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My Blogging Tips | SEO Is a blog containing blogging tips and tricks for both pro bloggers and newbies, our blogging tips will help you rank on search engines and help increase your blog traffic.

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Apple iPhone XR, 64GB, Black - Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

Fully unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US-Cellular, Cricket, Metro, etc.)., The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic, in which case it will be UL or Mfi (Made for iPhone) Certified., Inspected, and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm's length.,Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information., Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.

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Fossil Men's Nate Quartz Stainless Chronograph Watch, Color: Black Stainless (Model: JR1401)

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Wordpress Optimization Secrets

Get Your Blog To Rank Higher.

Page Rank Basics
Knowing something about how to create this optimization to harness the best benefits will definitely be advantageous.

The Basics

Keywords – these are by far will allow all visitors to be directed to the said domain the most important elements that will ensure the ranking process creates the best results.

Learning to identify and use the best words as much as possible effectively and quickly.

Title tag - the next step would be to title tag appropriately, which basically means the text will be shown in the color blue whenever something has been goggled.

The general noted maximum title tags should not exceed 70 characters, and this should always be the same as the actual headline of the said page.

Metadata – here a short description of the general content of the site is featured and it should be done in a way that convinces the visitor to open the site as the information source that is being sought. Here 150 characters are the maximum amounts allowed or allocated.

Headings and subheadings – the Googlebot primarily looks for well-structured pages that have the heading and subheadings that outline the general content. This is similar to a book with the title tablets on the inside cover.

The first third – although repeating keywords are important, doing so too many times within the first few pages of information will cause the exercise to be Google slapped. A suitable guideline to follow would be about 2.5% keyword density.

Backlinks – having a good number of these is also another way to get a good page ranking. However, the links should be relevant and spam-free, as visitors will not appreciate unnecessary solicited disturbances.

Using anchor text that has is rich in keywords within the backlinks will ensure phrases that are hyperlinked.

Using Articles And Blog Posts

Making use of as many tools as possible available on the internet to attract visitors to one’s site is very important to the existence and popularity of the said site.

Therefore with this in mind, using the tools like articles and blog posts has the ability to increase traffic to the site if some primary points are carefully included in the process.

Writing It

By using the articles or blog posts to create a “buzz” on a particular topic, the interested parties will be able to access the information because of the search engine's ranking.

Ensuring the information formatted is of the highest quality both in content and design is one way of creating a fresh and engaging page for the potential visitor to the site.

Besides the obvious importance of the content and design of the article and blog posts, there should also be a concerted effort made to include a set of chosen keywords as often as possible within the page’s content.

In doing so the page ranking can then be satisfactory as the relevant search engines will be able to pick up on these chosen words and feature the site favorably.

Though it may not be easy to avoid the more popularly chosen words, with a little time and effort it would be worth it to come up with some lesser or lower competitive keywords or key phrases.

If the choices are well made it could have surprisingly popular results as these would then cause the articles and blogs to be more sought after.

The more successful the article or blog the better the traffic directed to the site will be.

Therefore the key is to pay some attention to the quality of the work being featured to a certain extent to ensure the material being presented is relevant enough to garner the interest of the surfing crowd.

Using Backlinks

This is another tool that is beneficial if used to its optimum capacity. The idea of using backlinks to direct traffic to a site is a tried and true method that has already been very successfully used over time.

These backlinks will allow the article or blog to be used as a tool to link to other websites that either has similar corresponding material or use a lot of similar word links.

The Backlinks

For most individuals, the need for traffic to a site is to create as much revenue for the site as possible.

This can also come in the form of passive income because the traffic is constantly being directed to the site and this helps to create the constant interest needed to keep the site relevant and effective.

It is also helpful as the actual material posted may not need constant attention but only periodical updates.

Producing several websites that always have the assistance of reference to other sites because of the backlinks is one way to ensure the articles are accessed successfully and optimized.

Understanding the fundamentals of the backlinks tool is also essential to its successful use.

The two types of backlinks should be used according to the requirements of the particular posting in mind.

