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Blockchain Development

Defi staking platform development by Blockchain App Factory involves the users locking up their crypto assets for a specific period and earning a good source of passive income. Their rewards will be calculated as per the inflation rate, the duration of staking, and the total amount of assets that the platform has staked.



Protect against all risks via deFi insurance platform development

Protect against all risks via deFi insurance platform development

DeFi insurance platform development safeguards you against unexpected contingencies

Defi insurance platform development ensures that the risks from uncertainty are minimized. Users can protect themselves from hacking attacks, phishing attacks, and technical bugs in smart contracts. It can also be used for safeguarding the Crypto wallet and collateral protection for Crypto-backed loans.

The traditional insurance industry is affected by a lot of issues like lack of trust, poor security measures, high chances of manual error, mismanagement of funds, and the heavy influence of external factors. Hence, DeFi insurance is a viable and more efficient alternative.

The advantages offered by a DeFi insurance platform are

A high level of cybersecurity is ensured through the use of cryptographic techniques and private keys. This enables the protection of the funds and data of the users.
Complete automation is facilitated. This ensures a high level of accuracy, reduction in operational expenses, and prevents the occurrence of conflicts or disputes.
A high level of transparency is ensured through the use of the distributed ledger that discloses the activities on the platform on a real-time basis to the users.
Governance tokens are provided to the users and they can participate in the decision-making of the platform by exercising their voting rights.
The tokenized crypto can be immediately redeemed by the users.

Take efforts for DeFi insurance platform development now and advance in the market quickly.


Defi synthetic assets development will combine different financial instruments

Defi synthetic assets development will combine different financial instruments

A higher return on investment is offered through DeFi synthetic assets development

Defi synthetic assets development involves allocating the funds of the users in options, swaps, derivatives, forwards, and futures contracts. Investors can track the value of their investments on a real-time basis without needing to leave the crypto ecosystem. They offer higher returns, ensure fewer risks, and price changes are countered by trading in stable derivatives. Some of the popular synthetic assets existing in the market are Synthetix, UMA, MakerDAO, and Rainbow Network.

The benefits rendered by Defi synthetic assets are

Sufficient liquidity is provided ensuring that assets can be bought and sold by the users quickly at competitive market rates. It also helps in reducing the operational expenses to a great extent.
The assets can be pooled together effectively and the users can obtain a crypto-backed loan easily.
Complete decentralization is ensured and users can experience a permissionless and trustless system along with high immutability.
It offers global market access for users.
Instead of purchasing the whole asset in one single investment, the users can get the benefits of fractional ownership.
Synthetic assets can be easily traded on decentralized crypto exchanges and secondary markets.
Governance tokens are provided to the users and they can participate in the upkeep of the platform through decision-making and voting rights.
It is highly resistant to transaction censorship by central authorities.

Hence, bet big on DeFi synthetic assets development now and become a trendsetter in the industry in a short while.


DeFi solutions for ecommerce provide a seamless shopping experience

DeFi solutions for ecommerce provide a seamless shopping experience

In the digital era, Defi solutions for e-commerce are in high demand as it offers exciting offers and discounts for the users. Blockchain technology is used for safe processing of transactions, secure data storage, improvement in operational efficiency by cutting down unnecessary costs, high-profit margins, and maintenance of a high level of transparency.

The advantages brought in by DeFi solutions for e-commerce are

It is highly user-friendly ensuring a lot of conveniences while shopping for a desired product or service.
Referral bonuses are provided whenever the existing users refer new users to the e-commerce platform.
Merchants can get competitive rates for their products based on the market demand from the customers.
Loyalty schemes containing rich rewards are provided for the regular users of the platform.
Robust smart contracts enable a prospective shopper and a merchant to directly connect without the presence of an intermediary.
New products and services will be regularly added to the shopping platform providing more choice and flexibility to the users.
Incidents of chargeback and card fraud are prevented due to robust security measures in place.
Unification is ensured as all the discounts, rewards, and payments can be managed in one address for the users. This prevents unnecessary confusion.

Defi solutions for e-commerce is a big disruptor in the global retail industry and will take it to the next stage soon.


Earn more returns on your assets through DeFi tokenization development

Earn more returns on your assets through DeFi tokenization development

DeFi tokenization development reduces the impact of different risks for the users, complete ownership of assets, and better interoperability. The unused financial resources of investors are converted into productive assets that yield high returns. It can be either utility or security tokens.

