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Social Media Field Marketing - Society3

We are looking for a social media savvy marketing person helping us to extend our market reach and intensify our market communication. Social Media Field Marketing means you will be spending much of your time online in the market and engaging with our customers, users and prospects.

Testimonial Maker Demo

Demonstration of how to use this software service to create stunning and effective graphics for testimonials and other uses. You can try out the live demo or purchase your own license here:

Big data - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. The challenges include capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, transfer, analysis, and visualization.

The #TKE Tweets Daily

The #TKE Tweets Daily, by Steve Cassady: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Steve Cassady Twitter | Steve Cassady Trending

Discover Steve Cassady (SteveCassady) Twitter Trending Topics : Small business, Social media, Linkedin, Getrealchat, Smmanners and more

The KC-Business Daily

The KC-Business Daily, by Steve Cassady: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

What is Your Blog's Mission Statement? - Dukeo

Today's task in the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog project is to define your blog's mission statement. I know, it sounds all official, but a mission statement simply answers the question: Why does your blog exist?

Social Media ROI: You Get What You Give Without Expectation | The Marketing Nut

Are you giving more than you take in social media? Are you sharing your best stuff? Adding value? Building real relationships?

Google Analytics Cementing its Place in Social Media Reporting | Business 2 Community

Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Social Media Reporting on Google Analytics With Google announcing their social media reporting extension in Google Analytics, social media marketing experts can now see the financial value of their efforts. This is already pushing new trends into existence in 2013 and the face of social media SEO may soon change forever.

What is the best blogging frequency? The complete answer

When you start a corporate blog, you create expectations among your target audiences. This also applies to the frequency of your blog posts, along with many other elements. If you have been blogging on a regular basis for a while and then dramatically lower frequency or even stop, it's hard to create a valuable ongoing and progressive interaction with your target audiences and the communities shaping around your blog and content.

The Bammys' Powerful Recognition of Student Genius | Angela Maiers, Speaker, Educator, Writer

No one knew quite what to expect from the first-ever Bammy Awards, presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences to educators, last September. The Executive Producer, Errol St. Clair Smith, set modest expectations and delivered well beyond our wildest dreams, leaving us wanting for more.

Look! Media Internships!

Ackerman McQueen is seeking Media Interns in Oklahoma City. Ackerman McQueen is seeking Photography Interns in Oklahoma City. Familius is seeking a Public Relations Intern in Sanger, Calif. Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma is seeking a Public Relations Intern in Oklahoma City. Hewlett-Packard is seeking a Channel Marketing Intern in Littleton, Mass.

12 Most Ultimate Ways for Nonprofits to Engage Their Communities

Mila Araujo hits one out of the park with 12 Most Ultimate Ways for Nonprofits to Engage Their Communities.

IBM State of Marketing 2013 Survey #GetRealChat with @Jay_Henderson #SmarterCommerce | The Marketing Nut

Did you know $83 billion is lost in sales in the U.S. each year due to poor customer experiences? Are brands falling down on delivering on their brand promise?

Social Media Social Good: Social Media Mistakes -

DadChat recently discussed the mistakes we all make in Social Media with expert John Paul Aguiar. Using the transcript as a guide, I wanted to share the best tips and advice we learned from this topic at #DadChat. Firstly, some overall impressions I took away from the discussion.

Involve your workforce in your content marketing strategy

In organizations that rely heavily on content and information to attract, persuade and serve customers, the content marketing team consists of more people than those who are strictly involved in content marketing. Subject matter experts, consultants, managers, etc. can all contribute.

Writing a Great Elevator Speech in Seven Words

Don't deliver some old, outdated pitch - your story deserves a fresh perspective. Because, when you learn how to change the conversation, you can change your results. Have you ever answered a question that no one has asked, in a presentation?

Advanced LinkedIn Tips, Tools and Techniques

Learn insider secrets to getting the results you've always expected from LinkedIn. All registrants also receive a license to use testimonial graphics software.

12 Effective Ways to Increase Employee Engagement " 9 INCH MARKETING

12 Effective Ways to Increase Employee Engagement After studying 1,001 examples of companies that give little unexpected extras to employees, here are a dozen ways to drive engagement and reinforce culture from the book, What's Your Green Goldfish : 1. Onboarding You never get a chance to make a first impression.

Persistence, Focus + Repetition: Kills Doubt, Earns Attention - via @nickkellet

There is nothing like persistence, focus and repetition to crack a hard problem. Oddly sometimes we even crack the problem and forget to celebrate our achievements. It's too easy to pass GO and not bank the $200. I can always recall my boss and mentor from French Connection telling me stories about lasers and the power of focus.

FIVE KEY Questions to profile your customer by @CASUDI #EQlist | Entrepreneurs Questions

We have been profiling customers for our clients for years; we always called it MITS (man-in-the-street) profiling. It means asking the right questions, and accurately determining and understanding the meaning of the answers. We did this in the days before sophisticated data analytics!

5 Keys for Multi-Channel Customer Support - 360 Connext

Multi-channel customer support is here to stay. Do you know the 5 Keys for service customers in our omnichannel world?

Why List Posts Are Like Vegas | A blog about lists, content curation, and crowdsourcing.

When it comes to explaining Listly it is always smart to begin with the "why of lists". "For some reason our species is drawn to numbered lists" (Inbound Marketing by B Halligan and D Shah) People are eternally attracted to the idea of numbered lists.

Merging Multiple LinkedIn Accounts - Linked Into Business

There is no easy seamless way of merging multiple LinkedIn accounts. You will lose the recommendations on the "merging" account. I highly recommend making a copy of the merging (second) account. You can save it as a PDF - or I actually recommend clicking on select all and copying it into a word document.