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Science , Nature and Technology

Here you find the real interesting and latest article and news about science, nature, earth, space, new technology like cryptocurrencies and more. So please add your faves to the list so I can research more, and please do like our faves.


CRISPR: What is the future of gene editing?

Let’s talk about gene editing and its potential to change lives. It’s because of CRISPR — a technology that’s not even 10 years old and can basically perform surgery on our genes. The inventors got a Nobel Prize for it in 2020.

Scientists Shocked By Biggest Explosion Since The Big Bang

big bang explosion, biggest explosion since big bang, science, space, physics,

SpaceX makes the US proud: USA is leading in the Space Industry

Today we will be discussing something which we should be really proud of as SpaceX and the United States both have again represented them as the topper in the World Space Industry!! In 2020, out of 114 orbital launches attempts of this planet 104 launches were successful.

Ravn X: In the future, missiles will launch from this drone into space

For a long time, flights into space were reserved exclusively for state authorities and agencies. In the meantime, however, there are also a number of private providers in this area.

The 10 best science photos of 2020

The best science photos of 2020
Asteroids, microbes, and of course the coronavirus , Science pics, amazing pics, tech pics

He found the key to the origin of life - but hardly anyone knows it

The Hungarian biologist Tibor Gánti is hardly known to anyone. But now, a decade after his death, his chemotonic model of the origin of life

A mysterious disease linked to climate change is killing dolphins

A mysterious disease linked to climate change is killing dolphins, nature, animal, ocean, fish, dolphins,earth

What Human lost when the Arecibo Observatory collapsed

science, space, arecibo observatory, The Arecibo Observatory has fallen. This marks the end of a nearly 60-year sky-gazing career that has not only helped us to better understand the universe but has also scoured the skies searching for any signal from extraterrestrial worlds.

Some Weird Facts About Earth You (Probably) Don't Know Yet

Some Weird Facts About Earth You (Probably) Don't Know Yet, The planet we call home is even more bizarre than you might think, nature, earth, planet

SpaceX Launched Turksat Satellite on Falcon 9

SpaceX opened its 2021 launch calendar with a splendid Falcon 9 launch this Thursday, falcon9, spacex, china space station, elon musk

Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners! |How Much BTC Should You Own?

Today, we'll be discussing the top 10 richest Bitcoin owners. And I'll also give you an idea of how much Bitcoin you should own. Before I dive into telling you about the top owners of Bitcoin and how much you should own or aspire to own, I want to briefly brush up on our knowledge about Bitcoin, including recent news and recent price updates.

Cure for Balding? Latest Hair Loss Cure News and Studies

It is the year 2021! Have you ever wondered at this age and time, have scientists finally found a cure for baldness??? I mean, 75% of men experience balding by the age of 35 and it’s about time some genius create a cure for that right?

8 Tech Industries Revolutionized by Elon Musk - Tesla, SpaceX and More

Elon Musk is changing the world, one invention at a time. 8 Tech Industries Revolutionized by Elon Musk - Tesla, SpaceX and More

What's Next For Bitcoin and Ethereum? (This Is Big) | Bitcoin News | Ethereum Price Prediction

what's next for two of the leading cryptocurrency is in the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin News | Ethereum Price Prediction

Using the Sun to Image Alien Planets

It's thought that there's a possibility that simple microbial life might exist within our solar system, but not advanced complex life. science, space

Bitcoin vs gold: Is Bitcoin really a safe haven asset aka digital gold?

How did Bitcoin go from the laughing stock of the investment community to become described as a safe haven asset that has been compared to gold? In this article, we’ll take a look at whether investing in Bitcoin is really a modern version of investing in gold.

What the universe will be like 500 million years from now.

The universe operates in dark and mysterious ways. But in bright and fantastic ways, too! And across all the stars, planets, and asteroids in the ever-expanding cosmos, change is always afoot! So, what will happen if we look far enough into the future?

Oceanic Aliens: Alien Civilization

Our oceans are a mysterious place, full of strange life bordering on the Alien, but what would alien life be like that evolved on an Oceanic Planet? In some ways, our oceans, especially their depths, are almost an alien world, which is ironic, since most of Earth’s surface is oceans, and life on land is the relative newcomer.

Why the Moon is Still Unexplored ?

The moon watches over our planet from 239,000miles away. In 1969 Apollo 11 succeeded in its mission to land the first astronauts on the moon… but with the Apollo program abandoned by 1972, humans have still walked on only a fraction of the lunar surface.

So, all these years later, why aren’t we more interested in getting up close to our nearest celestial neighbor? This is Unveiled, and today we’re answering the extraordinary question;

What To Do With XRP In 2021? (HUGE XRP Price Prediction) | Big XRP News and XRP Analysis

What To Do With XRP In 2021? (HUGE XRP Price Prediction) | Big XRP News and XRP Analysis.
#cryptocurrencies #bitcoin

News in Science (January 2021) - All Important Science Events Occurred in 2020

Scientists report, based on near-real-time activity data, an 'unprecedented' abrupt 8.8% decrease in global CO2 emissions in the first half of 2020

7 Strange Scientific Mysteries

Scientific mysteries continue to stump experts in fields ranging from meteorology to medicine. Why does the placebo effect work more for some people than others? What's the deal with Morning Glory clouds? And will Oliver kill Erin (@erincmccarthy) in her sleep?

Misconceptions About The Roman Empire - The Comprehensive Minds

Ancient Rome was an impressive place. Everyone wore togas, horses were elected to the Senate, and exquisite banquets had entire rooms for vomiting

Redditors Proved That The Stock Market Is A Joke And Wealth Is Imaginary - The Comprehensive Minds

The stock market drama that unfolded this week thanks to a massive group of Redditors proved that not only is the stock market a casino

10 Most Badass NEW WEAPONS of the Year

With a whopping $721 billion dollar budget, the US military is on the cutting edge of military tech and weapons. science, technology