The plethora of benefits offered by DeFi tokenization development are

It brings in a lot of liquidity for the users. They can also seamlessly convert their cryptocurrency holdings into cash quickly.
100% decentralization is ensured and third parties are eliminated.
There are no operational risks present and no chance of fraud to occur. Distributed ledger technology ensures the highest degree of safety leading to more trust among the users.
Any kind of asset can be converted easily into a tradable digital token. It includes both tangible and intangible assets.
It takes care of trading, fund settlement, and safekeeping of assets.
DeFi tokens can also follow different established standards like ERC20, ERC1400, and ERC721 ensuring a high level of credibility.
Its trading volume can be increased by listing on the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges, secondary markets, and alternative trading systems.
Users retain full control over their assets all the time.

As seen above, DeFi tokenization development creates new and profitable investment opportunities for the users.


Improve your financial situation via DeFi crowdfunding platform development

Improve your financial situation via DeFi crowdfunding platform development

Defi crowdfunding platform development helps in meeting all your economic goals and aims to keep users financially secure.

The notable features of a DeFi crowdfunding platform are

Withdrawal facility of funds directly to the user’s bank account.
Tax benefits are offered to the donors.
The presence of a highly customized fundraising calendar.
The issue of real-time notifications round the clock.
Numerous fundraising options are available on the platform and divided based on the category and purpose.
Free PR and marketing across multiple communication channels are provided for the users to popularize their fundraising campaign in the market.
Low operational risks.
Minimum usage charges for utilizing the platform.
Fundraising supported for multiple causes.
Easily manageable collaboration tools.
Acceptance of multiple payment methods.
24x7 technical support is provided in numerous languages.
A dedicated smart dashboard keeps a real-time track of the activity on the platform.

The steps to follow for developing a DeFi crowdfunding platform

Analyzing the business requirements of the firm thoroughly.
Evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of the project.
Integrating the blockchain technology and the smart contract into the solution.
Delivering the final project in a bug-free manner.

Kickstart efforts DeFi crowdfunding platform development now and attain more momentum and a competitive edge in the market soon.


A DeFi real estate platform helps in the easy purchase of property

A DeFi real estate platform helps in the easy purchase of property

A DeFi real estate platform is a big value proposition for property buyers and sellers in the market. They offer tokenized real estate assets for sale on secure blockchain networks.

The various advantages that it offers are

Fractional ownership and increased liquidity to the investors enabling them to strike profitable deals at the right time.
Fast processing of transactions at low rates.
An organized marketplace ensuring a high level of transparency.
The presence of an Automated market maker that uses liquidity pools and avoids the risks of transaction censorship.
Investors get regular interest, cash flow, dividends, a share in the equity, and buyback rights by putting their money on tokenized properties. The value of the real estate will also appreciate over time.
Smart contracts eliminate the role of intermediaries ensuring more efficiency and fewer costs.
A fixed yield is provided for those users who fund the asset pool according to the value of the property.
It takes care of different aspects like property management, timely rental collection, providing maintenance and repairs, and home automation.
More access is provided for small investors through a completely frictionless and streamlined process.

This is the right time to set up a DeFi real estate platform and expand your operations globally.


Trade your assets sans intermediaries with a DeFi exchange development company

Trade your assets sans intermediaries with a DeFi exchange development company

A DeFi exchange development company will ensure that users get more privacy, security, and more control over their funds and assets. They offer a viable alternative to the centralized exchanges that are frequently affected by hacking attacks. Open-source protocols are utilized to ensure the automated processing of transactions on the platform. It is highly secure and completely tamper-proof. Some of the popular defi exchanges in the market are Uniswap, Airswap, Oasis, Balancer, Kyber, and Curve.

The noteworthy aspects of a DeFi exchange

Crypto tokens and coins can be directly exchanged by the users without any control by a central authority.
Users have full ownership of their funds and need not pledge their assets to anyone anytime. They retain full custody.
All the risks and chances of fraud are nullified completely.
Users can experience a higher return on their investment portfolios.
A high level of transparency is maintained through the distributed ledger that shares all the important information to the users on a timely basis.
A frictionless financial system is established.
The smart contracts handle all the business operations efficiently.
More liquidity can be fetched by integrating it with other leading crypto exchanges in the market.

Partner with a technologically-agnostic DeFi exchange development company and witness prosperity for your enterprise soon.


Defi ico development services raise funds for different projects

Defi ico development services raise funds for different projects

Defi ICOdevelopment services provide different solutions like approaching prospective investors, whitepaper preparation, creating an exclusive fundraising dashboard for investors, marketing the token aggressively across various communication channels, ensuring swift community management, indulging in coin price pumping, listing the tokens on the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. Early investors may get access to exciting bonus options and a vesting period.