The “follow” style allows the link to have many other backlinks which in turn help in the move up the search engine results.

The other style which is the “no follow” only allows a visitor to access a webpage that is linked but does not really help in the search engine results.

Depending on the needs or intentions desired of the posted one can choose the suitable option for the best effects.

Backlinks are particularly useful when doing social networking or social bookmarking. The forums are also another place where the links can be used to their optimum.

Using Directories

As the main idea behind using any tool is to direct as much traffic to a site as possible, the importance lies in the need to ensure the right tool is used for optimum benefit.
Directories have been known to be able to provide invaluable assistance in the particular platform without too much hassle.

The Directories

For some tagging on already pre-existing websites is sufficient for whatever purpose intended while for others this may dilute the impact needed to make a particular posting individual.

If this is the desired intention, then designing a page that is both personal and to be placed on the directory list will give the individual the necessary influence intended.

Therefore it is very important to identify the particular niche one intends to focus on for the successful vertical directories placing.

This is a particularly good option to explore as it provides the type of setups that help assist the individual to get optimum results from the listing.

Using the directories to provide or assist in the unlimited possibilities of backlinks will help the visiting party to a site get even more information when compared to simply linking to one or two corresponding sites.

These internet directories have an enormous often untapped potential to provide information about possible links that usually contribute to providing an equally enormous amount of information.

This is especially useful when conducting researchers where information gathering is an important part of the exercise.

When using the directories option, as an appropriate strategy the directory tools can prove to be very beneficial for the enterprising and prospecting webmaster.

It should be understood that there is more potential in using these directories as a valuable assistance tool than merely as a one-way incoming link. The goal should be to get listed and be able to garner as many inbound links as possible.

Using Social Media And Site Maps

As consistently mentioned the tools available on the internet to direct traffic to sites are vast and varied.

Therefore in the process of filtering the ones that are most suitable for a particular exercise, the social media and site maps tool ideally should be explored for its benefits too.

Social Sites

There is a lot of power and reach that can be harnessed through the use of the online social media and site maps tool besides the more obvious one on promoting a particular site.

This tool can be successfully used to create a wider online presence in the branding and marketing channels.

It provides the more visually appealing or better presented social reference as a guide and this applies to also get a more organized overview of the subject matter being searched.

In providing a potentially great conceptual overview these tools greatly help to narrow down any searching exercise that would otherwise be more time consuming than desired.

Increasing the visibility to ensure the connection with the target market is also optimized through these tools.

Being able to reach a much wider audience simply and quickly with just a flick of the finger allows the posted material to be accessed through multiple channels.

This is also an avenue that provides the host with the connectivity needed to be able to “listen” and understand the target audience adequately.

This then provides the competitive advantage that gets the desired recognition for contributing to the enhancing of traffic to the site.

Through the informative and interesting material being designed and posted the viewing target audience will be able to get the necessary information and perhaps more which will then create the potential to have a loyal following base. This of course is another favored featured to be considered.

The Downfall Of Not Using The Tools Available

These little helper applications make any task a whole lot easier and enjoyable provided the user has some knowledge of its workings.

Great Tips

There are a lot of reasons as to why these tools should be used as often as possible, some of which include the expansion of knowledge and horizons, applying these tools to work as an added advantage to the target audience with the prime goal of realizing optimum revenue, acquiring new and improved skill build upon new experiences and the list goes on.

Using the internet alert services one can basically find the best tools to suit the intended purpose at hand. As all endeavors need a good and steady flow of traffic to be successful, these tools can help to create that ideal environment.

Therefore failing to understand and capitalize on the potential these tools can provide will result in the decreased chances of achieving the thriving chances of optimizing traffic.

There is also the cost factor which in some cases can be considerably cheaper if not free when using these tools to advertise as opposed to using the more conventional methods available.

Advertising this way can also reach a bigger audience and the exposure gained will be worth the effort of using the best tool.

Providing prospective interest through the links will also bring in the traffic to the sites which again contributes to the desired revenue levels.

