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AVS Carpet Cleaning

AVS Carpet Cleaning service is a fully integrated cleaning service company serving all over San Diego. We provide comprehensive, high quality & reliable cleaning solutions to commercial, corporate and residential clients. Our experts provide excellence in Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Natural Stone Cleaning & Restoring, Air Duct Cleaning! Contact us at 619-410-4324 to get a FREE cleaning estimate or to BOOK a service.

Importance Of Carpet Cleaning Services | San Diego

Keeping your carpet clean at home or office is a hard task that everyone has to do. The problems that the carpets face are pretty major. That’s because you can see only some of the problems, while the rest of them are hidden deep within the carpet fibers. Some are also covered up by the carpet fibers.

Readout our blog to have a fair knowledge about the relevance of carpet cleaning services in San Diego.

Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods [Infographic]

Carpet cleaning is essential for a healthy, clean & safe home.

Hiring professionals carpet cleaners is beneficial for cleaning as they have proper knowledge of all cleaning methods. Which method is right for carpet cleaning is based on your carpets, fabric, level of dirt or harmful contaminants, foot traffic etc.

There are various options for carpet cleaning from Hot Water Extraction, Dry Carpet Cleaning, Bonnet Carpet Cleaning to Shampooing.

AVS Carpet Cleaning has experienced technicians & experts to assist you with which methods are best for you according to your needs. Contact (619) 410-4324.

Revitalize Beauty of Floor with Tile & Grout Cleaning San Diego

Tile is one of the major investments of home, make it prolong with effective tile and grout cleaning service.

AVS Carpet Cleaning, a fully integrated cleaning company offers tile & grout cleaning service in San Diego CA to make clean & shiny floors. Our Experts at AVS Carpet Cleaning have an ample amount of knowledge in tile & grout cleaning giving results for various requirements of customers. Let our professionals help you get your satisfactory tile cleaning results to beautify your home floor.

Contact at (619) 410-4324 for even appearing flooring!


Choose The Best Carpet & Floor Cleaning Services San Diego

Choose The Best Carpet & Floor Cleaning Services San Diego

Does your floor look worse, need cleaning services?

Choose AVS Carpet Cleaning service.

AVS Carpet Cleaning service is a fully integrated cleaning service company serving all over San Diego for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, natural stone cleaning & restoring, air duct Cleaning.

For more than 10 years, we’ve earned a name for quality and customer service.

Contact us at 619-410-4324 to get a FREE cleaning estimate

Carpet Cleaning Services in San Diego & Nearby Locations!

AVS Carpet Cleaning is owned by passionate and dedicated individuals.

Our professional carpet cleaners in San Diego have undergone extensive training and have access to some of the finest quality professional equipment, tools, and products available on the market.

If your floor is looking worse, don’t worry. If you are looking for steam carpet cleaners in San Diego, our team is here to help you with steam carpet cleaning.

Contact us @ 619-410-4324.

Why Residential Upholstery Cleaning Is Essential | San Diego

Upholstery at home is subjected to a lot of wear and tear and dirt. So, homeowners need residential upholstery cleaning services to keep them clean.

Quick Guide For Hardwood And Laminate Cleaning Service Process

Hardwood & laminate cleaning helps to prolong their life. Although these floors are durable, let us find out the best cleaner for laminate wood, here.

We at AVS Carpet cleansing provide expert hardwood and laminate cleaning services in the San Diego location. Right here’s a way to clean and keep your hardwood & laminate floors to hold them looking new for years to come. So call on 619-410-4324 to avail of our premier professional cleaning services.

Benefits Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services | San Diego

Commercial carpet cleaning services help us save our time, money, and energy. Learn the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning services in San Diego.

We at AVS Carpet Cleaning have years of experience in providing quality carpet cleaning services in San Diego, CA. Our professionals have expertise in using advanced cleaning equipment to remove dirt and deep stains from your carpet.

To book an appointment, call us at (619) 410-4324.


Residential Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Residential Carpet Cleaning San Diego

If carpets are dirty & covered with soil particles, debris, or dirt, it will make your home floor look worse.

At AVS Carpet Cleaning, we provide high-quality residential cleaning services at affordable rates.

Our residential carpet cleaning in San Diego includes everything from pre-vacuuming to pre-conditioning, spot treatment, agitation & extraction, sanitize and deodorize, carpet protection treatments, odor elimination, or control.

If you want your carpet to shine & look beautiful like new, call us today at (619) 410-4324 to hire our professional carpet cleaners!

