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Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, LLC

Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, LLC provides high-quality cleaning and restoration services in Elgin, IL & the surrounding areas. We are fully licensed, insured and IICRC certified. With over 20 years of experience in this field, our water & fire mitigation experts have gained sound knowledge & skills in dealing with all kinds of situations. Our experts can handle any jobs from carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, hard floor cleaning to 24/7 emergency assistance for water or fire damage restoration.

How To Hire Carpet Stain Removal Services | Elgin, CA

Carpets are full of stains, spots, ink, or paint splashes that you can remove on your own. Study here how to hire carpet stain removal services.

Best Upholstery Cleaning Services In Elgin [Infographic]

Our objective at Total Solution Cleaning and Restoration, LLC is to convey best quality support to our customers in Elgin, IL.

To attain customer fulfillment, we do broad exploration on various upholstery fabric and their cleaning process. This outcomes in eliminating all the contamination & odors from the upholstery to redeem its shine and gloss back. Our upholstery cleaning service Elgin involves stain removal, furniture cleaning, fiber protection, deep cleaning & deodorizing process.

Want to get your upholstery a new lease on life? Contact Total Solution Cleaning And Restoration’s upholstery consultant at (815) 575 0568 to book an appointment today.

High Quality Residential Carpet Cleaning In Elgin IL

Finding the best carpet cleaning services for your home?

Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration is best for you!

Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration provides high quality & professional residential carpet cleaning in Elgin IL.

Get a free pre inspection & services from fully licensed, insured & IICRC certified company for all your cleaning needs.

We clean carpets as well as cleaning service for area rugs, upholstery, Furniture, tile & grout cleaning, hard floor care, water damage restoration (FLOODS), fire damage restoration, mold remediation, renovations and more.

Call 815-575-0568 us today for your next cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning Elgin

Carpeted floors make home beautiful, warm & add elegance. But it also gets dirty & full of bacteria, germs & dust due to heavy foot traffics. To make it new & healthy getting it cleaned 2-3 times yearly is beneficial.

Our carpet cleaning services in Elgin, IL are the best quality services at the best quality price! We provide Steam Cleaning to make your carpet look as good as new!

At Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration LLC, We are dedicated and certified technicians ready to attack all bacteria, dirty & tough spots! We provide cleaning for residential carpet, commercial carpet, sofas, chairs and more!!!

Call us (815) 575-0568 to book your FREE PRE-INSPECTION!!


Professional Tile, Grout And Hardfloor Cleaning Elgin IL

Professional Tile, Grout And Hardfloor Cleaning Elgin IL

Tile is a very popular and versatile option for flooring. While most kitchens and bathrooms are outfitted with tile floors, more and more homeowners are choosing to use tile throughout their entire house.

We at, Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, LLC restore your tile, grout, and hard floors to their original condition causing no damage. Our team of professional hard floor technicians are expert evaluators of the floors and will provide the solution best suited for you.

Searching for professional tile, grout and hardfloor cleaning services in Elgin IL? Contact us on 815 575-0568.


Most Economic & Best Quality Carpet Cleaning Elgin

Most Economic & Best Quality Carpet Cleaning Elgin

Don’t let dirty carpet destroy the look of your home.

Get the most economic & best quality carpet cleaning services in Elgin at Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration.

Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration is a fully licensed, insured & IICRC certified company serving Elgin & nearby areas.

Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration clean carpets as well as cleaning service for area rugs, upholstery, furniture, tile & grout cleaning, hard floor care, water damage restoration (FLOODS), fire damage restoration, mold remediation, renovations, and more.

Our free pre-inspection & cleaning service is just one call away!

Call Today! 815-575-0568.

Effective Methods To Do Couch Upholstery Cleaning | Elgin

Everyone prefers a couch. As a result, they get dirty more often. To keep them in great condition, learn methods to do couch upholstery cleaning here.

Go Through Our Fire Emergency Procedure Step By Step | CA

Go through our fire emergency procedure step by step to grasp the idea of how a fire damage restoration company works. Explore the blog to know more.

Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, LLC has over 22 years of experience serving fire damage restoration in Elgin. So, call us at (815) 575 0568 anytime you encounter fire at your property.

Why Do You Need Professional Mold Remediation Services | CA

Mold remediation services come in handy when dealing with acute problems of mold growth in the vicinity. Learn here the benefits of hiring experts.

Mold problem is just not bad for the building’s structure but also for its occupants. Therefore, call Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, LLC at (815) 575-0568. We have years of experience serving mold remediation in Elgin IL.

