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Decisions to take if you are planning to sell a house in 2021

2020 was the year you may have put off your goal to sell your home. Or perhaps this is the year to convince you to sell your home – buyers are in full force in a property market that is still thriving. Whether you are planning to sell it now or at the end of the year, start planning now.
Below are some important points to consider for successful sale in 2021:
1- Inspect your Home’s condition:

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Here's Why Millennials Tend to Prefer Tiny Houses | Sirmaya Blog

When it comes to purchasing a home, millennials prefer smaller and more affordable apartments overbooking more expensive and grand luxurious bungalows. Tiny houses are a symbol of the fundamental differences between millennials and baby boomers. Millennials prefer quality and comfort oversize and instead like spending money on experiences like traveling around the world. Developers are now taking advantage of this trend by shrinking average apartment sizes to make them more affordable for a millennial buyer.
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Unable To Sell Your House For Too Long? 6 Reasons Why

In an ideal world, the process of selling a home would be quick and simple. You have to list your home for sale, plan home tours, get multiple bids, and sell your house quickly and at higher prices. Unfortunately, selling your home is not always easy, and your home may stay on the housing market longer than you expected.
Or there is an easy way. Check out:
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Property for Rent Will Make You Tons of Cash - Here’s How to Rent Out Your Property!

Renting out a property is a good way to generate extra income. If you’ve got vacant space, setting it up for rent lets you make money whilst keeping ownership, and no doubt it is going to be a win-win circumstance! However, when you have never done it before, you may have some questions about the best way best to start finding renters, ascertaining rent and preparing a legal arrangement along with other things. Thus, to make matters simpler for you, here’s an extensive guide about the best way to rent out your property that covers each of these inquiries and much more.
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Five Steps to Seal a Deal for The House You Want to Buy

Here are a few steps that if you follow properly will lead you to the finalization of your deal to purchase your dream home.
If you are ready to bet or make an offer on real estate, you have undoubtedly done a tremendous job and hard work to get to that point: you found a real estate agent, flogged a loan, chose a bank for a home loan, decided a down payment, and chose the type of loan that you need and finally discovered your fabulous dream home and now the main task is to fulfil the requirements to get to the deal table, where you will receive the keys to your dream home.
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Is it worth investing in Gwadar property?

Gwadar has opened the door to endless opportunities providing the most secure investments with high and quick returns. The article covers all the reasons for investing in Gwadar Property. A must-read!

Why Investing in Industrial Real Estate is Highly Profitable?

Getting a monthly home rental from problematic tenants can be a hectic job and if you finally plan to sell a property then you have to improve in houses. So, why not think of investing in industrial real estate?
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Guide to become an effective real estate agent of Pakistan

To become a flourishing and successful real estate agent is not even close to a treasure hunt. There are also no closely guarded secrets. However, at the same time, real estate can be a daunting task for someone unaware of its steps and techniques. The article is written with an aim to explore and to discuss and explore all the key qualities that make up a successful and prosperous real estate agent.
Here is a guide for everyone out there interested in becoming a successful real estate agent in Pakistan.
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Advice to Follow Before Making a Property Investment

Real Estate investment is by far the most reliable investment in Pakistan. But it is not as simple as you think. Several Factors affect the current and future value of the property. Buying property at a price and not thinking of the future worth of the property is not what a good investor or a businessman does. So, If it’s your first time to invest in property, then here are several timeless principles to make a successful property investment.
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Lucrative Business Ideas with Less Investment and High ROI

Here are great business ideas to achieve a high return on investment with low investment. Before we get to the list, keep in mind that Pakistan’s economy is highly unpredictable and can change at any time. Therefore, I recommend that you do some preliminary market research before starting any business.
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Best Time to Buy and Sell Real Estate in Pakistan

Sell when people are greedy and buy when people are afraid. It is a very powerful marketing strategy that many people are unaware of. The real estate market is an area where we can all be wrong. The market ventures on people’s intuitions or guesses. Consolidations and corrections occur when a buyer loses confidence, and the greediness of people sharply boost the real estate market.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Investing in Real Estate industry

The best industry to invest in is the Real Estate industry. Real Estate industry gives high ROI. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to excel in a highly competitive market.

How Real Estate Developers Relate the Economy to Property Business?

