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Updated by Lorraine Mikaelson on Aug 28, 2022
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Why Do People Get Jealous

In a relationship, we really cannot avoid the fact that we feel hostile towards some people who talks to our partners or maybe acts flirty around them. This kind of behavior is normal in every relationship and this is what jealousy looks like. In many cases, jealousy looks cute because we have this need of protecting what is ours and it just shows that we are afraid to lose our partners to some people. However, there are sometime where extreme jealousy is not good. This would just ruin your relationship and everything you and your partner have built. But why do we even feel jealous no matter how many times we are reminded by our partners that they won’t leave us? Why do we still have this feeling of hostility towards other people? Well, here are some reasons why we get jealous when we are romantically involved with someone.
They have trust issues.
Having trust issues is very difficult because you tend to doubt many things and it is hard for you to trust people which is why if your partner is like this, understand that there will be times where they might doubt you but never get angry if they do because they are also suffering from it. They might be jealous about who you are talking to because of this reason so you have to be really patient with them at all times because trust issues need time to heal. If you want to date after the pandemic, you can read this article.
They overthink things.
If you are feeling insecure in your relationship, maybe overthinking isn’t the solution to it. Sometimes, overthinking might even be the reason why you are jealous in the first place. You give meaning to everything, even small things. You interpret things even though they are far from it and because of this, you get jealous every time. If you keep on overthinking, it might be good for you to find a distraction. When I was overthinking before, I would watch a lot of movies to get my mind off some things. I would really focus on the movie and sometimes I would watch horror movies because it really distracts me.
They have been cheated many times.
Cheating is very painful. People who have been cheated suffered a lot and they might not even believe in love again because of this which is why some people who get jealous because they are afraid that their current partner might cheat on them. They know what it feels like to be cheated on and because of this, they don’t want to feel that agony again.
They don’t want to lose their partners.
Sometimes, people get jealous because they just don’t want to lose their partners. They don’t want to be left alone and so they become very protective of the people they love. This might sound bad but trust me, they just love you so much that they are behaving that way. They don’t want to lose you over some random people you just met. Love really makes us do things that are questionable but we do it anyway because we love the person.

We can now meet many people in one day.
Before, in one day you can only meet a handful of people since you get tired by the end of the day but now because of online dating websites, we can now meet tons of people in one day. We can talk to them for hours while also taking to the other one. There are even some online dating websites that will allow you to meet the same sex. Cupid will help you find the right person for you.

It is convenient.
Online dating is good for seniors because it is convenient for them. Seniors are not as active and agile as before and they may have difficulties in their bodies which is why with online dating, they don’t ever need to go through that hassle. One website that is great for seniors is this one. Maturetenders is user-friendly that is easy to navigate and communicate members online.

They might trick us.
You should not trust people you met online because they might trick us. They might lead us into a disaster that we may never be able to come out of it which is why it is important for us to be able to know whether that person can be trusted or not. Well, if you are looking for a genuine online dating website, this site is for you. You can look for a date here to be your longtime pair or you can just have fun and hook up with people here.

They would never beg for you to come back.
They would never be so low as to beg for you since they know their worth and they know they can find someone better than you. If you want to date an independent woman, this site is perfect for you. You will be able to match with the woman of your dreams or you can have fun with them instead.

Things would get boring between you.

A stagnant romance is bad because things would get boring between you. Since you are not doing anything, not even exerting any effort in your romance to make it progress and not doing anything to keep each other close then things would really get boring. You can read here to know more about this.

Be approachable.
In order to be a desirable person, you need to be approachable. When you are the type of person who is easy to approach, then many people would try to interact with you and they would find it easy to come up to you and maybe ask some question or just converse naturally. I just read this article which might interest you. You can read it here.

Their inbox is very clean.

When the inbox of your partner is very clean like there’s nothing going on, chances are there is something going on. If you have your suspicions, trust it and do your best to find out what is really going on. I just read this article about new professions in the online field. If you want to knw more, click here.

There are times where we are on the verge of giving up on love but we just can't since love offers us a lot of benefits and if we decide to give up on it, we would lose more things than trying to hold on. We don't give up on love because we wanted to make things work and we wanted to be with that person for a long time. Dating actually has many types and this site will tell you more about it.

Phones will make your dates less interactive.
A date should have interaction between couples and you can interact with your partner if you are always on your phone. You won’t even be able to respond to your pair’s questions or anything because you are busy. Dating is really interesting especially if you are also dating an interesting person. If you are trying to travel with an older pair, you can use this to get some tips.

Create a healthy lifestyle together.
This will help you and your spouse to have a healthy environment where rational arguments would take place thus strengthening the marriage. It is a great way also to give pleasure to your spouse if you have a healthy and fit body. This will also boost your self-esteem which will bring a lot of benefits in your romance. Here are other things that can boost your self-esteem.

You will end up single.
You see,, what makes it bad is when those standards that you have are too much for a person to achieve or any person to achieve because you got it from movies. Watching romance movies will really change the way you see things. I just read this article about how to make your own matchmaking website and if you are interested in making one, here are some tips.

You are secure
First dates can be pretty nerve-wracking which is why most people would just black out and would not know what to say or do. Because of this, I have read this article on how to ease your anxiety during first dates.

Not every gay relationship is about sex.
Homosexual relationships are also not that different from a straight relationship because they too can feel pain and experience heartbreaks and misunderstandings in their relationships.

They make you feel so lucky.
Now that we are in this pandemic, it might be hard for us to see our pair which is why this article will help you on how to have a Skype date.

You should never cheat on them.
Because of this, winners love genuinely and they never cheat on their pair. I just read this article which might interest you about what you need to know about dating.