The different phases in DeFi ICO development

Pre-ico comprises public relations, marketing, drafting the prospectus, reviewing all the legal documents, setting up the blockchain technology, landing page optimization, providing round the clock customer support in multiple languages, developing the smart contract, adding the block explorer that contains details of the number of blocks, the wallet addresses of the investors, and the transactions executed, and organizing airdrop and bounty programs for distributing free tokens to the investors.

Post-ICO includes rendering assistance for exchange listing, preventing price volatility of the token, and preparing a detailed report of the ICO in line with the business objectives.

Go for DeFi ICO development as utmost security will be ensured, constant liquidity is provided for the project, multi-currency funding is enabled, KYC/AML verifications are done for all the investors, and protection is provided for the users against token loss.


Advance in the market by kickstarting DeFi Protocol Development like Uniswap

Advance in the market by kickstarting DeFi Protocol Development like Uniswap

DeFi protocol development like Uniswap is done on the technically robust Ethereum blockchain network. The leading decentralized exchange (DEX) had more than $30 billion in trading volume in January 2021. The Uniswap token is currently trading at $18.46 with a market cap of $5.27 billion.

The main features to incorporate in DeFi Protocol Development like Uniswap are

Support for numerous Ethereum-based digital wallets like Meta Mask and Trust wallets for the users to store their crypto tokens safely.
Decentralized oracles that display the prices of assets on a real-time basis. It uses the constant product market maker mechanism. They are highly resistant to manipulation.
Multilingual technical support is provided round the clock.
A high level of privacy and anonymity is ensured as users are not subject to any KYC/AML verification.
A withdrawal facility as users can take away their ERC20 token holdings anytime without facing any restrictions.
Security measures like private keys and two-factor authentication.
Automatic provision of liquidity through well-maintained liquidity pools under the supervision of liquidity providers. There are 4 liquidity pools, ETH/USDT, ETH/USDC, ETH/DAI, and ETH/WBTC.
Participants in the DeFi platform can freely trade their tokens with each other as there are no intermediaries.
Governance rights that grant voting powers to the holders of the UNI token.
DeFi is the buzzword in the Cryptocurrency world right now and it can totally transform the industry, widening its access and improving its efficiency. Hence, the market conditions are completely favorable for beginning DeFi protocol development like Uniswap.


Join hands with a 1inch Exchange platform Development Company

Join hands with a 1inch Exchange platform Development Company

1inch Exchange is one of the leading DEX aggregators in the industry. It routes orders from other decentralized exchanges in the market like Uniswap, SushiSwap, Balancer, Bancor, and Kyber, and displays all the trading information on the platform.

The key features of the 1inch Exchange are

Support for more than 250 different digital currencies on the platform.
Real-time display of prices and liquidity so that the investors can make the best decision while investing their funds into different assets.
Usage of APIs for fast order routing and efficient token swapping.
It utilizes the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model to avoid the chance of order slippages
There is no need to create an account and an Ethereum-compatible digital wallet is enough to swap digital currencies on the platform. Some of the supported wallets are Portis, MyEtherWallet, and Fortmatic.
Users have full control over their crypto assets.
Access to the 1Inch Exchange token that can be used both as a utility token and a governance token.
The governance tokens are used to take part in pool governance, factory governance, deciding the fees for token swapping, and getting referrals and rewards.
There are no trading fees or commission charged but users have to incur gas costs for executing the transactions.
24x7 customer support in multiple languages through email, live chat, a dedicated help center, and Telegram.

Disclose your business requirements to a well-versed 1inch exchange platform development company and they will take care to achieve the desired results soon.


The intricacies behind tokenizing commercial real estate

The intricacies behind tokenizing commercial real estate

Tokenizing commercial real estate refers to the division of physical properties into tradeable digital tokens that will be bought by potential investors in the market.
It involves different steps like identification of the asset to be tokenized, smart contract development to store the rights and responsibilities for the token holders, deciding the supply and distribution strategy for the tokens, marketing the token aggressively across various communication channels, and providing extensive post-listing support to investors.
The advantages to reap by tokenizing commercial real estate
More liquidity as tokens can be bought and sold by investors easily without facing any restrictions.
The barriers to investment are decreased for small investors as even a small amount of $10 can be invested in real estate tokens to obtain fractional ownership.
It is resistant to manipulation due to immutability. This prevents the chances of scams or fraud.
There are no intermediaries like brokers and agents in the process and property deals can be directly signed between the interested buyers and sellers.
Smooth processing of transactions is ensured through integration with multiple payment service providers (PSPs).
Since all the investors are subject to KYC/AML verification, it creates a lot of trusts and a high level of authenticity.
Voting rights are embedded along with the tokens giving investors power to participate in the governance of the tokenization platform.
Tokenizing commercial real estate will lead to positive transformation for the entire industry by enhancing efficiency and cutting down unnecessary expenses. The property will be viewed as a viable investment avenue due to the phenomenon of tokenization.