Real estate developers express that the economy and real estate business are inextricable. We explain how they relate the economy to property.

Table of contents

  • How does economics relate to real estate?
  • Does the recession affect real estate?
  • Does the housing market follow the economy?
  • Why is housing important to the economy?
  • Conclusion

How Does Economics Relate to Real Estate? Expert opinion.
According to real estate developers, economics and the real estate industry is inseparable due to several reasons. The property business engages a major chunk of the population. It adds a significant amount to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Economic stability impacts to a large extent on the real estate business.
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Emerging Housing Societies in Lahore for the Best Property Investment Opportunities

Apart from the mouthpiece colonies in Lahore like DHA, Baharia Town, LDA City, and Lake City. On the other hand, many emerging housing colonies are making their mark in the real estate industry. Some of them are included, Fazaia Housing Scheme, Al-Rehman Garden, Park Avenue, Bismillah Housing Scheme, and Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme.

Similarly, these emerging colonies are loaded with modern amenities and point of attraction for thousands of investors. Let us discuss the salient features of these societies.
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Want to Put Plots for Sale but Don't Know How to Do It?

Selling real estate always sounds easier than buying. Real estate sellers generally do not have to pay various types of taxes and do not need to visit many clients because interested parties come to them more often. However, this does not mean that the process is simple. It might be more comfortable than buying, but it is not a feat. In this article, we will cover everything there is to know about how to sell property in Pakistan.
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The Most Important Factors to Know Before Buying an Agricultural Land

Being an agricultural country, about 50% of the population is attached to the agriculture sector. Just like other developing countries, the resources and jobs are too little to cater for the whole population. Moreover, the low literacy rate does not allow the majority to run in the development of the country. Therefore, the majority earn their living through the agriculture sector.

Why Invest in Lake City Lahore, Dig Some Hidden Factors!

Lake City Lahore is a sublime project that extends over 2400 acres. The exuberant and lavish project is much famous among the residents and investors alike. Likewise, Lake City is redefining the meaning of living standards even in the neck-to-neck competitive market. Moreover, the housing society locates on the outskirts of Lahore.
check out Lake City Investment guide.

DHA - Most successful society in Pakistan

Defense Housing Society was built to reward our army officials, soldiers, and other security officers alike for their sacrifice and hard work. The inauguration began in March 1975 under the supervision and management of Pakistan’s armed forces. Our armed forces showed their class, as in a short span of time, they reached great success and popularity. From one city, the project grew to many others, and civilians were allowed to invest in DHA.
View at: DHA Pakistan

Second Home Best Real Estate Investment

The home is a place to live with dear one happily. Moreover, a home gives you peace of mind because you feel safe and relaxed and compared to the outer world. No doubt, everyone strives to earn living and live a reasonable life. Similarly, some people buy a home or an apartment to live in when needed although not permanently. We call it a second home. Read more: Second Home Best Real Estate Investment

Top Secrets to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Broker

Do you want to become a real estate agent? Here in this article, we shall disclose top secrets to become a successful real estate broker.

You need to know these before Investing in Property in Pakistan

Real Estate is the most successful business worldwide. Even McDonalds which people think just sells Hamburger's behind the scenes runs on Real Estate business. What are the essentials to know before investing in Real Estate industry.

Benefits of Investing in a Shopping Mall

Or, if you are planning to focus your big chunk of hard-earned money in some other category than a residential property, you ought to consider the commercial real estate. Narrowing down your pick-up-option, we recommend you to scroll some shopping mall investment options in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan.

Top-Most Benefits of Investing in Historic Houses for Sale

Benefits of investing in Historical and Ancient properties are well-known. It just doesn't gives high authority but also can turn into a successful business. So ,its a win win situation investment.

How to do a Real Estate Market Analysis?

A real estate investor is easy to get trapped by a pool of gimmick-agents if he lacks the insights from the market trends. To make sure that the property you are investing in or are selling is fairly-priced, analyzing the real estate market of the targetted area carries primary importance. This will lead you to a comparatively informed decision. Before diving into the steps of performing this analysis, let’s define what market analysis in the real estate industry actually refers to.

Treasures Buried in Ravi River Front City Project

Ever think about River Ravi buried Treasures, and about best investment opportunities. Read this and take that life changing decision.