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GMEK Restoration

GMEK Restoration is highly experienced & professional cleaning company providing air ducts & dryer vents cleaning in Port St. Lucie, Florida & nearby areas. We also provide best & high quality services to commercial & residential buildings for HVAC service, water damage restoration, tile and grout cleaning with advanced techniques & equipment. Our technicians are highly trained & expert in providing services of installing, maintaining and repairing all heating & cooling systems.

Cleaning and Restoration Experts Port St. Lucie

GMEK Restoration is a highly experienced cleaning and restoration company serving Port St. Lucie & nearby areas. We aim to deliver high-quality services that reduce your work stress and help to restore the look of your estate.

We use industry-standard tools, equipment & green cleaning products to provide high-quality services at an affordable price. our services include air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, water damage repair, HVAC systems maintenance.

Our professionals work around the clock to deliver on their promise of full client satisfaction.

Contact us @ 1-800-674-9394 to get a routine checkup and a FREE cleaning estimate!

Water Damage Restoration Service Port St Lucie

When you face water damage from indoor faulty appliances or natural disaster flooding, it hurts your property & the health of your loved ones due to harmful bacteria & mold growth. Untreated water damaged properties are unhygienic & full of harmful contaminants.

To reduce further damage to property & people it is important to hire water damage restoration experts immediately as doing it on your own is very stressful. GMEK Restoration provides 24 hours emergency high quality professional water damage restoration service in Port St. Lucie with timely response & prompt action. Our professionals are knowledgeable & equipped with high quality equipment for the water cleanup & repair process.

Contact us at 800-674-9394 immediately to make your property water damage-free, safe & hygienic.


Premier Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Port St. Lucie, FL

Premier Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Port St. Lucie, FL

Tile is a beautiful addition to any home, office or artistic form of expression and with the proper maintenance and care, it can continue to look fantastic for years to come.

At GMEK Restoration, our expert team offers best tile and grout cleaning services near Port St Lucie. We use advanced technology and safe cleaning solutions to deliver you guaranteed and satisfactory results.

Benefits of Hiring Us!

-Available 24x7

-Top-Notch Quality Service

-Locally Owned

-Trustworthy and Reliable Staff

-Competent Management

-Transparent Communication

-Competitive Fair Pricing

-100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

-Bonded, Licensed and Insured Agency

To schedule an upcoming appointment. Call us at 1-800-674-9394.

How to Choose the Right Tile And Grout Cleaner | Port St Lucie

Tile and grouts are a valuable asset of any property. For finding tile and grout cleaner near me, ask them these questions to choose the right one.


Professional Water Damage Restoration Port St. Lucie, FL

Professional Water Damage Restoration Port St. Lucie, FL

It is not easy for one to repair the damaged pipes or help you in removing the flood water easily. To make the task easier for individuals, hire water damage professionals. Our expert team uses water detection probes to search out hidden water damage issues that would cause alternative problems.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24x7 Emergency Assistance

  • Top-Notch Quality Service

  • Single Point Communication

  • Competitive Fair Pricing

  • 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

  • Bonded, Licensed, and Insured Agency

Get immediate response from GMEK Restoration by calling at 1-800-674-9394 for emergency water damage services in Port St. Lucie.

Signs That Show You Need Water Damage Restoration Service | FL

Learn here the signs that show you need a water damage restoration service to mend the wrongs to rights. Read the article to grasp more about it.

Whether it is sewage treatment or flood restoration, GMEK Restoration provides all types of water damage restoration services in Port St Lucie. So, call us at (800) 674-9394 to get your property free from water damage.

Signs That show You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts | FL

There are many signs that indicate the need for you to clean your air ducts. This article focuses on highlighting the most common ones and what to do.

Air ducts are concealed inside the walls, and hence you forgot to get them cleaned. Professional air duct cleaning in Port St. Lucie from GMEK Restoration can help you clean them in Port St. Lucie. To do so, call us at 1-800-674-9394.

How To Select The Right Water Damage Restoration Company | FL

Water damage is a problem faced by many people who live in densely populated areas prone to flooding. Further, you also face them when you have a leaky plumbing unit or sewage line. Besides this, there are many more signs that indicate the need for a water damage restoration service.

In all these cases, if you seek a professional water damage restoration company in the beginning, then you reduce the chances of long-term damage. But the task of finding the right one takes time and patience.

Here are several suggestions that you can follow to find the right water damage restoration your area.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Port St Lucie FL | Dryer Vent Cleaners

Get assured dryer vent cleaning Port St Lucie with GMEK Restoration to make your appliance life better & longer. Call 800-674-9394 to book our vent specialist.

