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Most Expensive Cats - Rare Breeds From Around The World

Are you also looking for a luxurious feline for yourself? In this article, we have listed the top 12 breeds of cats around the world that are the most expensive


Maine Coon (1200$)

It is the largest and fluffiest of all the breeds. If we measure it from nose to tail it is approximately 3 feet but it is very intelligent and playful it loves to be with their owner. It has the largest tufted ears and snowshoe paws. It is a dog-like and trainable breed. It loves to drink water. This breed is called gentle giants. It is more friendly to everyone. Some people say that it is a developed Norwegian forest cat and some say that it is descended from Marie Antoinette’s Angora cats


Egyptian Mau (1,800$)

It is a naturally spotted breed and the fastest of all the domestic cats. It was featured in a movie called 'Cat Woman'. It has gooseberry green eyes encircled with dark eyeliner and widely spaced ears. It likes socializing with its favorite human. It comes in bronze, smoke, black, and silvery coat with spots.


Siberian Forest Cat (2,000$)

This breed is thought to exist for more than 1000 years. It has arrived on the American shore in the 21st century. It is sometimes confused with Maine Coon because both are large breeds around the world. It weighs approximately 25 lbs and its life span is about 15 years. It has a double-thick coat and it is developed in such a way that it can survive cold harsh weather conditions. It is considered a national treasure in Russia. It is believed that this breed has a sixth sense. It is hypoallergenic and contains a lower level of enzymes in its saliva. It has sweet facial expressions and attractive eyes of two different colors one often is blue. The eyes positioned slightly upward giving it a distinctive look.


The Scottish Fold (2,000$)

This breed is developed by a shepherd named William Rose. It is thought to be a descendant of a white cat named Susie who was discovered on a Scottish farm in 1961. In the previous days, it became an internet sensation because many celebs own it. It has a round face more like a teddy bear. It enjoys socializing and love attention and affectionate with its owner. It has a sad-looking appearance but it personally is the opposite. It is happy and energetic. It has flexible folded ears because of mutation of some gene that is the reason some Scottish fold develops degenerative joint tissue disease that's why the government is thinking of banning this breed.


British Shorthair (1,500$ - 2,000$)

This breed is produced from UK street cats. The older breeds were known for their hunting ability and strength but the modern ones are a bit clumsy. It is more sociable and adaptable with the owner but does not like to be carried. This breed comes in different patterns and colors. It has a more adorable chubby and rounded face as compared to it's American fellow. Large copper eyes, bluish-grey fur, and wide face give it an aesthetic look. It can be well trained by professionals and it keeps company with fellow pets


Russian Blue (500$ - 3,000$)

It is originated in northern Russia and also known as Archangel in Russia. It is introduced in England in 1875. It has a brilliant silvery blue coat and attractive green eyes. It is playful, smart, and loyal with the owners making it a perfect household pet. This sweet-tempered cat is generally attached to one favorite member of the household but it is shy with strangers. It has a triangular head, large ears, and a Mona Lisa smile. Russian cat's saliva contains lower levels of allergen glycoprotein Fel d1 that can cause allergic reactions in many humans


Toyger (5,000$)

This breed is developed by the daughter of Bengal's creator. It is a hybrid of Bengal cat and a striped domestic shorthair. Since the goal was to develop a breed more like a tiger, it has many characters resembling it, such as elongated toes which gives it a special gait. It has shorter front legs and enhanced night vision. But this breed is at risk of developing a heart murmur. Its dense coat needs daily brushing and it needs daily trimming of nails too. It has a long body with rosette tabby patterns all over its body. It gets her name because it looks like a toy-tiger.

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