Real estate tokenization platforms offer the highest returns

Real estate tokenization platforms offer the highest returns

Real estate tokenization platforms have made a big mark for themselves in the market. They contain an extensive list of properties listed on an immutable blockchain network.

Some popular examples in the industry are Digi Shares, Cocoricos, and RealT. It benefits property buyers, sellers, landlords, property managers, and real estate investment trust managers.

What are the main functions of real estate tokenization platforms?

Providing fractional ownership rights, dividends, and cash flow from the property to investors.

Displaying details about a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial properties that are going to be tokenized.

Regular rental collection from real estate assets and distributed to the owners directly to their digital wallets.

Real-time property management and live alerts will be issued related to aspects like maintenance and repairs.

Quick fund settlement is ensured through the processing of peer to peer transactions.

Smart contracts automate all the operations and eliminate the role of banks, agents, brokers, lawyers, and notaries.

Listing the tokens in the secondary market for fetching a high demand.
End-to-end compliance with KYC/AML regulations.

Live progress will be updated about the total money raised as part of the crowdfunding campaigns.

As seen above, Real estate tokenization platforms help in upgrading the functioning of the industry. Mass adoption will be witnessed in the future if there are friendly regulations, better cooperation between the stakeholders, and enhancement in the scalability of blockchain technology.


Discover the Types of Real Estate Property Available for Tokenization

Discover the Types of Real Estate Property Available for Tokenization

Owning a property is a dream for every individual in this world. However, getting access to real estate is not easy due to the high costs and cumbersome processes involved. Tokenization aims to solve that problem by dividing an asset into different fractions promoting collective ownership.

Some of the popular types of real estate property that can be tokenized are

Commercial Real Estate tokenization - By following legally-compliant protocols and regulations, commercial property is tokenized by following the concept of audited fractionalization.

Residential Real Estate tokenization - Since apartment complexes and villas involve huge competition from investors, developers, financial institutions, and asset managers, tokenization helps interested people to own prime properties across the globe.

Trophy Real Estate tokenization - Funds can be raised quickly for different projects using an immutable ledger by liquidating the trophy asset. It will sustainably bring more liquidity.

Single Real Estate tokenization - Even an individual property can be tokenized. This will help in reducing the hefty liquidity premiums.

It ultimately results in faster buying and selling of properties. Split ownership helps in managing the risks together. There are no geographical barriers to tokenization as it allows access to a global portfolio of properties. Extra costs paid to brokers and agents are reduced significantly. Tokenization through blockchain ensures confidentiality in protecting user’s information and asset management.

Tokenization of different properties is the way forward for the Real Estate industry. Its image of being viewed as an illiquid asset would change rapidly courtesy of the power of Blockchain technology.


End your search for the best ICO development solutions

End your search for the best ICO development solutions

Whenever you are kickstarting an ICO development project, make sure to hire a firm that has immense experience in establishing blockchain applications, cryptocurrency development, and ICO creation.

They need to provide a wide range of services such as assistance in listing on exchanges, wallet creation, marketing across a variety of channels, whitepaper preparation, smart contract development, complete project management, token creation, and distribution.

They must help you to launch and market your coins through investor-friendly ICO solutions. It must also suit your budget and product requirements. They should bring your business idea into reality with your recommended features.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, their assistance would also be required for roadmap development for the firm, management and maintenance of various Escrow account for smooth settlement of transactions, periodic smart contract audits, optimization of the landing page, hedging against price volatility, blockchain software development, adherence to regulations issued by authorities, security compliance, submission of due diligence report, and ICO summary.

Non-stop technical support facilities would also be needed through multiple communication channels to resolve glitches and bugs from time to time. The projects must be delivered on time and no hidden charges should be levied.

Hence, kickstart the launch of your ambitious ICO project with Blockchain App Factory, a renowned ICO development company in the industry. They establish robust platforms with end-to-end solutions integrating the best security protocols and marketing practices.

They will assist you in effectively promoting the product and reaching the minds of the right target audience quickly. A variety of service packages is offered by them that can be customized to fit any budget plan. Reach out to their experienced developer team and get a feasible solution for your operations soon.


Ending your pursuit of the best ICO marketing agency

Ending your pursuit of the best ICO marketing agency

The best ICO marketing agency currently in the industry is Blockchain App Factory. They offer a range of services such as ICO development, assistance in ICO launch, distribution, hosting the trading platform, and marketing across different channels.

