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Maha Vastu Shastra

At Maha Vaastu Shastra’s Vastu consultants help people to resolve their Vaastu issues. A Vaastu consulting website indicate clearly the various kind of Vaastu services e.g. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc. Visit this website More info -

What Is Importance Of Vastu Shastra?

A place, common or work, is done by living beings which distinguishes them from heat, cold, drift, storm, and unfavorable conditions of virtue which are known by different names in different cases. For example, a house, house, sanctum sanctorum, tunnel, and beyond it man is the most prominent of all beings.

From him, it is inferred that he constructs a legitimate place or house for himself and his family with Vaastu consultant, yet has some affiliation in addition to other creatures or things with which he is concerned and in keeping with his care.

8 Benefits Of Vastu Shastra. Benefits Of A Vaastu Home | by Maha Vaastu Shastra | Dec, 2020 | Medium

The feeling of satisfaction has a place with a feeling of security and a feeling of being settled. It is, thus, exceptionally fundamental for very highly organized households. In any case, how can you plan the structure of your house with a [Vaastu consultant ( Look no further because Vastu Shastra does the work of a hero.

8 Benefits Of Vastu Shastra

  1. Harmonizes Energy:
  2. slices of bread Happiness:
  3. Inner Peace:
  4. Builds Trust:
Vastu Shastra Tips and Benefits | Maha Vastushastra

At the point when Vastu standards are being taught in a building structure, the energy flows in a specific way as it should in any case with any deficiency. Vaastu standards compensate humans and material together with the component of nature and the universe. A structure employed by Vastu standards affects people physically, mentally, and others in different manners.

-- Vastu affects the life of the person giving them

  • Very well
  • The consolation
  • Relaxation is accomplished by focusing on location, ventilation, shading, planning, materials, components, and title.
Tips for Vastu Planning for West Facing Homes | by Maha Vaastu Shastra | Dec, 2020 | Medium

As referred to, it is the home route that issues more. As indicated by Vaastu Shastra, in a house located to the west, the principal entrance or passage of the house can be located in any of the four pads — the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth.

Here is a basic explanation of what pads are. Imagine the west side of your house as a straight line running from northwest to southwest.

Vaastu for A Home | Vaastu Consultant – Maha Vastu Shastra

To convert a house into a house, it has to emit the right kind of energy. As indicated by various traditional beliefs, each house comes with its energy type.

A person’s residence in a house is under the influence of a particular energy field, which affects him. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the connection between Vaastu consultant and the recurring craft of our homes in intensifying inspiration and great vibes.

Vastu Energy Level On The Life

Geopathic stress Geopathy is a Greek word where 'jio' denotes 'earth' and 'pathic' denotes 'disease'. At the end of the day, it is the weakness of the earth or the ill effects of energy that radiates from the earth at specific places.

Late developmental studies and examinations concluded in different parts of the world have isolated geological stresses release with Vastu consultants that can bring about the production of a damaging climate in a structure.

Vaastu For Positive Energy At Home

Dormancy is a sign of a troubled passionate state. This is where a person realizes that he is inactive, yet cannot help himself to emerge from that state.

Have you ever wondered what causes lethargy? Is there a specific cause or is it a mixture of many reasons? According to Maha Vaastu, a couple of unbalanced areas in the home or office establish a climate that improves negative vibes, impact energy levels, perspective with the certainty of its inhabitants.

What Is Importance Of Vastu Shastra?

Vaastu consultant the exchange of the various forces of nature, including the components of earth, water, wind, re and ether, and attempts are made to keep these components in harmony, as these elements interact with each individual Together, guide and change the way of life of living organisms on Earth. So they follow the various core principles of our deeds, deeds, conduct, and life with Vastu consultant in Delhi.

Vastu Shastra Tips and Benefits | Maha Vastushastra

At Maha Vaastu Shastra’s Vastu consultants help people to resolve their Vaastu issues. A Vaastu consulting website indicate clearly the various kind of Vaastu services e.g. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc. Visit this website More info -

Vastu Tips For The Office, To Bring Success At Work | Vaastu Consultant

The Vaastu consultant office maintains financial growth, handles employees, helps to make the climate calm and positive, and addresses the path forward in the business.

Vastu of office require appropriate examination and direction of a business house, here are some Vastu Tips for Office:

  • At Maha Vaastu Shastra’s Vastu consultants help people to resolve their Vaastu issues. A Vaastu consulting website indicate clearly the various kind of Vaastu services e.g. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc.
  • The east-bound office is viewed as acceptable abundant.
  • Evade the sporadic state of the plot while square or square shape is best for office structure.
  • Water asset or component assuming any should be put or introduced in North-east of the workplace with Vaastu consultant.
Vaastu Tips For Achieving Your Business | Vaastu

The office has been developed to achieve radically and a great achievement and great benefits in such a way that employees are properly controlled.

The Vaastu Grievance Office enhances everything unquestionably and keeps the progress of abundance in a great position and helps to make a business effective. We often see individuals who wander into the business without talking about what is important and the plot for each business.

VASTU TIPS | Maha vaastu shastra


  1. The owner of the commercial complex must sit in the south-western bit (entity) so that it faces north or east. 2 . The goods of the shop and showroom should be placed in the south, west, and northwest.
  2. A sales representative is required at the trade counter to face east or north.
  3. There should be no shaft on the money counter of the proprietor or chief.
  4. Weightier or less ancillary goods should be kept in the South West shop/showroom.

