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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Top 5 Water-based Activities You Could Do in the Maldives – Exhilarating Adventures in Paradise
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Top 5 Water-based Activities You Could Do in the Maldives – Exhilarating Adventures in Paradise

The Maldives is known as an epitome of paradise – but not without good reason! The picture-perfect beaches, the ever-swaying palm trees, and shimmering blue waters are all that visitors crave. However, they are treated to more than that, and water activities are one such exciting thing!


Banana Boat Rides

Now, this is a super-fun activity to enjoy in the Maldivian waters regardless if you're a fan of water sports or not – it is pretty much about enjoying with your friends or family! Who wouldn't love a fun laughing session with your family around you and that is exactly what this water sport promises to offer you. Happiness comes in the form of a large inflatable banana-like structure, on which a group of people are seated and whisked away to the sea by the help of a speed boat. The best part is when the captain of the boat tries to tip you into the sea. It would be hard to keep from laughing when your hanging on to this inflatable banana for your dear life (you'll be safe of course, with all safety-gear in place!)


Jet Skiing

Yet another thrilling water-based activity in the Maldives is jet skiing and it is where the fun begins for those adrenaline junkies – there's nothing like incredible speed to get that surge of adrenaline pulsating through your veins now, is there? There is a dedicated fan-base for this sport and if you still haven't experienced it, why not give it a try on your next trip to the Maldives. During your stay at a Maldives property such as Dhigali Maldives, mount one of those jet skis and zoom towards the horizon, circling the ocean to your heart's content.



Well, the activity galore above the Maldivian waters sound quite exciting, but the real adventure begins once you agree to explore beneath the waves – it would be an experience unlike no other! The underwater marine kingdom of the Maldives welcomes you to an entirely ethereal world that would take your breath away due to its sheer beauty. Especially if it's your first-time experience in the Maldivian waters, this experience could even alter your life's perspective and start appreciating nature more for how it truly should be appreciated. Snorkelling is indeed one of the best Maldives attractions one should definitely experience in the Maldives.



For a bird's eye view of the entire Maldivian Archipelago, it is recommended that you get your share of parasailing experience. It is a recreational activity (adrenaline-boosting, no doubt) that involves the parascender being harnessed to a parachute-like canopy, which is identified as the parasail wing. You will be taken out to the middle of the sea by speed boat, and as the speed gains, you will be gradually lifted into the sky, offering you some of the most breathtaking vistas you will see during your holiday here.



Yet another thrilling water activity you can experience in the Maldives is flyboarding, which was welcomed by the public in 2012. It is a sport where you will be lifted about 20-metres up in the sky with the help of a hydroflighting device. It truly does experience an elating adventure once you get used to the intoxicating atmosphere of this adrenaline-inducing activity.