Their all-encompassing solutions include detailed product analysis, content marketing, social media promotion, listing your ICO project on the leading ICO rating sites and calendars, whitepaper preparation, landing page optimization, providing market-friendly insights based on behavioral sciences, and user profiling according to likes and interests, community management, managing public relations, and paid advertising for optimizing your marketing campaign.

We have a team of skilled experts proficient in various fields and will implement a flexible and successful strategy for gaining great traction in the market. We deliver the projects on time at affordable prices without imposing any hidden charges. You can blindly trust us to maintain the integrity of your project. All our services come with high quality and are result-driven. You will be highly satisfied with our services. We provide seamless technical support round the clock in multiple languages through phone, chat, email as well as Skype.

We will get you a huge following for your channels by sharing engaging content. We ensure that more emphasis is given to the problem that you are attempting to solve. Details such as the value brought to the target community, plan for using the funds that have been raised from the investors, and listing on the leading exchanges will also be shared regularly. We will encourage you to speak to your interested community with confidence, increasing the chances of successful ICO services. We not only attract but also take concrete steps to retain a well-defined audience.


Analyzing the most powerful ICO marketing strategy making waves currently

Analyzing the most powerful ICO marketing strategy making waves currently

ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) is a quick and credible way to fetch funds cost-effectively. Organizing events and conferences will go a long way in promoting your ICO across your target audience.

Getting to see your partner face-to-face and having a frank discussion with him would help in obtaining the much-needed trust. It can bring together different stakeholders of the entire industry such as developers, investors, financial experts, crypto enthusiasts, lawyers, founders of startups, marketing specialists, and representatives of the media.

Your brand would get the attention of prospective investors and customers. Your project will get maximum coverage and honest feedback by presenting it to a high-quality target audience.

Hire some renowned crypto experts as your speakers for the event. Invite competitors to participate. Discuss topics such as statutory regulations, increasing government interference, blockchain integration into various businesses, new trends in the industry, and other promotional aspects.

Present a series of expert keynote, interactive panel discussions, presentations, Q&A sessions, and solution-based case studies as part of your event. Make use of one-to-one meetings with industry leaders and exciting sponsorship opportunities.

Explore the entire blockchain ecosystem and help financial institutions explore the business of cryptocurrency trading which would enable diversification in their portfolio of investments. Discuss the disruptive power of blockchain technology in transforming the operations of several industries.

Adopt a multi-faceted approach by making optimum use of your channels forgetting that key first impression in place.

Include details about the problem that you are aiming to solve with your product, description of your token, roadmap of the project, introduction of your core team members, and the futuristic perspectives of your project.

Hence, become part of the next generation of crowd financing by gaining maximum traction for your ICO Marketing project by organizing events. This is an ideal method to make use of this emerging opportunity at an affordable cost with low risks.


Which Is the Best Agency for DeFi Wallet Development?

Which Is the Best Agency for DeFi Wallet Development?

Blockchain App Factory is undoubtedly the best DeFi development company in the industry.

Traders will have 100% control over their funds without the interference of any intermediaries or authorities. There is no chance of loss of the users’ assets as private keys will be handed to them in advance for operating their non-custodial wallet. Institutional-grade security is ensured along with ease of use.

The features comprise an in-app chat facility for the smooth exchange of crypto assets, acceptance of credit card payments, API connections established with the leading crypto exchanges in the market, low latency, enhanced privacy as the private keys are converted into 12-word mnemonic phrases, cross-platform compatibility, presence of an exclusive QR code scanner, support for NFC, automatic conversion rates, auto denial of duplicate payments to avoid any chargebacks, easy portfolio management, geography-based KYC verification, and OTC trading facility.

The benefits include the usage of smart contracts, strategic growth-oriented investment plans, utilization of a peer-to-peer mechanism, implementation of pseudonymous transactions, global access, interoperability, and transparent protocols.

The security aspects that we incorporate into our DeFI wallets include multi-signature support, biometric authentication, password-protected access using a four-digit PIN, optional session logout, and two-factor authentication.

There are plenty of opportunities to exploit through DeFi wallets as the entire financial system can be made permissionless, transactions can be processed quickly, and cross-border transfer of funds can be done easily.

Some of the popular DeFi wallets in the market are Coinbase, My Ether, DEXWallet, My Crypto, and Monolith. DeFI wallets can come in the form of web, hardware, mobile, and desktop.

Choose their DeFi Development company services wholeheartedly as they have a team of blockchain architects and engineers, ensure prompt delivery of the project without imposing any hidden costs, render digital marketing services, and provide extensive post-sale technical support in multiple languages.


