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Wolf Names - Badass Female and Male Names

At the cost of over-simplification, it can be said that dogs are just tamed and domesticated wolves. For the last couple of millennia, wolves found solace in the company of the man. They both forged a bond and the wolf shed its wildness for controlled aggression and became the trusted companion that he ever needed.


What Are Wolf Names?

There are fair chances that your pup is not as fierce as a wolf, nor there are strong chances it will ever be. But it is a common observation that puppies are usually mischievous and bring fun to their own pack, all the time.

Therefore, we believe that these names will be an apt choice for your pack’s latest member. Here are some of the greatest wolf names that will definitely suit your dog.

Here we go:

• Moon

• Saga

• Mowgli

• Spirit

• Fang

• River

• Arctic

• Star

• Loki

• Axel

• Blitz

• Shadow

• Snow

• Drift

• Bracken

• Wolfgang

• Baron

• Thunder

• Onyx

• Fern

• Nymph

• Beowulf

• Midnight

• Ski

• Aspen

• Noir

• Bandit

• Silver

• Copper

Female Wolf Names
If you have a fierce female canine companion that does not settle for less and wants your complete attention, there is a named range for such creatures too. As far as possible, these names will retain their strong femininity, strength, and affection towards you.

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The best pick from this list that all of our readers love is Luna – the Roman goddess of the moon. If you have a white German Shepherd or female Siberian Husky, then this might be just the name that she needs.

As far as the four-legged furry friend goes, these names will surely have them howling on the moon.

• Luna – Roman goddess of the moon

• Shaba

• Accalia

• Alpine

• Leia – Just as the Star Wars princess, this would be an excellent name-choice for a cheeky wolf

• Sierra

• Thorn

• Katniss – the protagonist's name from the novel The Hunger Games. Strong, bold, and determined character.

• Venus – In Roman mythology, goddess of love and passion.

• Taika – Meaning magic, spell, or rune.

• Lillith – Hebrew word for ‘ghost’ this would be awesome for a pup who is as white or silver as a ghost.

• Diva – a perfect name for a sassy female dog.

• Bree

• Buffy

• Sabrina

• Rain

• Blair

• Aphrodite – Greek goddess for passion and procreation.

• Ruby

• Ivy

• Amber

• Zara

• Fantasia

• Elsa

• Alexa


Male Wolf Names

For a strong male dog that is very protective of you and stays loyal to you, a wolf name would suit him the best for his character.

As per our editorial team, Conan could be an apt name for your own warrior dog, especially if the dog is of the Alaskan Malamute. Read through our list and find out the perfect name for your male dog.

• Conan – The infamous barbarian. A strong, bold name.

• Alpha – It is the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

• Gunner

• Sabre – A bulky cavalry sword with a single, curved edge.

• Cerberus – Named after the legendary dog that guards Hades’ hell.

• Ice

• Aaryn

• Jet

• Raven – A jet black crow that chiefly feeds off of animal carcasses. Perfect name for a black beast.

• Amarok

• Sparta – Named after an Ancient Roman city, well-known for its fierce warriors.

• Claw

• Chase

• Totem – An animal of spiritual significance.

• Warlock – The one who practices witchery or sorcery.

• Vlad

• Goliath

• Tsar

• Timber

• Asher

• Eagle – A large bird with characteristic physical traits. Known for keen sight and powerful soaring flight.

• Herald

• Dusk

• Eragon

• Rune


Names That Carry The Meaning – WOLF

Finding the perfect name for your beloved furry friend could be more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes, it comes through intuition. You are busy doing something and it just clicks. Other times, you need to sift your way through multiple directories with no success. And then you stumble upon the perfect name by accident.

Do you think you can resist and steal a look from these brilliant names?


Names For Wolf

• Adolpha – Female for Adolph which means ‘noble she-wolf’ in German.

• Wolfgang – From German origin.

• Rudolfo – It means ‘prestigious wolf’ in Spanish.

• Eyolf – Meaning ‘lucky wolf’ in Norwegian culture.

• Wolfram – Originated from German, a combination of both ‘wolf’ and ‘raven.’

• Skoll – In Norse mythology, Skoll is the name of the wolf that chases the sun.

• Wulfgar – It means ‘wolf-like spear’ in the English language.

• Ulrich – Meaning ‘Female Wolf’ in English.

• Raoul – Means ‘red wolf’ in English vernacular.

• Warg – This means “lips” in Polish, whereas a dark, evil wolf in Norse mythology.

• Boris – Means ‘Short Wolf’ in a number of different European languages.

• Conrí – Meaning ‘wolf king’ in Irish Gaelic language.

• Wulfsige – Anglo-Saxon word for ‘victory wolf.’

• Bledig – Derived from Ireland and meaning: ‘like a wolf.’ Best for huskies and malamutes.

• Fenris – A legendary monster wolf from Norway.

• Bardawulf – In English, meaning ‘Ax Wolf.’

• Rolo – Originated from Teutons, means ‘famous wolf.’

• Ulfred – ‘Wolf of peace’ in Old English language.

• Lowell – ‘wolf pup’ in Old French.

• Kiyaya – Meaning ‘Howling wolf’ in Native American (Yakima).


Popular Real & Imaginative Wolves

No doubt, it is a daunting task to choose the perfect name for your dog. Fret not, we are here to throw you a bone, so you don’t feel like all alone in the world, set on an impossible task.

On the subject of wolf-names for your pup, why not choose from some of the extremely popular wolf names in the literature and pop culture.

To give your dog the fantastic name it deserves, we think the best place is to look among these fantastic wolf names.

• Balto – A real-life hero wolf that saved a town in the middle of Alaska.

• Remus Lupin – Famous wolf in Harry Potter saga.

• Sirius – Another wolf in the Harry Potter saga.

• Lupa – The wolf who brought up Romulus and Remus.

• Ghost – A silver wolf in Game of Thrones.

• Nymeria – One of the wolves in Game of Thrones.

• Grey Wind – One of the wolves from Game of Thrones.

• Summer – Another wolf in Game of Thrones tv serial.

• Lady – From Game of Thrones novels.

• Shaggy-Dog – A wolf from famous novels and tv series Game of Thrones.

• Maugrim – From C.S Lewis’s, The Chronicles of Narnia.

• Akela & Raksha – Popular wolves from The Jungle Book novel by Rudyard Kipling.

• Gmork – From The Never-Ending Story, servant of the power behind The Nothing.

• White Fang – A wolasedf b on the novel of the same name by Jack London.

• Jacob – From Twilight saga. He was in love with the protagonist – Bella.

• Seth & Leah – Wolves from Twilight saga.

• Kodlak & Skjor – Wolves from Skyrim game series.


Native American Names For Wolf

Native American culture was defined by spirituality and symbolism. In this culture, wolves were revered for their noble qualities and their affiliation with their packs. These were the qualities that were held at the highest in these cultures.

Here are some of the words that mean wolf from Native American tribes:

• Tala (Sioux)

• Hemene (Nez Perce)

• Kiyaya – ‘Howling Wolf’ (Yakima)

• Honi (Aropho)

• Maiyun (Cheyenne)

• Lelou (Chinook)

• Shunkaha (Lakota)

• Honiahaka – ‘Little Wolf’ (Cheyenne)

• Maikoh (Navajo)

• Lokwa (Nootka)

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