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Cosmetic Dentistry - Melbourne Dental Family Care

Cosmetic Dentistry refers to a class of dental procedures that aim to improve the aesthetic features associated with your teeth. These features include the colour, arrangement, dimensions and the very appearance of the teeth in general. The essence of the procedures involved in this treatment lies in giving your smile a complete makeover. Our cosmetic dentist is equipped to completely transform your smile to an upgraded version through various teeth whitening services and techniques.

Cosmetic Dentistry Melbourne

Restore your beautiful smile all over again with the best cosmetic dentistry Melbourne has, at Melbourne Dental Family Care. We promise to brighten your smile!

Zoom Teeth Whitening Melbourne CBD

Best Zoom teeth whitening Melbourne, Zoom teeth whitening is a highly effective dental bleaching process that includes the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth and the passage of a special high-intensity light beam through the oral cavity to trigger the whitening process.

White Fillings in Melbourne

White Fillings Melbourne - Whiten your dull, yellow teeth and make it shine bright with advanced and highly affordable zoom teeth whitening at Melbourne Dental Family Care.

Teeth Whitening Melbourne

Avail of the best teeth whitening Melbourne CBD services from Melbourne Dental Family Care, Australia at the most affordable prices.

Dental Veneers Melbourne CBD

Eager to have teeth veneers for yourself? Melbourne Dental Family Care offers the best dental veneers Melbourne has to offer.

Emergency Dentist Melbourne | Melbourne Dental Family Care, Australia

Emergency Dentist Melbourne Dental Family Care, Australia has the best and the most dependable emergency dentist for all your emergency dental needs at any time. An emergency can come up at any point of time. While typical dental cases can wait until the hours of the dentist, certain issues need immediate dental attention. These are categorised under emergency dental care.

Time is of the essence in emergency dentistry. In the short span of time before one reaches the emergency dentist, some necessary steps should be adopted to manage these situations. There is a thin line between retaining and losing teeth in emergency dental cases, and one should stay on the safe side always.

Tissue Injury Melbourne CBD | Melbourne Dental Family Care, Australia

Get your tissue injury attended to with the most professional and efficient care in Melbourne from Melbourne Dental Family Care. Tissue injury refers to any sort of tissue tear or cuts in the lips, cheeks, tongue, gums or mouth that causes excessive bleeding and pain. Under such instances, rise and clean the affected area with warm water immediately. If bleeding does not stop, consider using a clean gauze to apply pressure on the affected area until you get to our emergency dentistry team. We clean the tissue injury thoroughly and perform the appropriate oral surgical procedures to close up the tissue laceration conveniently.

Tooth Fracture Melbourne | Melbourne Dental Family Care, Australia

Tooth fracture cases dealt with utmost efficiency and care with top dentists at the best dental clinic in VIC, Australia: Melbourne Dental Family Care. A tooth fracture is the most common issue that unanimously calls for emergency dentistry. There are a number of ways through which teeth can get fractured. From falling off from a bike or skateboard to receiving facial trauma through a contact sport such as cricket or basketball, a tooth fracture can occur at any moment. Even a faulty root canal treatment or filling can lead to the same.

Broken Teeth Melbourne | Melbourne Dental Family Care, Australia

Broken teeth cases dealt with utmost efficiency and care with top dentists at the best dental clinic in VIC, Australia: Melbourne Dental Family. A broken tooth is a serious dental emergency. Having the teeth knocked out not only causes excruciating pain but can also affect the facial features.

Severe Pain Melbourne | Melbourne Dental Family Care, Australia

Severe Pain Melbourne - Experiencing severe pain in your teeth or mouth? Our expert dentists at Melbourne Dental Family Care are here for all your dental pain issues. Quite often, people tend to experience severe pain in their oral cavity. This may after an oral surgery, facial trauma or in some cases, for no reason at all. In such cases, you can take an anti-inflammatory painkiller such as acetaminophen to ease the pain before you get to us. We deduce the underlying reason behind the pain and ensure that you go back without any pain, swelling or discomfort.