A Comprehensive Overview of the Leading DeFi Tokens and Avenues to Purchase Them

A Comprehensive Overview of the Leading DeFi Tokens and Avenues to Purchase Them

According to market capitalization, Chainlink, DAI, Uniswap, Aave, Yearn. finance and Compound are the popular DeFi tokens in the market now. They have been outperforming the growth of cryptocurrencies.

Chain Link is a widely used oracle network for connecting universally smart contracts and price feeds. It plays a huge role in connecting off-chain data feeds like commodities and crypto price data. Its price has risen by more than 200% this year.

DAI is a stablecoin created by MakerDAO. It is a price-stable decentralized currency. The user has complete access to his funds stored in the digital wallet with no minimum requirements and no restrictions on withdrawals.

Uniswap is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Ethereum network. It mainly competes with the leading centralized exchanges in the market and also offers different stablecoin trading pairs. An unlimited number of ERC20 tokens can also be swapped by the users.

Aave is an open-source liquidity market protocol where users earn interest on their deposits and can also borrow different assets. It has a market cap of $227.26 million.

Yearn. finance offers different products to grow a user’s portfolio through borrowing, insurance, and yield farming. It has recently collaborated with Pickle Finance for selling stablecoins with reward gauges to farmers.

The compound acts as an autonomous interest rate protocol and offers safe custody of crypto assets, institutional-grade portfolio management, tax calculation, cryptocurrency accounting, and tax filing. It is financially supported by Coinbase.

Websites like can be used for buying the above-mentioned DeFi tokens. Fast trading is assured along with withdrawals in fiat currency, institutional liquidity, and 24x7 technical support in numerous languages.
Blockchain App Factory is a pioneer in Decentralized finance development. They are skilled in DeFi token development which will boost the growth of decentralized applications. This will help firms to gain a huge trading volume and attract the mainstream economy.


Which Is the Best ICO Marketing Agency in India?

Which Is the Best ICO Marketing Agency in India?

Blockchain App Factory is undoubtedly the best ICO marketing company in India helping business firms to achieve their targeted coin sale successfully. They have completed 21 ICO’s so far with 7 more projects in progress raising a combined portfolio of more than $700 million in funds.

Their wide range of services includes website development, extensive market research, organizing pay per click campaigns, social media engagement, video marketing, guest posting, SEO, exchange listing assistance, content marketing, sharing press releases with the leading media outlets in the market, email marketing, community management, and influencer marketing.

They Render the Following Post-ICO Marketing Solutions

  1. Maintaining constant communication with prospective investors.
  2. Educating the users about the features and benefits offered by your platform.
  3. Encouraging stakeholder and community participation in your platform.
  4. Ensuring organic acquisition of token holders to boost the traffic.
  5. Showcasing your enterprise as a thought leader and a subject matter expert in the whole cryptocurrency industry.
  6. Building a strong local ambassador and influencer network by establishing viable connections within the industry.
  7. Accelerating the adoption of your token through attractive airdrop and bug bounty programs.

The Process They Follow for ICO Marketing Is

  1. Conceptualizing a well-defined marketing strategy.
  2. Taking concrete steps to implement it quickly.
  3. Analyzing the results using different metrics regularly.
  4. Focussing on the weak points and changing the strategy of the plan based on the feedback received.

The benefits of teaming up with Blockchain App Factory for businesses include result-oriented marketing campaigns, usage of cutting-edge technology, complete data privacy, highly skilled marketing experts, presence of a dedicated project manager, and 24x7 technical support to handle your queries in multiple languages.

They also offer exposure for your ICO on the leading websites in the industry like Hackernoon, Bitcointalk, Reuters, ICObench, Bitcoin News, CCN, and Coin Speaker. They offer three different packages, Basic, Standard, and a Premium package.

Hence, choose ICO marketing services wholeheartedly from Blockchain App Factory and raise the required amount of funds at an affordable cost.


Obtain Credit Without Any Intermediaries via a DeFi Development Company

Obtain Credit Without Any Intermediaries via a DeFi Development Company

The benefits of dealing with a DeFi development company includes automated liquidity, flash loan disbursal facility, 100% control over the funds for the users, an unhackable and scam-free platform, immutability, pseudonymous execution of transactions, low transaction fees due to the presence of robust smart contracts, interoperability, maintenance of a high level of transparency due to the availability of the distributed ledger, and absence of middlemen.

As a well-known DeFi development company in the industry, we have helped numerous startups, entrepreneurs, and corporate houses to fulfill their business goals successfully.

The services include smart contract development, DApps creation, lending and borrowing platform development, decentralized exchange development, building tokens, wallet integration, synthetic asset creation, provision of insurance, lottery system development, decentralized fund management, and consulting on market making.

