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Interesting Burmese Food Not to Miss - Delicious Flavours of Myanmar

Burmese cuisine is a harmonious coming together of various cuisines existing in other parts of Myanmar. It also has influences from several neighbouring countries. With coastal and inland varieties, here are five of delicious Burmese food that you simply mustn't miss!


Samusa Soup

With its origins lying in Myanmar's very own roots, Samusa is a popular street dish in the country that includes crispy samosa pastries dunked in savoury lentil soup with pieces of shredded cabbage invitingly immersed in it. There are many variations of this soup, but the classic version is prepared with a tasteful blend of lentils, red chilli peppers, onions, black chickpeas, and cabbage. The secret behind its delicious flavours is tamarind, garam masala, coriander, and even vegetable stock. Once this soup is served hot, a samosa is dunked in it to be consumed.



Mohinga is affectionately identified as the unofficial national dish of Myanmar and for a very good reason. It is a rather rich fish and rice noodle soup that is usually imbued with a mélange of flavoursome ingredients that usually create delightful flavours or act as a garnish for this dish. The origins of this dish run far back into history; by the end of 19th century, it was even regarded as a working-class meal that's affordable – but with time, it has recovered its due status as a ravishing dish that never fails the unsuspecting tourist to fall in love with it from the first spoonful. Although Mohinga is traditionally eaten for breakfast, it has even evolved as a street-side delicacy sold at many street food stalls.



Yes – this is the one that you dunk in Samusa soup, but this deserves to be introduced separately due to its delicious crunchy fiesta that it creates on its eater's taste buds. If you haven't tried out Indian food, this is most likely the perfect introduction to that cuisine as well. Samosas are triangular pastries that are crunchy and crispy to taste as they are deep-fried – these delicious delights are indeed a must-try during a vacation spent at a hotel in Yangon such as the PARKROYAL Yangon. Once you break open its crunchy exterior, you will be introduced to a world of spicy and sweet flavours with a range of ingredients including spiced potatoes, ground meat, and whatnot.


Ohn no khao swè

Ohn no khao swè – now this is indeed a must-find while you're spending a vacation with your loved ones in Myanmar. The phrase means 'noodles with coconut milk' and this traditional Burmese dish also consists of a boiled egg, noodles, and the highlight of this dish is probably the pieces of chicken that are smothered in creamy coconut milk. The thickness of this soup is given by the incorporation of chickpea flour.


Shwe Yin Aye

A traditional cold dessert in Myanmar, Shwe Yin Aye means 'golden heart cooler' that hints at the freshness of this dish. It is sweet and creamy and is rather rich in flavours – these flavours come from sago, steamed sticky rice, cendol jelly noodles, sugar syrup, agar-agar powder, and also chilled and creamy coconut milk.