gentler waves if you're a beginner to the sport and based in the Southern atolls. Tiger Stripes, Two Ways, Blue Bowls, Air Equator Lefts, Kanda Muli, Shangri-La, and Madihera are have proven to be great for intermediate surfers. Advanced surfers may just thrive in surf breaks such as Love Charms, Five Islands, Kottey, and Approach Lights.