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What is vastu shastra? | Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an archaic Indian study of concurrent and prosperous life by disposing of negative and negative energies around us.

However, at the point where you know about Vastu Shastra, read our article about the use of Vastu Shastra in a house and learn how to make real use of Vastu for a more happy life in your home too...

Anyone would agree in such a way that we, the people, invest a large portion of our energy inside a structure, be it our home, office, or whatever. It is a reality that everything in the universe has a degree of energy associated with them. After this, it is necessary to state that all structures and even the ground on which a structure is erected, vibrate with energy.

What is vastu shastra? And how can it improve

There is an old Indian study of architectural design and structures, which tends to create a suitable setting or spot to exploit the advantages usually presented, its components and energy fields for better abundance, wellbeing, opulence, and satisfaction and Works most logically.

Vastu Consultant binds science, workmanship, stargazing, and soot together, similarly, it can be called an ancient spiritualist science for designing and manufacturing.

What Is Vastu Shastra For Home | Vastu For Home

In Old India, individuals accepted the house as a living being and built a house as sacred work. Additionally, he named the soul residing in the Vastu for Home. This is the result of an ancient Indian story of Vastu.

To know about Vastu Shastra based on Vastushastra, you can cite the story of Vastu for Home and the inevitability of Vastu Consultant.

What is Vastu And Benefits? | Maha Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an archaic Indian Vedic science architecture that maintains the rules of development of structures with the ultimate goal that they are compatible with climate or nature. The settlement by the authorities is accomplished by dealing with the progress of vast energies through and around the Vastu for office.

Vastu Reduction & Extension In Plots | by Maha Vaastu Shastra | Jan, 2021 | Medium

Square and rectangular destinations are preferred locations, as previously mentioned. Vastu Purush fits perfectly into one category and advocates balance and balance in the physical parts of Vastu Shastra development. Any reduction in the plot affects the individuals living in that structure.


The fundamental direction of Vastu Consultant, Vastu rests on the suspicion that the Earth is a living being from which other living animals and natural structures originate. Of the nine planets in the solar system, Earth has life, especially in light of the presence of the five components or panchamabhutas of Akash (space), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Jal (water), and Bhoomi (earth). ) is.

Vastu Angles In The Corner Of A Plot

Vastu advocates square and rectangular plots because all four points of a square or square shape are 900’s. The straight lines of square or square shape speak to be arranged for Vastu for office.

A knot in a house ruins the corner of a house, because there are no separate sides, at this point the right points meet, the corners are important places because they get energy from two sides. For gain, corners should be shaped by straight dividers. A terrible corner can cause a serious accident.

Veedhi Shoola Vastu

In Sanskrit, Vastu Veedhi means road and Shoola means bolt. Vastu Veedhi shools are accordingly roads that push/point straight into the site like a bolt. These roads indicate concentrated energy with incredible power in the site.

Depending on the negative and positive energy communities located in different ways, Vastu Veedhi Shoola is known as a prophet or ideal and foreboding or inauspicious.

Vastu Guidelines for Construction – Maha Vastu Shastra

Before starting development, it is important to build compound dividers. It is suitable to correct any adverse decrease or increase in the plot with Vastu Consultant to form a square or rectangle, the construction of compound dividers in the south and west should be finished at high speed.

The dividers on the southern and western sides should be thicker and taller than those on the northern or eastern side.

Vastu General Guidelines for Construction – Maha Vastu Shastra

While constructions have more open space on the east and north sides than the west and south. There should be no development of toilets of Vastu for office,

With the help of the compound or principle working in North-East, South-East and Tea North-West Bearings, carport, porch and beyond.

It is better in every case to design both the T compound floor and the road level. The compound floor should be set up at any rate feet above the road level. The design itself can be at any rate foot on the ground level in the vastu consultant in delhi ncr.

Easy Vastu and Feng Shui Tips For Your Home | – Maha Vastu Shastra

A brief look at the use of each at home

Feng Shui: It advises against having a toilet in your kitchen. You likewise want to try your kitchen before the entrance of your passage. According to Feng Shui experts, warm tones are the best tone for your kitchen and Vastu for home.


Vastu Shastra: The ideal bearing for the construction of the main room is the south-west corner of the house. The South-East is not ideal because “Agni” administers it and it indicates quarrels and errors between couples. We have even more roomy suggestions for your room.

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In any office, shop, industrial facility, or home, there is an entrance between the exterior and the outdoor spaces. The main thing that individuals see when they stay with you at your workplace is the actual structure and any basis it can be with Vastu.

These should be positively impacted. If you are in the lifestyle items business for a store or display area, a satisfying and tasteful feel is mandatory. If maintaining the most reliable quality principles in your exchange is of most concern, then you need a straightforward, clean and dirt-free environment.

Direction Of The Main Door Vastu

In the section on Vastu Consultant, we had unearthed about 45 celestial beings, who possessed various appendages of Vastu Purusha. The managing devices starting from NorthEast Corner are Sikhi, Parjanya, Jayanta, Indra, Surya, followed by the request and status of the deities as per the picture.

The site or building is separated into a 9x9 network called Paramashika Mandala. The four important areas for imposing a principle entrance path starting from the east are Indra, Braksha, Pushpadanta, and Bhavantar.