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5 health benefits of consuming rice - Enjoy the advantages of eating rice

Rice is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods in the entire world and apart from the delightful taste, the texture and the versatility there are many health benefits of adding rice to your diet.


A healthy intake of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are considered the enemy of living a happy and healthy life but this is one of the biggest myths when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, As with any other practise in life, eating rice in moderation is not only necessary but also a requirement in order to get a healthy intake of carbohydrates. Red rice and brown rice are considered to be better options for food over bread and other staples as the fibre is supposed to be able to lower the risk of cancer, diabetes and even heart disease.


Beneficial over processed food

Hiru Rice and other types of rice are a clean source of energy as it is not processed food. Rice is an ingredient that is used in a variety of different food that is prepared in Asian Cuisines such as Sri Lankan, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and even Malaysian. When lifestyles started becoming fast-paced, meal preparation time became less and fast food became a convenient option to squeeze into the daily busy schedules. While there is an idea that rice can fatten you, when consumed in moderation, similar to all different types of food, rice can provide you with a full belly and healthy body. Consuming rice on a daily basis over other fast food and processed food such as burgers, hotdogs and other fast food that includes bread will make me feel better.



Gluten-free food has become one of the most sought after types of food in the world due to the allergies and health issues caused due to high consumption of Gluten. Most countries in Asia consume rice on a daily basis as it is one of their staples and has been so for many years. Due to this reason diagnosing issues due to consuming gluten has pointed to the fact that once lifestyles started to change and rice was being replaced by bread and other fast food there were complications in the digestive system and the human body.


Great source of energy

If you feel lethargic and unenergetic having a bowl of rice with a range of curries if bound to lift your spirits and fix your mood according to every Sri Lankan rice eater. The popular rice and curry combination is a sure method to fix any mood as it will bring you a variety of tantalising tastes. Rice when combined with a balanced combination of curries can be a wholesome meal which will provide children and adults with the required nutrients for a meal.


Regularises the digestive system

If you have been having irregular bowel movements or constipation you are going to love reading the next bit of the passage. Eating a healthy and moderate amount of red rice and regularise your bowel functions. Eating rice is a proven way to regulate your digestive system as there is a healthy amount of fibre in every grain of rice. While eating rice will help you with your digestive system and visits to the toilet you should also be mindful to hydrate yourself throughout the day.

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