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Updated by Joel Mitchell on Mar 28, 2021
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How To Be A Better Bartender

Having worked within the hospitality trade for over 15 years I've done a lot. From scraping plates to the managing of 150+ staff and regularly creating thousands in revenue per week.

My passion is creating a winning team that blows the competition away. There is no greater feeling than seeing the staff's achievements. So share away and let's all be better bartenders.

Complaint Handling: The Definitive Guide

After reading this, you will be extremely well equipped to handle complaints in your venue. You are about to learn everything that you need to know so that you put it into practice day today.It's a fact that there will be people complaining, this is hospitality after all. With reviews becoming a prominent part of our industry, how YOU deal with these complaints is more important now than ever.You can take someones bad experience and you can elevate it to a good experience just by handling their complaints in a great way.The question is; How do you turn these bad experiences around and how to do create a loyal customer from a potential train wreck?Stick with us as we walk you through the 5 highly actionable steps to make you better at complaint handling.

7 Amazing Facts About Alcohol That You Don't Know

Here are 7 crazy facts about alcohol that you don't know already! Learn about how beer isn't an alcohol and lots more.

Why Bar Training Just Isn’t Enough Anymore: A Bar Trainers Perspective

Why the Bar Training that you will receive is missing something. Bar training looked at by a bar trainer, find out here exactly what else you need to learn

How To Cure A Hangover Before It Takes Over You

It's happened to all of us, but what is the best way to cure a hangover? Turns out that to cure a hangover you just have to follow these simple tips...

Everything You Will Need To Know About Rum: What's In That Bottle

If rum were a friend of yours, it would be the fun one. So let's take a look at everything that you need to know about rum. courtesy of fix.

Tips For Being A Bartender | How To Take Advantage Of Your Bar Time

Do you wish that someone would give you the tips for being a bartender that they learnt early on in their career? You don't have to make the same mistakes

Market Your Bar For Free: Your Ultimate Guide To Using Social Media (As A Free Marketing Tool)

Ever wanted to learn EXACTLY how to market your bar for free? This is a completely comprehensive guide that is over 10,000 words! Meaning that you will never need to read another guide again. So go ahead, grab a cup of something and see how to market your bar for nothing

Bar Setup & Breakdown Checklist (Free Download)

We have developed a great tool that helps you put procedures in place and restore some order to the business. The Bar Setup & Breakdown Checklist is to be used every day and every week. It has day to day jobs as well as cleaning tasks.

The Best Shoes For Bartenders

What are the best shoes for bartenders? Let's look at some different styles and find the best shoes out there for you!

A Beginners Guide To Hard Alcohol

SO, what is alcohol or distilled spirit? Well, the first thing you need is juice – it could be the juice from an apple, a potato, or a piece of wheat (anything you can get natural sugars from). The next thing you need is some yeast to eat the sugar in the juice and excrete it into alcohol (you can think of booze as a special sort of yeast poo). This is the basic gist of how to make beer and wine – but you can only get around 16% alcohol with this method, so for a stronger alcoholic drink, you must distil it!  Distillation is the act of removing water from the liquid and can be done in a still – which looks a lot like an old wood burner with a squiggly line at the top of it.  Put the crude wine or beer in the still, heat it up (alcohol has a lower boiling point than water) so that the alcohol evaporates through the top of the still but the water stays in the bottom. The alcohol will condense in the squiggly part of the still and Tadaaa – a higher proof alcohol comes out.  Every time you distil, you get a cleaner product that is higher in proof than the last distillation.  After a couple of distillations, you will get a product that is of a higher proof than most consider palatable (like maybe 150 or 160 proof), and that’s when water is added to bring it to a preferred proof. For example, most vodkas are 80 proof.  Obviously then, water plays a big part in the flavour of the spirit, in particular in plain vodka, where there are no other factors playing into the flavour of the spirit.

Upselling: The Complete Guide

When it comes to upselling, there are three main techniques that you can use. But it goes much further than that. Here's everything that you will need to get the most out of upselling.

Classic Cocktail History: Plus The Top 7 Classic Cocktail Recipes

Classic cocktail history is fascinating, how exactly did an Army captain try the first ever Sidecar? What drink did Martinez, California birth? How exactly did all these cocktails that we know today come into the popular cocktail scene? It's time to find out.

Advanced Bartending: How To Multi-Serve With Confidence

Being able to multi serve is one of the most important skills to learn and practice if you're working in a bar doing any kind of volume in sales. Here are the key points in mastering it and why it will make you a true Jedi behind the bar.

How To Create The Best Atmosphere In Your Bar: The Atmosphere Triangle Tool

What makes customers choose one restaurant or bar over another?Sure, the food and drinks are a major factor in their decision; so is the price. But more often than you may realise, it's the atmosphere of your bar or restaurant that convinces customers to come in ... or sends them scurrying away.There are a few key factors that we can control when it comes to getting the atmosphere right, this is where the atmosphere triangle comes into play...

The Wow Factor: A Step By Step Guide To Wowing Your Guests

Developing the WOW factor is what will set us apart from the competition. Let's go through the Need, Expect & Wow parts of our service and learn how we can constantly offer The WOW Factor

The Top 5 Transferable Skills That Bartending Teaches Us

Bartending teaches us so many transferable skills. These skills that make a great bartender also happen to be those that future employers love to see on your resume (not just in the hospitality industry!). So, what are they?

Mise En Place: What Is It?

Mise en Place is a French culinary phrase referring to the preparation of your section, or area in a kitchen. It covers all of your equipment and ingredients. In other words, everything that is essential to your daily job. With an effective mise en place, every aspect of your menu will be ready to be used to create the order. The term Mise en Place literally means "set in place".

Step By Step Guide To Branding Your Venue & Why It Is So Important

Let's look at branding your venue. Why is it so important to have a brand that you stick to? A brand represents people's perception of a company's customer service, reputation, advertising and Logo. When all of these parts of the business are working well together, the overall brand tends to be healthy. Staying on brand is something that all the biggest and best companies know how to do well. That's one of the reasons why these companies have become the biggest and most recognisable in the world. Businesses really need to make sure that they stay on-brand at all times. Failing to do this will lead to confusion and an inability to grow the business smoothly. Below is some rules of thumb and a step by step guide to help you understanding branding your venue and staying on track a little more.

Dessert Wines: It's Time To Increase Your Knowledge On This Sweet Subject

Dessert wines (or pudding wines, and nicknamed stickies in Australia) are sweet wines typically served with dessert. Some great examples are Sauternes and Tokaji Aszú. They are often best appreciated alone, or with fruit or bakery sweets. We personally think that dessert wines are best drank on there own without any accompaniment but this is just our personal preference.

Advanced Customer Service: How To Get It Right And Not Fail Your Venue

Advanced customer service is the foundation of your brand. Hospitality is a Customer first business with customer-first experiences. So it's only right that customer service is at the forefront of your business. The ability to WOW a customer is what sets us apart from our competition and it is you guys on the frontline who will enforce this every day. Let's learn how to get it right.