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Atlantic Cleaning Co.

Atlantic Cleaning Co. has been offering quality cleaning services since 1993. We are your one-stop janitorial service company. We go above and beyond to achieve deep cleaning results. For that reason, we are one of the top-rated janitorial cleaning service provider in Fall River & all nearby areas. We offer a variety of janitorial services including office cleaning, stripping & waxing floors, restroom cleaning, post construction cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning.

Floor Stripping and Waxing Services Fall River MA [Infographic]

Due to foot traffic, the floor gets dirty & loose their shine.

Floor stripping & waxing services can revive & enhance the floor look at your commercial place or residential place.

At Atlantic Cleaning Co., get your tile flooring protected from scratches, discoloration & mold formation with our professional floor stripping & waxing services in Fall River MA.

Contact on 508-676-9084 or you can mail us at Get a free estimate for your tile flooring.

Office Cleaning Services Fall River MA

Everyone wants a clean & safe office desk as they spend the whole day working on it!

Atlantic Cleaning Co. provides comprehensive office cleaning in Fall River MA that can create a healthy, safe & hygienic environment for employees. Our office cleaning services include high dusting & cleaning of furniture, restroom, break room, desk, floor, etc. & removing trash disposal.

Our experts use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that can not have any negative side effects.

Contact us on 508-676-9084 to get affordable & reliable office cleaning services.


Premium Restroom Cleaning Services in Fall River MA

Premium Restroom Cleaning Services in Fall River MA

In any commercial area, cleaning and sanitizing restrooms is very crucial to remove the amount of dirt and stains and make them allergen-free.

Since 1993, Atlantic Cleaning Co. has been one of the top-rated restroom cleaning service providers in Fall River. Our restroom cleaners take care of toilets, sinks, mirrors, glass and floors. Also they clean, sanitize and disinfect all surfaces with the proper cleaning products. At last, we will leave the restroom with a constantly fresh atmosphere.

Our Restroom Cleaning Services Includes

  • Put Up Wet Floor Signs
  • Dust, Sweep and Empty Trash
  • Refill Soap, Paper Towels and Toilet Paper
  • Clean Toilets and Urinals
  • Clean Sinks, Mirrors and Countertops
  • Mop the Floor
  • Clean Walls and Fixtures

Get a practical and hygienic solution to your restrooms by hiring our professionals at 508-676-9084.

Floor Stripping & Waxing Services Fall River MA

The floors of the home or commercial places get dirty because of the daily foot-traffic.

Doing scrubbing and buffing on own don't work when the floors accumulate more dirt, debris & stubborn stains on it. To regain their original look & shine back you need a professional floor stripping and waxing services.

Atlantic Cleaning Co.
Is a janitorial & cleaning company, having more than 20 years of experience, providing residential & commercial floor stripping & waxing services in Fall River MA.

Call us at 508-676-9084, to restore your original flooring look!

Step By Step Guide To Floor Stripping And Waxing | Fall River

Everyone enjoys beautiful floors of their houses or office, but preserving floors freed from scratches and stains may be a hard mission to do alone. But not impossible. If you want to preserve the look and feel of your flooring for a long time, hire experts from Atlantic Cleaning Co. We have been providing great floor stripping and waxing services in Fall River.

Call on 508-676-9084 to hire us today.

How to Keep Upholstery Clean? | Fall River

Searching for how to keep upholstery clean? Read this article about how to keep your upholstery clean to solve all your cleaning problems. The most successful way to do this is to employ highly regarded specialist upholstery cleaning services in Aurora Co.

Atlantic Cleaning Co. is a highly reliable cleaning service company in Fall River, MA. With their expertise and experience, they can deal with any kind of upholstery cleaning problem.

Book your slot now on: 508-676-9084

Why We Need a Professional Window Cleaning Service in Fall River MA

Window cleaning services are a boon to all residential and commercial property owners. To understand this statement, read the following article.

To clean windows in a high-rise building, skilled window cleaning professionals go through rigorous training and safety workshops.

The search for a good-quality professional window cleaner in Fall River MA has come to rest. Get in touch with Atlantic Cleaning Co at 508-676-9084 to hire our professional window washers.


Commercial Office Cleaning Fall River MA

Commercial Office Cleaning Fall River MA

Pristine & clean office creates a healthy & hygienic environment which in turn boosts employee productivity & morale.

At Atlantic Cleaning Co, our professionals provide you a neat & tidy look by cleaning every corner of the office from desk, chair, restroom, break room, floor cleaning, dusting, trash disposal, etc.

