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Updated by Marked Lane on Dec 30, 2020
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How to Design Your Retail Store?

The designing phase of a store is crucial for the growth and success of any business because the store design affects people in multiple ways. According to the peoples’ reviews, the shopping experience and store environment affect peoples’ buying decisions from the stores. That means a good retail store design can increase the overall profit of the store. So, while designing a retail store, always take care of every small aspect as it matters a lot and very important for the success of the business.



The location of the retail store is a considerable factor that affects the customers and the business itself. A good store location attracts more potential customers and it also ensures a smooth flow of operations. If the store is in a very busy area, it requires fewer efforts to promote the business and the companies can save more money to promote their business with less time.


Layout planning

While designing the new store, layout planning is also another important factor that helps the business owners to use the maximum space of the store effectively. In addition to it, when the stores use the whole space of the store in a good way, they can arrange their products for the customers by planning specific places for all the different items in the stores with promotion sections. This will increase the chances of buying new products from stores and create a direct effect on the turnover of the business.


Controlling customer flow

Sometimes it is seen that the improper display strategy and customer flow inside the stores can lead to neglect of some products. Due to which sales for some products are less as compare to other products. So, to tackle with this issue, it is very important to control the flow of the customer by providing the proper pathways with marking so that the customer can follow the marked pathways and they can cover every part of the store. Moreover, it also creates a positive effect on all the customer's shopping experience inside the store.


Store environment

The Environment and the feel of the store plays a vital role in attracting customers. The feel of the store should be according to the product you are selling. Let’s suppose you are selling sports products or kid's items then the feel of the store should be sporty and childish respectively if you want to score business. Researches show that eyes got attracted to the things of your interest, so catching the eyes of the customer depends on the feel and outer look of the store.


Interior designing

Interior designing also plays a major role in the store's design. The type of tables you are using to showcase, kind of wood you are using for shelves plays a major role. Also, the sound system, the right selection of playlist according to the store type and the scent of the choice is important. If you want to provide your customers with the best shopping experience go for a better interior design.


Quantity of products

The number of items on your shelves may increase your sale but it decreases customer satisfaction. When customers feel uncomfortable while shopping due to overloaded shelves it decreases the customer's satisfaction and can cause bad reviews. When Walmart tried this, they experience better customer satisfaction but yes low sales. So, it also depends upon the kind of retail store you are going to design. Keeping the number of items low but of good quality can definitely attract customers and make better sales.


Display changes on a daily basis

The display of your product should be kept revolving or changing. When you focus on better store design, rotating or updating your product on the shelves is very important. Think of your regular customers. If they keep finding the same and same products on the shelves every time they visit, they will get bore and move to the next store and it can lead to the loss of a customer.



The store designing starts from the first instance you start thinking about it. Your store design and look directly or indirectly affects your sales and traffic of walk-in customers. So, think wisely, choose wisely and start designing your store step by step. Keep exploring new updates and magazines on the retail store design as it is an ever-changing branch. There is always something new, designing your retail store is a never-ending process and needs regular updating of designs, products and layouts. If you are looking to showcase your products at an already established shopping centre, Marked Lane offers you the perfect opportunity at prestige shopping centres.