How To Choose A Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Company | Elgin

Damage caused by tile and grouts are very common and not unheard of. Despite knowing this, homeowners ignore the poor state of their tiles and grouts. All of this further damages them, especially in the case of ceramic tiles you must understand the importance of ceramic tile restoration services to bring back the charm of the tiles.

Then, when the tiles become really dirty and damaged, you need the help of a professional tile and grout company. They will clean your tile flooring from inner depth. Hence, your tiles and grouts shine and look as good as new.

Problems arise when you’re looking for a reliable professional tile and grout cleaning company near me. To make the process simpler for you, here are some tips and suggestions that you can follow.

Website at

Water damage can occur at any time! Though, the extent of damage depends upon the cause of water damage. Whatever the case may be, it is important to find the source causing the water leakage and resolve it.

When the damage is too big for you to handle, call water damage restoration services. Some people may have doubts and concerns over the cost of the services, and that is why they don’t hire professionals.

To all those people, read the below article to know the factors affecting water damage restoration cost. So, you know where and how you are spending your money.

Else visit our website.


Water Damage Restoration Specialist in Elgin

Water Damage Restoration Specialist in Elgin

If you have been confronted with water damage at your home or commercial office, it is advisable to hire a professional water damage repair company. The methods of cleaning and restoration vary depending on the circumstances of the damage and its extent. Total Solution Cleanings professionals analyze the situation to restore the property to its pre-damage condition serving Elgin & nearby areas.

What Does Lemon Juice Do To The Carpet | Elgin, IL

Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration is an experienced carpet cleaning company serving Elgin and the neighboring areas. Our experience in the carpet cleaning business has enabled us to solve all carpet-related issues. So, if you need professional help to keep your carpet clean, contact us.

Steam Cleaning Vs Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning | IL

Carpet cleaners mainly use two types of carpet cleaning methods. Learn the differences in steam cleaning vs hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

Can Mold In Your House Make You Sick | Elgin, IL

you can use store-bought cleaners, vinegar, bleach, etc. However, the best option is to seek help from professional mold remediation services.

Professionals have the experience and knowledge to effectively remove mold from your surroundings. They can remove them from even hard-to-reach places or right after water damage.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Fabric Sofa | Elgin, CA

Now you know the best way to clean a fabric sofa by professional upholstery cleaners, it is time you contact them to clean yours. Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration provides IICRC certified, highly trained, and experienced upholstery cleaning experts who will provide the best quality service.

How Are Professional Smoke Odor Removal Services Helpful After Fire Damage?

If your property has ever caught on fire, you would understand the need for professional smoke odor removal services and how they contribute to you.

Tips To Hire A Fire Damage Restoration Company | Elgin, IL

Know here tips to hire a fire damage restoration company. Also, learn what qualities you should look for in a professional fire restoration company.


Carpet Cleaning Services in Elgin, IL

Carpet Cleaning Services in Elgin, IL

At Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, LLC, we take your dirty and dull-looking carpet and alter it back to looking new and clean. Our locally based carpet cleaning services bring back the newly bought touch and feel of the carpet.
We also rejuvenate the look of the carpet that can light up the room.
Call us at (815) 575-0568.

Tips For Hardwood Floor Cleaning And Maintenance | Elgin, IL

Want to get rid of the filth that has been built on your hardwood floor? Then, seek experts help. Also, learn tips for hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance.

24*7 Water Damage Repair Services Elgin IL

When water damage occurs, taking immediate action is crucial to saving your commercial or residential property.
Therefore, before the situation worsens, get professional water damage repair help from the best water damage repair services in your area. We at Total Solution Cleaning & Restoration, LLC offer 24*7 for water damage services.
Want a reason to hire us as your water damage repair expert? See the video and get ready to be our lifetime customer.

Benefits Of Water Damage Restoration Services [Infographic]

Leaving the water damage for a long period of time can be a costly option. So, read on to find out why hiring a water damage restoration service is crucial.

Maintenance Tips Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning | Elgin IL

After getting professional upholstery cleaning, maintaining it is difficult. This blog offers maintenance tips that you can use to keep upholstery clean.

Effective Methods To Do Couch Upholstery Cleaning | Elgin

Couches are the place where you usually chill, sit, or watch television shows at home. Know here the best methods to do couch upholstery cleaning.

What Are The Do's And Dont's For A Fire Damage Restoration?

During a fire damage restoration drive, there are several things you need to avoid to not cause more damage to your property. Read more about it in this blog.