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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 18, 2021
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8 Things to Know before you go to Thailand – Tips for your Thai Tour!

Knowing what to expect when travelling to new destinations is something that can go a long way in terms of helping not only those who travel but also locals who reside in these destinations. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, here's 8 tips that you would be better off knowing before visiting.


Try Avoid Animal Tourism

Visiting a country rich in biodiversity like Thailand, some of the top bucket-list items for many travellers include getting up-close-and-personal with its creatures through activities like elephant trekking, visiting tiger temples, and photo-ops with monkeys! While to some these activities may appeal as a fun way to get close to the nature we live and breathe in to many others, including the creatures itself, it is a mere violation of their freedom and privacy- and should best be avoided at all costs. Although oftentimes the trade is all bling on the surface, the underlying neglect and mistreatment that these creatures undergo are simply heart-breaking! Hence the wise alternative would be to do your own thorough research of ethical ways on how to interact with the native wildlife.


Be Aware of Soi Dogs

Soi Dogs – perhaps better known to us as 'stray dogs' roaming the streets of Thailand's many cities is no news to its many visitors. While the exact numbers of strays remain unclear, the truth is that on your expeditions, chances are you will run into at least a dozen of them. While it is perfectly okay to provide care for these poor creatures as and when possible for you, it is strictly advisable that you be very vigilant to avoid any misfortunate situations.


Do not feed the monkeys

Monkey-filled beaches are plentiful throughout Thailand. They certainly are a lot of cute, clever and cool creatures to see up close! That being said, it is advisable to refrain from feeding these creatures as it could encourage them to constantly associate humans with food and lead the muggings to begin!


Bargain responsibly

One of the best things about many a hotel in Khon Kaen, for instance, the likes of Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre is that they are all located close to one or the other day/ night markets of Thailand! The thing about these markets is that bartering for a better price is fun but know when to stop. You don't want to be the foreigner fighting over the pennies!


Bug Spray is a must

Times, when travellers have had to cancel their trip in Thailand due to misfortunate encounters due to bug attacks, are not unheard of. Seeing as travellers come from all different corners of the world, somewhere bugs and viruses that exist in Thailand are unheard of, it is advisable to always turn to a trusty bug spray for your safety, Them mosquitoes certainly are always out for blood, literally!


Be wary of good deals

If something about any deal feels too good to be true, it probably actually is. Taxi drivers, especially, can get crafty with their unbelievable deals – use your wit and try skipping ahead to avoid getting seriously scammed.


Toilet Paper Helps

The toilet paper culture is not one that has held strong in countries like Thailand and therefore visitors are always encouraged to have their own stash of tissues or toilet papers when travelling around- after all, you never really know when you will be caught short!


Mai Pen Rai

Now, this is a phrase that you will oftentimes hear when travelling through Thailand and translates to 'everything is OK'. It goes beyond simply a phrase that all is well, it represents the way of life of the Thais- very easy-going and resilient in the face of adversity. Doesn't hurt to take up a lifestyle like that now does it?

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