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Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC

Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC is a family-owned & operated carpet cleaning company serving residential & commercial clients of Homestead. We specialize in carpet & tile cleaning, water damage restoration, furniture cleaning, dryer vent & air duct cleaning, pet stain & odor removal, sanitizing & disinfecting, soft wash & pressure washing & more cleaning services. We use only safe, non-toxic, highly effective cleaning ingredients & the most advanced techniques for quality results. Contact us at (305) 927-5959.

Best Carpet Cleaning Company Homestead

Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC is a family-owned & operated carpet cleaning company serving residential & commercial clients of Homestead, Miami Dade County, Key Largo, & all surrounding locations. We use only safe, non-toxic, highly effective cleaning ingredients & the most advanced techniques for quality results.

We specialize in carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, water damage restoration, dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting, pet stain & odor removal, furniture cleaning, soft & pressure wash cleaning.

We have experienced & skilled professional staff who better know to use all the latest tools and methods for cleaning. Our professional cleaners have expertise in fulfilling your cleaning needs promptly, & make sure you are completely satisfied.

To book a service or to get more information call us at (305) 927-5959.

Quick And Prompt Water Damage Repair Service Homestead [Infographic]

Water damage can happen from anything like flooding, brokerage in pipe , faulty leaking appliances. Repairing water damage on your own is tough & risky. Professional water damage repair & restoration is best for it!

Experts respond quickly to stop causing water damage further & taking prompt action to restore valuable assets in home or office. Use new technology probes to extract water & drying & dehumidifying processes for hidden water damage issues.

Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC is a family owned & operated cleaning company providing water damage repair services in Homestead CA. Contact at 305-927-5959 for any commercial & residential water damage repair in Homestead, Miami Dade County, and Key Largo City.

Carpet Cleaning Lakeland

People worry about the durability of their carpet to maintain its look, warmth and elegance, but to maintain the carpet look as brand new proper cleaning is necessary.

Experts like Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC is a family-owned and operated business based on honesty and affordable prices in the carpet cleaning field.

Whether you need commercial or residential carpet cleaning in Lakeland, we are able to restore its sparkling look taking full care of its fabric.

Contact us @ 305-927-5959.


Finest Air Duct Cleaning Service Lakeland FL

Finest Air Duct Cleaning Service Lakeland FL

Cleaning air duct on a monthly basis is mandatory to reduce or eliminate pollutants such as dusts inside your homes cooling and heating systems.

Whichever season it may be, Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC is always there to assist their clients in air duct cleaning. Our expert air duct technicians provide all season air duct cleaning to eliminate dust and germs from your home.

Why Choose Us?

-Well-Trained & Experienced Professionals

  • Use all Latest Tools & Methods

-Sanitize and Disinfect Duct Thoroughly

-100% Customer Satisfaction

-Best Eco-Friendly Cleaners

-Provide Mold and Allergen-Free Cleaning

Grab our top-rated air duct cleaning service in Lakeland! To know more details about us, contact us at 305-927-5959.

How Often Your Home Need Furniture Deep Cleaning | Lakeland

Who doesn’t like compliments about a beautiful home. To maintain your home like new. Read how often you should get your home furniture deep cleaning?

What Is Sanitizing & How It Is Different From Cleaning | Lakeland

Sanitizing and disinfecting is very crucial just now during the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn what sanitizing is and how it is different from cleaning.

Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC is a trusted professional company providing sanitizing services in Lakeland.

With years of experience sanitizing all types of properties, we are the most reliable service in the town. With the ongoing pandemic, get your protection against the virus today by calling us on (305) 927-5959.

Know The Common Carpet Cleaning Problems & Solution For It | FL

Read here the most common carpet cleaning problems and their effective solution for them. This article also talks about ways to avoid these problems.

When it comes to finding the most popular professional carpet cleaners in Lakeland, Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC’s name pops up. We are an experienced carpet cleaning company serving both residential and commercial users. Call us at (305) 927 5959 to book your services today.


Quality Tile And Grout Cleaning In Lakeland FL

Quality Tile And Grout Cleaning In Lakeland FL

Tile and grout can appear dull, pale due to the accumulation of soil, grey, and soap residues.

It will cost you a lot to repair tiles and grouts if you do not take good consideration. Your flooring can lose its gleaming appearance; in this situation, always obtain professional assistance for the best results.

We have quality tile and grout cleaning in Lakeland FL to clear grime, mildew, fungus, rust, or stains from floor surfaces. Our cleaners are well qualified to shield the flooring from harm when sweeping.

To get a free quote for our cleaning services in Lakeland and nearby places call Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC today at 305-927-5959.

Clear Signs It’s Time For An Upholstery Furniture Cleaning [Infographic]

Upholstered furniture is the most valuable asset, adding charm & style to a home, but it can also be a cause to an unhygienic environment if not maintained properly.

Over time, your furnishing gives you signs of bad odor, increased allergy problems, dirty spots or stains, dander & fur of pets & also an old tired look which tells that it needs professional furniture cleaning.

Reasons You Need Sanitizing And Disinfecting Services During COVID-19

Any commercial or residential property owner's primary goal is to have a clean and secure climate. During this coronavirus pandemic, everyone must rapidly come to grips with the situation and devise preventative and protective measures. We will live a safer and healthier life this way.

However, few people have received the necessary training to combat this virus. As a result of the pandemic, sanitising and disinfectant facilities are in high demand.

For complete sanitising and disinfecting services in Lakeland and the surrounding areas, Contact Xtraordinary Cleaning LLC at 3059275959.