Our commercial office cleaning in Fall River MA improves cleanliness, indoor air quality & makes a welcoming environment.

To book your office cleaning services, Call us at 508-676-9084. Get your workspace Cleaner!

Window Cleaning Services: Is It Worth Investing | Fall River

What’s the first thing a person sees when they are entering your home or office building? It’s the exteriors! Now, the exterior includes a lot of things from painting, to the driveway, to windows. But this blog is going to focus on issues pertaining to unclean windows and the impact they have on the owners.

Before grasping an idea of the perks of window cleaning and hiring window cleaning services, let’s start with understanding what is the importance of window cleaning.

Website at

It’s not simply your carpet flooring that needs attention when it comes to cleaning.

The same goes for your rugs too. You need to clean your rugs more regularly since they are the main thing your shoe touch when you enter your home.

As a result, all the dirt that has gathered from outside onto your shoes comes off on the rug.

Hire specialist rug cleaners in Fall River to preserve your rug appearance and extend its lifespan.

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Carpets always enhance the look of your house, but it also faces a lot of foot traffic daily. These carpets attract dust, food stains, pet urine, and other contaminants from your home. Sometimes you can clean the carpet stains on your own, but for hard stains, you need a professional touch. Also, you see many carpet cleaning methods online that can suit your carpet.

Learn here the best 3 methods and also the comparison of carpet cleaning methods among them.

To know more visit our website.

Why You Need Daily Window Cleaning | Fall River, MA

Dirty windows not just embarrass you but also make you sick. Know here the importance of window cleaning and know whether it is worth investing in.

The Best Way To Clean Rugs By Hand | Fall River, MA

Want to know the best way to clean rugs by hand, then read this blog. Also, find here why to hire expert rug cleaning services to clean your rugs.

How To Clean High Rise Windows From Outside | Fall River, MA

Are you looking for the best window cleaning services near Fall River? Atlantic Cleaning Co provides one of the excellent janitorial services. We hold years of experience in this field, call us today at 508-676-9084.

Sometimes you may think of the professional floor stripping and waxing cost before hiring it. So, if the wax buildup is heavy and the ammonia process doesn’t work, then call professionals.Atlantic Cleaning Co. located in Fall River has the best experts that use modern tools and methods to remove wax build-up and regain the original floor shine back.

Overview On Commercial Post Construction Cleaning- Scope, Stages and Tips

Commercial post construction cleaning removes construction waste from the site. Learn here its overview consisting of scope, stages and tips.

Do Steam Cleaners Work on Upholstery | Fall River, MA

At Atlantic Cleaning Co., the professionals always assure you to serve the best upholstery steam cleaning services that provide top-notch results.

What Do Janitorial Services Look For | Fall River, MA

Want to know what do janitorial services look for? Then, read this blog. Furthermore, learn here how I choose janitorial services in my area.


Floor Stripping And Waxing In Fall River, MA

Floor Stripping And Waxing In Fall River, MA

While searching for the best stripping and waxing services under your budget in the Fall River and nearby location, Atlantic Cleaning Co. is a perfect choice.
With years of experience in this service, our experts can easily suggest the best suited waxing solution for your flooring.
Call us at (508)-676-9084.

Benefits of Residential Floor Waxing | Fall River, MA

Do you want to regain the original look of your home floor? Then, floor waxing is essential. So, check out the benefits of residential floor waxing services.

Tips To Prepare Restroom Cleaning Checklist | Fall River, MA

Are you planning to clean your dirty and stinky restroom? Then, learn here the tips to prepare in the restroom cleaning checklist.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa Stains | Fall River, MA

If you wish to preserve the look and feel in your fabric sofas, then cleaning is the necessary step. So, learn here how to clean fabric sofa stains.

Tips To Hire A Professional Window Cleaning Service | MA

Does your window gather dust and stains frequently? Are you planning to clean them? Learn here the 5 smart tips to hire a professional window cleaning service.

Top Things Included In Office Cleaning Services | Fall River

Does your office look dirty? Do you want a clean and sanitized office environment? Then, learn the pros of office cleaning services here.


Carpet Cleaning in Fall River, MA

Carpet Cleaning in Fall River, MA

Our carpet cleaning process involves the use of the latest industrial tools, equipment, and methods to remove all stubborn stains from your carpet.
Our professional carpet cleaners follow the best strategy to restore the shine of your carpet back.
Contact us at 508-676-9084.