Choose Blockchain App Factory as they have a knowledgeable team of blockchain engineers and architects, ensure prompt delivery of the project without imposing any hidden charges, offer extensive post-sales technical support along with digital marketing services.


Build an efficient crypto-token business with DECENTRALIZED FINANCE Token Developers

Build an efficient crypto-token business with DECENTRALIZED FINANCE Token Developers

The DeFi protocol for exchanging crypto-tokens is rising exponentially and is powered by a native called DeFi token. The crypto-tokens are massively a big hit in a marketplace with high values. The finance systems are experiencing unexpected shifts in the blockchain industry to manage the updated trends often for future benefits.

DECENTRALIZED FINANCE Token Developers are experienced and take initiative in developing one of the most active business platforms in the blockchain market. It is now marked over $8 billion total value locked in the DeFi intelligent contract system. It has grown from decentralized exchanges to lending and insurance platforms. The DeFi environment has thrived in setting the best standards in the trade market.

Analyzing Data:

It provides an open-source framework to create and manage decentralized organizations on Ethereum. It can govern the system statistics for staking, total votes, and voter behavior.

Developer and Infrastructure tools:

It has a Smart Contract development ecosystem, testing, framework and asset pipeline for the truffle suite. The Security API access is instant and scalable on Ethereum networks.

Liquidity and Exchanges:

It depends on peer-to-peer trading in Ethereum platforms and designed the exchange liquidity for efficient coin trading.


DeFi compliance uses KYT and AML mechanisms for digital assets. It has a secure blockchain identity system for decentralized web and ecosystem.

Lending & Borrowing:

It is an open-source non-custodial protocol to offer decentralized lending and borrowing. It has a decentralized algorithmic protocol and an efficient money-making stream on Ethereum.

The market for DECENTRALIZED FINANCE Token Developers is working to offer an efficient platform to strike top position for investors in the marketplace. It's an excellent opportunity for customers to get in touch with blockchain companies to expand business growth.


Step in to lure many users for accessing this Platform for Decentralized Insurance Applications

Step in to lure many users for accessing this Platform for Decentralized Insurance Applications

The Platform for Decentralized Insurance Applications acts as a secure network for DeFi ecosystems. The crypto-assets are protected from any hacks or bugs since it has Smart Contract insurance. The DeFi based Smart Contract value in storing contracts is vulnerable to many loopholes.

The transparency and trustless nature of DeFi is the main reason for trending in blockchain platforms. In the final stage, the DeFi insurance network protocol will reveal insurance's sturdiness and returns to the initial phase of acting as society's safety platform. As the insurance sector continues to grow, decentralized insurance will instantly expand its product range to attain a top place in the trade market.

Benefits of Insurance in DeFi Platform:

Security process:

The DeFi offers an excellent security process by using cryptographic algorithms and private keys for wallets. Security should be a national concern, but the DeFi system ensures the safety of user's data and fun transactions.

Automation process:

The use of DeFi based Smart Contract will automate pre-programming or agreement between the company and investors for executing the function based on business standards. It offers complete accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and issues are none.

Transparent Process:

The DeFi insurance platform is decentralized, so there won't be any third-party involved. So they gained trust among users.

The Platform for Decentralized Insurance Applications of Blockchain Technology is rapidly growing among users around the world with efficient security from data loss. The rise of insurance using DeFi has generated high revenues in the marketplace for investors. Contact any blockchain company specialized in the DeFi Insurance platform to get assistance.


Initiate your business revenue in the blockchain platform with DECENTRALIZED FINANCE Token Development

Initiate your business revenue in the blockchain platform with DECENTRALIZED FINANCE Token Development

The DECENTRALIZED FINANCE Token Development is a game-changing platform in the blockchain industry that is digitally trending worldwide. It allows users to get benefited from financial services being offered without limiting income level. The DeFi services are developed on platforms like Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.

DeFi can integrate with many popular DApps, and this helps to raise the trading volume. It comes with multiple use cases that are secure and utilize for payment transactions. DeFi applications launched to combine favorable network effects and interoperability. It is ensured in providing advanced decentralized level and programmatically flexible.

  1. The DeFi aims to develop a financial platform for giving everyone access across the globe based on blockchain technology that runs on public distributed ledgers.

  2. It focuses on covering the financial system's entire activity, like trading, investment, borrowing, lending insurance, payments, wealth, and asset management.

  3. The DApps or protocols work on a peer-to-peer financial network to provide efficient service.

Advantages of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Token:

  • DeFi is transaction resistant to censorship and offers active worldwide participation in social platforms.

