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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
Headline for A Packing Checklist for a Beach Vacation – Check all the boxes to a great holiday!
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A Packing Checklist for a Beach Vacation – Check all the boxes to a great holiday!

Many people will quickly tell you that packing is, in fact, their least favourite part about travelling. The idea of spending hours figuring out exactly what you need and then spending even more time trying to stuff them into your luggage can indeed be tedious. However, with a bit of help from a checklist, this can easily become the simplest part of your journey!


Start with the basics

What are the basics you may ask? Well, one of the first things you need to figure out when and how long you will be visiting your beach vacation destination. These can be pivotal decisions that are sometimes overlooked by travellers. For example, if you do not consider the time of the year you visit a tropical beach destination, you could very well find yourself in the middle of monsoon season with heavy rainfall occurring daily. An unpleasant realization to have when you have already invested in a ticket, clothes and other items for your trip!

Another thing to keep in mind your duration of stay. You need to ensure that you have packed sufficiently, and you have allocated an appropriate budget for an enjoyable stay. Another piece of information to be on the lookout for is whether your holiday destination has any interesting holiday or events coming up. If you do know that there is an annual lantern festival happening and all it requires a small extension of 24 hours, it is much more cost-effective to plan as opposed to a last-minute change!


Do your travel admin!

Depending on where in the world you live, the access you have to other countries may vary by a large degree. Additionally, given the relatively turbulent geopolitical shifts, it is never certain that access to any particular country will stay the same.
As such, make it a point to begin your admin processes at least 6 months early. This will give you sufficient time to reach out to the necessary official organizations, organize your visa applications and wait for approvals. Ensure the other such items are completed promptly so that you are never scrambling last minute or end up, unfortunately, having to forego your trip altogether!
If you do visit a popular destination such as Thailand for your vacation, then you will likely want to spend a bit of time relaxing at some Koh Samui hotels such as the Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort to take a break from the sun and rest so be sure to allocate a budget for such experiences as well.


Pack your essentials

Keep your eyes on the prize. You are travelling to spend a glorious holiday on the beach. To this end, ensure that you have all the necessary items at hand. One of the first things to do would be to get yourself a decent beach bag, you most certainly cannot be dragging your suitcase onto the beach.
This will help you keep all your key inventory such as some snacks, drinks, books, blankets and speakers in an easy to carry bag for the best possible beach experience.
Additionally, if you are hoping to travel light and visit a range of different beaches then it is recommended to carry clothes that can be washed on the move and are easy to dry.


Keep your money close by

When you are travelling to a tropical vacation, it is always important to have some money kept safely in a bank account and to keep some local currency in cash with you. This is mainly because many people will be able to accept cash for a quick meal or services like a boat ride.
This will also allow you to have free reign over your day so that you are never wasting time looking for ATMs in a foreign land.