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Updated by Somany Ceramics on Dec 28, 2020
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6 Brilliant Ideas To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

Just to save you from the worries and fretting over how to decorate your tiny bathroom to make it look bigger, we have some astounding ideas.




Why waste so much of thoughts, time, space and money when you can go for the sleek, trendy yet budget-friendly sanitary items? Just to save you from the worries and fretting over how to decorate your tiny bathroom to make it look bigger, we have some astounding ideas. The best part about all these items of sanitary ware is that they are easily available in the market. Also, you do not even need the assistance of an expert as long as you choose a trustworthy brand.


Problems with a tiny bathroom

Before we proceed with the ideas, let us focus on the issues that you might have with a small bathroom.

  • Limited floor spaces
  • Less space to access or move around
  • Fear of getting perfect bathroom fittings
  • Chances of water spoiling the furnishings

What can you do to make your bathroom look bigger?

You can overcome all these problems and yet make the most out of the tiny bathroom of yours. Here are some quick ideas coming to your rescue.


Hand showers

The simple and sleek sized hand showers are great ways to use the walls of the bathroom. Hand showers are great alternatives to the conventional and protruding showers. You can both install and use them without any hassle. This also saves the closets from getting wet.


Wall-mounted commodes

Such commodes are in fashion and come in different sizes. You must of course get the compact size that will be equally smart and consumes less floor space, making the bathroom seem bigger. Besides, when the commodes are mounted on the wall, cleaning becomes easier and your small bathroom can be easily maintained.


Small wash basins

Since you will not have the luxury to install the big and broad wash basins, you can simply opt for the small ones. Though small and compact, these small wash basins are high on utility and fulfill their purpose. They take extremely less space, do not hinder movements and give the idea of a wider area.


Compact bathroom closets:

The small-sized bathroom furniture is great for storing the toiletries. It is best if you can mount them on the walls as this prevents them from reducing the floor space.


Vertical tiles:

Use sleek and long tiles for the walls and the floor. This creates an illusion of more space and eventually makes your small bathroom look more spacious.



If you have made up your mind to execute these ideas then begin with them now. Before that, do find out the prices for a small wash basin, the other bathroom fittings and the tiles. You must check the items thoroughly keeping in mind the length, breadth and width of the bathroom.