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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 18, 2021
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7 Incredible Facts about Cambodia – Great things about a great destination

You'll first remember the ever-famous Angkor Wat temples when you hear about Cambodia. Yes, that's alright, but Cambodia has many more interesting and fun facts. Read this article to know more about this destination and its unique details. Get ready to be amazed!


The flag of Cambodia features a building

You must have seen the national flags of many other countries, but have you ever seen a national flag with a picture of a building? No, right? Cambodia is the only country to feature a building in its flag. The building illustrated is none other than the Angkor Wat building complex which represents the heart and soul of Cambodia.


Observing Cambodia's population is interesting

This country- Cambodia has a very massive young population. More than 50% of the population are even younger than 30 years and there's a reason behind this. Although Cambodia you see today is a very peaceful and prosperous country, the period from 1975-1979 was not so good for the country. During this period more than 2 million people were killed which accounted for 1/5th of the overall population.


Homestay adventures are popular here

If you are a foreigner hoping to come to Cambodia for a holiday, yes, the country has many world-class hotels to serve you such as Anantara Angkor Resort with all the modern comforts. But you may also allocate a day or two to enjoy the utmost authenticity by trying out a homestay adventure. Trek through the jungle with friendly locals and explore how they spend their lives with joy.


Cambodian dining patterns are quite odd

Yes, you do find all sorts of international cuisine when you go to a restaurant to enjoy Siem Reap dining moments. But Cambodians love to eat insects such as crickets, ants, and tarantulas. In addition to that, their daily diet always includes rice, fish, and vegetables.


Cambodian weddings are impressive

If you get invited to a Cambodian wedding by any chance, just don't miss that out! Traditional weddings in Cambodia are full of colour and celebrations and they normally go for three days. They dance, sing, and eat many food items, and it'll be a great experience for you.


Cambodians celebrate their New Year in April

While most of the countries in the world grandly celebrate their New Year on the 01st of January, Cambodians celebrate theirs in April. This is linked with their harvesting season always, and due to the same reason, New Year becomes the biggest and the happiest festival for them in the year.


Tuk-tuks become your friend in Cambodia

If you head to a city like Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, what you'll see first is a long line of tuk-tuks waiting to receive your signal. You can go anywhere in Cambodia by tuk-tuks and they'll take you to where you want to go even before the estimated time. The tuk-tuk drivers will not follow any road rules when they drive, and you'll also get accustomed to the same in a while. Happy riding!