Things To Know About Professional Carpet Pretreatment | CA

Carpets go through immense amounts of wear and tear. Hence, keeping it clean is a job that consumes lots of time and effort. Carpet cleaning involves multiple steps and each step is extremely intensive and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, sometimes carpet stains come back after cleaning. That means all your efforts to clean the carpet went to the drain. Well, in this case, allow professional carpet cleaning experts to clean your carpets.

This cleaning process involves professional carpet pretreatment. There are few articles highlighting the significance of this step. Hence, we thought to compose one for you to help you understand how important these steps are.

Website at

For everyday cleaning routines, a broom or a dust mop would work wonders for your hardwood floor. Using a vacuum with a beater bar attachment can result in scratches to your hardwood floors’ finishing. For quick dusting, use disposable clothes.

Consider our instructions to know how to deep clean hardwood floors.

To know more visit our website.

When the dog urine stains are too stubborn, your last resort is to hire professional tile and grout cleaning services. They use different cleaning methods and products to remove dog urine while keeping the tiles safe and secure.

If you are tired of cleaning pet urine stains from your ceramic tiles unsuccessfully, it is time to call professionals from AVS Carpet Cleaning. Our tile cleaning specialists provide effective and affordable cleaning services in the San Diego area.

What is Carpet Cleaning Dwell Time? Why Is It So Important?

In the absence of carpet cleaning dwell time, you’re probably not killing off harmful microorganisms from your carpets. Read here and know its benefits.

How To Clean A House Professionally | San Diego, CA

It is important to deep clean your house from time to time. And, who better to aid in this than professionals. Get some major benefits by hiring a professional residential cleaning company.

Need help to clean a dryer vent on the roof, contact AVS Carpet Cleaning for the job. Our professional dryer vent cleaning service is well known all over the San Diego area. We aim to provide 100% guaranteed cleaning service to all our residential and commercial clients.

Top Upholstery Cleaning Myths Exposed | AVS Carpet Cleaning

People may have many misconceptions related to upholstery cleaning. In this blog, you can read few of the upholstery cleaning myths.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Commercial Carpet | San Diego

To hire the best commercial cleaning company for achieving amazing results, AVS Carpet Cleaning is the best choice. We always try to meet your demands and give you the best results.

How Do You Remove Tar From Laminate Flooring | San Diego, CA

How do you remove tar from laminate flooring? Then, read this blog to learn the best tips. Also, know why hiring professional hardwood cleaning is good for you.


Effective Carpet Cleaning in San Diego CA

Effective Carpet Cleaning in San Diego CA

Maintain your floors and make sure they remain in spotless condition with professional cleaning services offered by AVS Carpet Cleaning.
We provide professional steam carpet cleaning services in San Diego and nearby areas.

How Do You Deep Clean A Dryer Lint? | AVS Carpet Cleaning San Diego

If you want to deep clean your dryer vent to reduce the fire hazards and safeguard your family, then you should hire a professional dryer vent cleaning company. Contact AVS Carpet Cleaning in San Diego, who provides top-quality dryer cleaning services to keep your home safe and clean.


Why hire a local pet odor removal company?

Why hire a local pet odor removal company?

Pet stains and odor aren't always visible. Pet odor elimination is one of the most difficult things that pet owners have to deal with.

DIY pet odor elimination pushes the urine deep into the carpet fibers and it will increase bacteria. Hiring a professional cleaning service to remove pet stains and odors is a more cost-effective option than purchasing a new carpet or upholstery.

Here are the reasons why hiring a professional pet odor removal company is the right alternative.

What Is The Average Tile And Grout Cleaning Cost In 2021? | AVS Carpet Cleaning San Diego

As you may be aware, tile and grout cleaning is required to maintain a healthy indoor environment. It also improves the look of the flooring. Various tiles, however, necessitate different cleaning methods and tools. To prevent mould from growing in the grout between these tiles, adequate cleaning measures were required.

Why To Opt For Residential Carpet Protection Treatment | CA

When you think of cleaning your house, the first thing that comes to mind is the carpet. To stop the carpet to get dirty right after professional carpet cleaning, opt for residential carpet cleaning protection treatment.

Why Pre-Christmas Carpet Cleaning Is Important? | San Diego

This Christmas, welcome your guests with clean and bright carpet flooring. AVS Carpet Cleaning provides top-notch carpet cleaning services in San Diego, CA. Visit our website to know more about our services.

Professional Steam Cleaning Process And Its Benefits | AVS Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Steam cleaning uses vapor steam to sanitize and clean a buildup of stains. Steam cleaners are best for surfaces like tile, grout, sealed floors, and soft materials like carpets. It also combines cleaning solutions with water to eradicate dirt and stains from your carpets.