Notable Signs Of Water Damage in Walls | Port St Lucie, FL

Want to know what are the signs of water damage in walls, then read this blog. Furthermore, get to know what happens when water gets in your walls.

Difference Between Duct And Vent Cleaning | Port St Lucie, FL

Want to know the difference between duct and vent cleaning, then read this blog. Also, get to know here how duct and vent cleaning are done at home.

Easiest Ways To Remove Colored Grout Stains | Port St. Lucie

WGMEK is an experienced tile and grout company in Port St. Lucie and its nearby areas. Our professional tile & grout cleaners provide a quality cleaning experience and guarantee 100% percent removal of colored grout stains.

What Is The Ceiling Water Damage Repair Cost In 2021 | Port St Lucie, FL

Planning to get your old and leaky ceiling repaired? Here is a blog that states the ceiling water damage repair cost for 2021. Read to know more.

How To Get Mold Out of Grout Lines | Port St Lucie, FL

Having professional tile and grout cleaners from GMEK Restoration will give you peace and free your home from mold. Our professional tile & grout cleaning specialists serving Port St Lucie and nearby areas are experienced and provide a 100% guarantee on the removal of mold from your grouts.

Reasons To Hire Professional Dryer Vent Cleaner | Port St. Lucie, FL

Are you struggling with your dryer vent efficiency? Then, take professional assistance. Learn the reasons for hiring a professional dryer vent cleaner.

Emergency Water Damage Repair Contractors in Port St. Lucie

Clean and sterile homes/workspaces are important to have better health. Apart from that, a hygienic environment ensures better productivity, high morale, and a positive environment for the residents.

GMEK Restoration offers wonderful professional cleaning and restoration services to the residents of Port St. Lucie and the surrounding areas.

Our water damage repair contractors are available 24*7 to serve you with the best restoration services at the time of emergency.

Top most 5 Reasons Of Hiring Residential Water Damage Cleanup Services

Flooded basement or house? Water damage can cause a lot of damage to your home. Hire residential water damage cleanup services to save your property & money. Water damage happens because of many reasons, such as heavy rainfall, leaking pipes, roof leaks, etc. This causes a lot of damage to your property. Moreover, it also knots you financially, emotionally, and physically.

Will Duct Cleaning Remove Smell | Port St. Lucie, FL

Are you wondering, will air duct cleaning remove smell? Is it beneficial to have a professional cleaning? Here is a list of reasons that cause your duct to smell. will duct cleaning remove smell? It will, although, it is not possible to conduct a thorough cleaning by yourself. As unhealthy ducts can hamper your wellbeing, we recommend hiring professionals to conduct deep cleaning of your air ducts.

Why To Hire Tile and Grout Restoration Services? | Florida

Investing in professional tile cleaning services for commercial or residential buildings is a good idea. But if your tile and grout are in worse conditions, then tile and grout restoration services work better for you. So, if you’re seeking an expert tile and grout restoration technician, GMEK Restoration is the one for you.

Tips On Basement Flood Cleanup By Experts | GMEK Restoration

It’s the best sign to have water damage restoration, experts who have real experience in preventing basement flooding. We at GMEK Restoration provide supreme services for basement flood cleanup and are one of the top companies around Port St. Lucie.

Tips On Basement Flood Cleanup By Experts | GMEK Restoration

It’s the best sign to have water damage restoration, experts who have real experience in preventing basement flooding. We at GMEK Restoration provide supreme services for basement flood cleanup and are one of the top companies around Port St. Lucie.

Tips On How To Prevent Black Mold By Experts of Port St Lucia

Want helpful tips on how to prevent black mold? Try these proven and effective tips suggested by experts. Click to explore.


Air Duct Cleaning in Port St Lucie FL

Air Duct Cleaning in Port St Lucie FL

Air ducts can accumulate dust, pollen, germs, fungi, etc . This leads to deterioration of the indoor air quality, reduction in the efficiency of the HVAC. So, book your appointment with GMEK Restoration for air duct cleaning in St. Lucie, FL.

For more information visit us at:
Call us at -(800)-674-9394

Is Choosing Air Duct Cleaning Services Worth It?

Are you looking out for Air Duct Cleaning Services? Read the blog below to understand if choosing one could be worth.

Things to know about air duct cleaning services| Port St Lucie

Want to clean your air duct but cannot do it? Know what is air duct cleaning service is and what cleaning methods and equipment are used.