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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 18, 2021
Headline for 5 Essential Vietnam Packing List for Any Time of Year - 5 Must-Have Items for a Vietnam Getaway for Every Travel Season
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5 Essential Vietnam Packing List for Any Time of Year - 5 Must-Have Items for a Vietnam Getaway for Every Travel Season

As one of Asia's top tourist hotspots, holidaying in Vietnam is a dream for most travellers. Here are five essential item groups every visitor must bring to Vietnam regardless of the time of year.



When it comes to packing clothes for Vietnam, it is important to remember the weather conditions prevalent in the country during the time of the visit. As a rule of thumb, cotton and other breathable fabrics are more suited to the Vietnamese weather than silk and other more heat-absorbing textiles. In addition to t-shirts, travel pants and shorts, visitors should also pack a day dress or a formal shirt (depending on your gender) for when one needs to dine in some of the finer venues and hotels. A hiking outfit and bathing suits are also must-haves while sunglasses, hats and caps will also help keep the sun out of one's eyes.



Packing hygiene items and toiletries can be tricky because one may not be aware of what will be provided by Vietnam family resorts and other hospitality hubs the likes of Avani Quy Nhon Resort. From shampoo to body lotion and toilet paper, some resorts pull out all the stops while others provide the bare minimum. Regardless of this fact, visitors should have some travel soap, shampoo, toothpaste and a toothbrush in their toiletries bag. Wet wipes, hand sanitiser and sunscreen should also be on hand while deodorant and a strong insect repellent must also be securely packed to combat the mosquito situation.


Medical Items

Those who use certain medications regularly for various health conditions should pack enough of these essentials for the duration of the trip and bring along the prescription in case a refill is required. An antibiotic cream, bandages and allergy pills should also be safely packed to deal with any emergency medical concerns that may prop up while over-the-counter antacids and painkillers may also prove to be useful if one contracts a stomach bug or similar infection. Overeating and indigestion are also common symptoms most travellers encounter on holiday so medications that can combat the discomfort of these particular types of inconveniences may also be necessary.



Travellers will be relieved to find out that most modern electronics are freely available in Vietnam's major city centres and can replace any broken or damaged accessories if the need arises. Having said that, it is prudent to bring all the necessary electronic devices that one is used to on the trip and that includes headphones, chargers and a Smartphone. Portable charges and universal adapters will also be helpful when moving from one hotel to another while laptops and tablets should also be packed carefully along with the right charger for the device. Bring an external hard drive to store pictures from your digital camera so there's enough space for all the photos you will take on the trip.


A Day Bag

A backpack or a sturdy day bag is a must-have for all those who hope to engage in sightseeing or hiking in Vietnam. Pack a rain-proof bag that can hold most of your documents, snacks, reading materials and an extra set of clothes for when you are out and about exploring different areas of the country.