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Updated by Lamveenn Interior Design Studio Hyderabad on Oct 16, 2023
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Top Modern Door Designs Hyderabad

Lamveenn: Choose from the Top 8 Modern Door Designs for Your Home Interior Needs. Providing the largest collections of 2D Doors, Engraving Doors, Lamination Doors, Moulded Doors, Pooja Doors, Skin Doors, Texture Doors & White Panel Doors at wholesale prices all over India.

Top Modern Door Designs

Providing the largest collections of modern doors, plywood designs, laminates, veneers & kitchen hardware @wholesale.

Engraving Doors - Engraved Wooden Doors

Engraving Doors:

Save BIG on our smart collections of Engraving Doors (AKS-403) to Premium Engraved Doors (AKS-429) Price/Sft - Our 12 Best Designs...

Providing you the best engraving door design – A ultimate range of wooden engraving door products all over India at wholesale prices.
Uses: Can be used for both residential as well as for commercial purpose.

Currently we have collected 12 major designs to serve you in a better way to choose the best for your home. Check out the best color and shades as you love one. Buy in bulk at wholesale prices all around India.

Lamination Doors | Modern Laminated Doors Hyderabad

Lamination Doors

Scroll through our latest collections of 36 Modern Laminated Doors design + unique colors. High quality designer laminated doors provider.

This range of doors are water-proof and secured with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheets which give them their particularly wonderful completion.

Cut from the best crude materials accessible and most recent bleeding edge machines, every climate assessable - equipped for withstanding the bad climatic conditions, without even a scratch to their flawlessness.

Look over an outlandish scope of these Laminated doors, which uses a unique innovation where extraordinary resins give additional solidarity to its laminates, making them profoundly impervious to never get scratch and scraped.

Moulded Doors | Moulded Wooden Doors Hyderabad

Moulded Doors:

Have a look at our 20 best Moulded Wooden Doors - Amazing designs + unique colors. Select the best you love to choose for your home...

Regardless of whether your home or structure is conventional or contemporary, molded doors arrive in a scope of made, creator looks that will make a moment offer. Our items are perfect for both new development just as substitutions during redesign and renovating.

Premium Moulded Doors are pre primered and does not require base coat. Prepared for paint or direct polish.

Lovely plans to suit your inside home renovation taste by installing these high-quality interior doors. Worldwide quality standards. Flawless of design and quality. Eco inviting wood utilized to design these doors. 

Skin Doors | Door Skin Laminates Design Hyderabad

Skin Doors - Go through our 23 ultimate Door Skin Laminates Designs. Amazing colors and designs to select from... Price per square feet @wholesale. Shop now

Modern Texture Doors | Lamveenn Hyderabad

Shop @wholesale for Modern Door Texture (AKS-519) - Texture Doors. Offering best and top quality Wooden Door Design or Modern Front Doors all around India..


Best Pooja Room Doors Hyderabad | Lamveenn

Best Pooja Room Doors Hyderabad | Lamveenn


As indicated by the Indian tradition and their relatively culture, the Pooja room is taken as very holy place and have its own value in every home where people pray to god daily.

In this way, it is very ordinary that individuals would look to beautify or decorate it. With regards to the structuring of the Pooja room, the door is one of the most imperative part of planning to design. In that case we are here to help you to choose out the best pooja room doors design for your valuable place.

Door Designs: We have around 12 unique designs to motivate you further for selecting the best door designs like doors with om signs, over headed Ganesha shape, bells and other religious signs on them.

White Panel Interior Doors | Lamveenn Hyderabad

Lamveenn offering a beautiful collections of 12 best White Panel Doors design, Panel Doors or Premium White Panel Doors at very smart prices @India...

Lamveenn – Providing an ultimate range of white panel doors including different patterns, color boxes, designs and shapes for residential purpose or may be used for commercial also due to their unique designs which fits better everywhere you love to place.

White Panel Door Styles: These are the most normally utilized as interior doors for homes. They have square or rectangular pattern shapes that can go from a solitary huge board, to at least eight little panels.


WPC Doors (2D DOORS) | Lamveenn Hyderabad

WPC Doors (2D DOORS) | Lamveenn Hyderabad

WPC Doors (Wood Plastic Composite): As its name may recommend, wood plastic composite (WPC) is a material made from a kind-mix of regular wood and plastic filaments.

2D DOORS: They are generally known for their qualities and benefits like Stability, Security and Long lasting durability.

100% Water-Proof:
These WPC Doors are counted in the category of 100% waterproof door designs which are highly applicable for interior, exterior, bathroom or as well as for kitchens. Also they are 100% Termite safe and Fire Retardant due to their prevalent quality.