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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 12, 2021
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5 Best Historical Sites to See in Adelaide – Simply a Must-Visit!

Adelaide is a beautiful city with a rich history so it does not come as a surprise that there are many tourist attractions in the city that have some historical importance apart from the beauty of the location. These locations are considered to be of national value and are protected and tended to by different government or private organisations. While there are many tourist attractions to visit in Adelaide these are a little more exciting than the mere attractions you will come across in any city.


Migration Museum

The Migration Museum is perfect for those who are interested in the culture, traditions and history of Adelaide and their earlier residents. The Museum operates for tourists throughout the day and there are guided tours happening every half an hour. The migration Museum gathers information about the hardships of migrant individuals who had to tend with whatever food they hand and settle down in a land that seemed strange to them at the time.


Adelaide Gaol

Adelaide Gaol which is known to have been designed remarkably is said to have mysteries about its architecture and design even to date. The Adelaide Prison which was built in the year 1881 was a functioning prison till the recent past. The radial plan which was used for the Adelaide Goal is known as a significant design for a prison even to date. The prison is now open to the public as there are no prisoners kept in the Adelaide Gaol any longer.


Art Gallery of South Australia

If you love a fine collection of paintings, photographs, sculptures, statues and other creations you will absolutely love a visit to the Art Gallery of South Australia. Filled with exhibits that are significant in many different time periods, the art gallery is also a great representation of the creations from around the world. The Art Gallery is open to the public every day and is not located too far from Adelaide hotels which are located close to the city. Even if you are staying at Avani Adelaide Residences or any other luxury apartment or hotel you can visit the Art Gallery without much difficulty as the location is easily accessible from most areas.


Adelaide Oval

The Adelaide Oval is something those who have been living in Adelaide for many years are extremely proud of. The historically important Cricket Ground which is located between the Torrens lake and the St Peter's Cathedral is often known and described as one of the most picturesque cricket grounds from around the world. The first cricket match that was played in the ground was in 1884 which was a match against England.


Ayers House

Ayers House which is now a tourist attraction was formerly the residential house of Sir Henry Ayers who was not only a prominent businessman but also a Premier of South Australia. The restored house is now managed by the National Trust of Australia and is also home to two restaurants. The are of the house which is open to the public has a collection of Victorian Furniture, art and memorabilia from the time period. The Ayers house hosts tours within the premises for those who are interested in learning about the finer details of the residents and how the building is now a gallery or a museum, whichever you wish to call it.