Thus there is a definite advantage in understanding and choosing the best tools to be used towards making the site a success.

Wrapping Up

The internet can be a wonderful resource to tap into when trying to make some headway in any endeavor in today’s very fast-moving environment making use of all the advantages made available by the various tool are not just wise but also essential in ensuring success.

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On-Page SEO: 5 Things You Can Improve to Rank Better

SEO is not all blood magic with formulas and enchantments. The difficulty with SEO is that you can work for days and not really see any direct influence on your rankings. You build new backlinks without seeing the impact.

Or you improve the architecture, the speed, and the internal linking and still detect no change. And the same goes for content changes. You rarely get a wow effect from isolated actions in SEO, and it can be frustrating.

But when you look back at all those days of work, you probably realize that over time, more keywords started ranking, the average rank per keyword improved, and traffic improved. SEO does work in mysterious ways, but there is one equation that often holds: the correlation between the time you spend on your SEO and the improvements you make in the ranking.

shape: Illustration of the secret formula for SEO.
What is on-page SEO?

On-page optimization is a pillar of SEO architecture, along with things like site speed and internal linking. There are two basic concepts to focus on for on-page SEO:

• Prominence: The appearance of keywords in important places, like titles and early in content blocks.

• Density: The number of times keywords or synonyms appear within the content block.

For local SEO, one more optimization is important: the consistent use of your business name, address, and phone number throughout the site.

Onsite SEO was the high-priority area in the early days of search engine optimization. Some consultants still primarily work on improving site architecture in the hope it will influence their rankings, but most experts agree that deploying on-page SEO techniques is not nearly enough to make a site rank for your keywords.

In the SEMrush ranking factors study from 2017, most on-page optimization was ranked lower than user experience and off-site factors.

chart, bar chart: SEMrush 2017 SEO ranking factors study.
5 most important on-page SEO factors

Search engines crawl and rank sites differently, and their algorithms evolve to take more and more factors into account. It is generally agreed that placing keywords prominently and having a relatively high density of keywords and synonyms is important. Let's look at the most important on-page SEO factors.

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Profit potential for your business niche

Multiple businesses within the market have managed to get a promising marketplace for their products or services which will tackle the prevailing problems.

However, they need been restricted in their stride by thinking what if they invest a huge amount of your time, energy, and price into the present segment and therefore the outcome leads to failure? this is often a really important consideration for the business.

It demands a process that is skipped the majority of the time. it's the method of validating your niche market in its entirety. this is often an important step within the identification of the profit potential for your niche market.

Although there's no hard and fast rule which will guarantee you success, nevertheless, there are certain steps which will be followed to offer your business a promising chance. These steps are briefly mentioned below.

Is there a requirement for your product or service? This involves the calculation of the entire number of potential customers who will be purchasing your product.

Are the purchasers within the segment have overcome the matter or still affected by it? this provides a thought of the number of individuals curious about the niche product.

a lot of surveys are conducted on various products and people’s tastes and preferences. you'll take the help from these surveys to research your niche’s profit potential.

Secondly, the web has become one of the foremost economical commodities within times. It contains a vast amount of data on sorts of issues and subjects out of which the majority of them are often accessed freely.

Hence, by typing your niche product keyword within the search box of popular search engines, you'll get a good amount of idea of what proportion of profit is often earned for your niche product.

can make use of the above programs to trace down the quantity of traffic and average CPC for your important keywords for AdWords/AdSense.

Is there any competitor that's already targeting your niche segment?

Your business needs to understand beforehand the products that are sold by your rivals.

If you encounter competitors that are already selling your niche product, it's advisable to research their business and products more deeply instead of switching your niche product.

This strategy involves the SWOT analysis of their product to spot the weather that you simply can improve, enhance, or modify. This move will put you before your rivals and would provide a solid reason for the purchasers to modify your niche product.

Do your niche product features a high lifetime value?

The term lifetime value implies the sum of the worth of every consumer to your product as they're seemed to buy from you daily. The questions that you simply got to ask yourself are the following:

Is it easy for you to rework a one-time buyer into a regular buyer?