  • The DeFi transaction speed is super-fast with good performance at a low cost.

  • The user has access to control over his funds and data transactions using private keys.

  • Transparency is maintained at a high level for viewing price and market trends.

  • Users are granted permission to signup without linking bank accounts.

  • DeFi does not rely on any agencies like central or government banks.

The DECENTRALIZED FINANCE Token Development platform is trending and luring many users to access its payment gateway for transactions. Investors can step in and experience the richness of growth by connecting any Blockchain Company for assistance.


Enhance your business with Decentralized Finance Based Protocol for E-Commerce

Enhance your business with Decentralized Finance Based Protocol for E-Commerce

The DeFi is a shift from centralized financial systems to p2p finance built on an Ethereum blockchain platform. The Decentralized Finance Based Protocol for E-Commerce has a vast network of integrated financial instruments and protocols. The DeFi has generated $13 billion worth of value in Ethereum Smart Contracts and decentralized finance in the blockchain platform.

The DeFi has proved to influence the E-Commerce industry's effect for intensifying the growth on both shopper-side and merchant. E-Commerce is the fastest growing business platform in the digital world and has become accessible for anyone to start a business. The business owners can earn profit in the form of a trademark globally and financial benefit.

Attractive benefits of DeFi E-Commerce platform:

  • Hassle-free shopping experience.
  • Benefiting Customers.
  • Fast product delivery.
  • Quick transaction payment gateway.
  • Real-time Traceable of products & transactions.
  • Time-saving & Cost-effective services.

Integration of DeFi in E-Commerce:

  • The DeFi solutions enhance to offer the best financial use cases in the blockchain business features.
  • Anyone can become a merchant by investing in the DeFi E-Commerce platform and getting adapted to bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading service for payment methods in future.
  • There will be no intermediaries in DeFi for transaction processes using crypto-assets or cryptocurrencies for shopping.
  • Using the DeFi-smart contract system, the business solution towards the development of E-Commerce becomes more efficient for the shopping experience between traders and users in a secure way.
  • The DeFi E-Commerce platform helps globally by accessing financial services and opening vast opportunities for millions of users.
  • The DeFi platform offers high-level security for personal transactions and safe delivery of products on time.
  • DeFi provides the best solution to overcome many problems like fraudulent and vulnerable hacks.

The Decentralized Finance based E-Commerce platform is trending in recent times. Entrepreneurs can invest and benefit in the long-run using the DeFi-Smart Contract system to enhance high-level security and safe delivery of products and services. Investors can get in touch with any Blockchain Company specialized in the development of the DeFi blockchain platform.


Establish an efficient platform like Decentralized lending & borrowing with DeFi

Establish an efficient platform like Decentralized lending & borrowing with DeFi

The Decentralized lending & borrowing with DeFi protocols generate a revenue of about $20.46 billion less than a year. The DeFi platform has seen growth about twenty-fold in a year and grabbed millions of users to access the digital platform to better the future. The lend and borrow method using DeFi has benefitted many users in exchange for crypto-tokens.

The biggest lenders for DeFi in total value are Maker $4.25billion, Aave $2.82 billion, and Compound $2.64 billion. The DeFi is a process of financial applications based on blockchain technology that operates without any third-party intervention. It provides 100% transparency, open-source access and a permissionless financial service environment.

Attractive benefits of DeFi lending and borrowing service:

Enhanced loan processing speed :

It is configured as a digital lending platform in providing quick processing speed. DeFi platforms are backed by cloud-based services, analytics for fraud detection, and machine learning so that this technology helps to fasten up the process.

High Consistency in decision making:

Users systematically follow the rules enabled by DeFi lend and borrow platforms to enhance a secure way of trade. Variation to estimate application attributes and structuring the deals are removed for maintaining the Consistency of credit policies.

Analytics for process upgrade & net profit portfolio :

Analytics helps lenders and borrowers figure out more using the digital platform and monitor loan applications for a particular duration to enable lenders to foresee and determine proper resources to fill the seasonal space. Borrowers can evaluate loan performance policies and characteristics.

Immutable process:

The DeFi blockchain architecture can be secured using tamper-proof data coordination, high security & auditable.

Interoperable process:

The inter-linked software stack usage secures the DeFi protocol network and system applications for integration and complementing each other.

Programmable process:

The DeFi Smart Contracts are highly programmable, automate execution, develop new digital assets and financial instruments.

The Decentralized lending & borrowing with DeFi process have changed the digital world in benefitting many users across the globe for lend and borrow transactions. Investors can seek this incredible opportunity by getting in touch with any blockchain company to better blockchain business growth in less time.