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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Top 6 important facts to know when you travel to the Maldives – Tips for a blissful tour
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Top 6 important facts to know when you travel to the Maldives – Tips for a blissful tour

Everyone's dream is to travel to the Maldives on one fine day. Yes, indeed- that's a great plan because it's one of the most amazing tropical destinations in the world. Amidst the wind, waves, palm tree shades, and white sands, you are sure to have the best moments of your life.


The Maldives is all about islands

No- the Maldives is not just one island, but a collection of more than 1000 islands located separately from each other in the Indian Ocean. These islands are further divided into 26 atolls stretching from north to south. Out of all these islands, only about 200 islands are inhabited, and most of the others are occupied by resorts.


It's just an hour away from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, which is another beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean is just one hour away from the Maldives by plane. So, if you plan a holiday in Sri Lanka, why not visit the Maldives during the same tour? The BIA (Sri Lankan Airport) offers 3-4 direct flights between Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Male, Maldives daily to facilitate your travel needs.


You can come to the Maldives without Visa

See how tourist-friendly the Maldives is! You can enter the country without a pre-arrival visa as they offer a 30-day visa on arrival for travellers from all countries. But you should have a valid ticket out of the Maldives, and of course, a valid passport.


You can't bring any alcohol when you come in

Be it any beer, spirit, or wine, you can't bring any alcoholic substance when you enter the Maldives. If you have already purchased any liquor on your way to the Maldives, sorry- you will have to obey the laws and keep them with customs. But don't worry as you can always pick them on your way out of the country. Local islands in the Maldives will not have alcohol for you, but every luxury hotel in Maldives will have all the brands you need.


The Maldives has the best hotels

How is it even possible for the Maldives to not have great hotels when it's the number 1 tourist destination as per many international sources including Lonely Planet? Properties such as Velassaru Maldives make your Maldivian tour much more blissful and you are going to fall in love with the luxury, privacy, and hospitality they offer.


The Maldives is a Muslim country

No matter where you are, you need to respect the traditions and beliefs of another nation when you visit there as a guest. The majority of the Maldivians are Muslims, and the country is strictly governed by Islamic Laws. Be mindful when you choose your clothes to visit public places in the Maldives as they value a modest dressing policy. You may wear whatever you need when you are in your hotel, and there'll be no restrictions at all. There are no-pork policies as well, and once again, they are too governed by Islamic Law.