Will there be related products besides your main niche product for your customers to create a long-lasting and valuable relationship with them?

The fact of the matter is that if you're shelling out one product, it's not in the least inappropriate to return up with other related products because it is far easy to sell to a regular buyer than finding a replacement one.

Furthermore, if the niche product is a web product and you're promoting it on your blog or website, you'll inspect whether it involves the adequate advertiser’s base in key PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising networks.

it's known that Yahoo Publishers Network (YPN) and Google AdSense are the 2 hottest PPC programs on the web. Thus, you

To be continued!

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analyzing the competition in niche marketing

The level and amount of competition are the deciding factors between the success and loss factors of the niche market.
As the niche market is little in nature, it contains one or two products.

However, if the scenario is demanding where you finish up quite two niche products; your niche market may likely become saturated sooner instead of later.

Taking into account the size of the niche market, it is advisable to determine your comfort level to assist you in confronting the competitors at hand.

It is believed by many experts that if you are passionate to be a salesperson, then the task of dealing with the competitors becomes easy and you start enjoying the competition.
If it's the opposite way around, it's better to modify your business to another niche market.

The 20th century has witnessed some incredible niche builders where they made their way through tough competition.

For instance, in the 1920s, the Walt Disney Company laid the foundations of its huge empire on the unknown art of child-like sketches which later came to be known as cartoons.

The business was surrounded by a hard-hitting competition environment that included the Great Depression, the Wall Street Crash, and World War 2.

It was beyond the expectations of the experts that the business of cartoons, being considered as silly, would overcome some of the toughest crises in the world’s history.

Hence, it is advisable to spend a great deal of time studying and analyzing the competitors both on the grounds and online. You can start with the foremost basics questions that are outlined below. Click here to continue


How to start a blog using 14 step by step guide

How to start a blog using 14 step by step guide

Are you wondering the way to start a blog? I’m glad you found this tutorial! some years ago, I felt desperate for cash. I didn't have any source of income, and though my needs were always met because my Dad always provides all I want for me, like traveling, School fees, Clothing, etc.

But it absolutely was time to look for a source of income! And since I actually want to be with my family. I checked out various ways to supplement my income and located most of the work-from-home jobs to be very low-paying, unreliable, or far too demanding on my time, as a student I had to look for jobs that don't demand much time so that I can create a chance for studies.

I needed the way to form money on my very own time — while studying the empty corners of my day. And that I needed to create good money, so it had been worth my time. I eventually settled on blogging. It felt intimidating and scary initially but now I don't see anything difficult in it.

After all, I wasn’t a computer specialist, and I’d never built a website! So I decided to blog at blogger for some years cause it has the best free plan and allows you to edit the interface the way you want it, but bloggers are just about just a template that you simply type your posts into.

In the end, though, I used to be amazed at how easy it absolutely was to induce founded. I feel it only took me about 15 minutes! Although putting in your blog is super stinking easy and extremely non-technical, blogging itself isn't easy, and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

I have to be compelled to be honest — there's a large learning curve, and you've got to place the ad. That said, I’m so grateful to own found blogging! I’m now able to work from home, while still studying.

If a student like me can create time for blogging and generate passive income blogging, anyone can. You may have heard some bloggers saying "You can't make money blogging without hosting your site", the truth is you can!

With some labor and determination, you'll be able to do that, too! If you have got some minutes, I’ll show you ways to simply create your own blog — no technical experience required! Here are 14 easy, step-by-step instructions.

Here am going to show you how to create your own blog using
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How to Start Your Own Blog in less than 15 minutes

How to Start Your Own Blog in less than 15 minutes

creating a blog is nothing that you simply got to be frightened of. there's no elaborate planning required either.

However, there are a couple of belongings you would wish to make a decision. Since these blogging service providers offer you tons of choice in terms of template and color themes, would be required to form those decisions yourself.

The Following May Be A Quick Guide Of What To Chew Over Before Creating Your Blog: Click here to learn how