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Headline for Tourist Attractions in Pasikuda – Captivating Sights in Sri Lanka
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Tourist Attractions in Pasikuda – Captivating Sights in Sri Lanka

A small coastal resort town that would fill yourself with joy, Pasikuda is a destination that can be reached within 30 minutes if you drive Northwest of Batticaloa. Its dazzlingly blue waters would offer you the ideal therapy to get rid of your work blues.


Batticaloa Lagoon

Batticaloa Lagoon - a striking sight that would leave you breathless and a scenic natural attraction in Sri Lanka! It is quite a large body of water that would leave you rooted to the spot at least for a few minutes with its hypnotising beauty, particularly during sunset, which offers unparalleled photo ops. Apart from stunning anyone who comes its way, this lagoon also plays a major role in providing lifeblood to the flourishing flora and fauna that call it their home. A boat tour in the lagoon will bring you up and close to a mélange of colourful birds from near and far, adding splashes of colour to the lagoon, making it appear even more attractive to its visitor. One may also notice the local fishermen carrying out their livelihoods by casting their nets in the water, awaiting their daily catch. The lagoon is especially infamous for its crab and shrimp, which make for incredibly delicious dishes at many resorts in the area.


Ayurvedic Treatments

Tourists from near and far simply thrive in the splendid access to amazing ayurvedic treatments that are available in Pasikuda. With a variety of unique therapy and massage sessions based on medicinal herbs and plants indigenous to Sri Lanka, one can look forward to being treated in the most relaxing ways possible.


Dutch Fort

Nestled amid a stretch of lush greens and fringed by a glistening lagoon is the Dutch Fort in Batticaloa. Although it was originally built by the Portuguese, later on, it was captured by the Dutch – both nationalities are former colonisers of Sri Lanka. This fort was even used by the third and the final nation that ruled over Sri Lanka – the British. Located within a driving distance from properties such as Uga Bay, this historical attraction of the country is used to house several administrative departments of the country's government at present.


Water Sports

One simply shouldn't return from a trip to Pasikuda without trying their hands at the plethora of water sports and other related activities available at its beaches. This quaint coastal town offers water adventures that are suitable for everyone from those that love that surge of adrenaline in their veins to others that enjoy a relaxing ride with their loved ones. The coral-bound waters that invite you to explore its secrets are yet another delight that's waiting to be discovered in Pasikuda. Things to do are many in this charming town and diving among its colourful corals would provide you memories to cherish down the years.


Coconut Cultural Park

Pasikuda is not only about beaches and lagoons – you may even make a trip to this town a novel experience by visiting its Coconut Cultural Park. It's where you can have a marvellous ride around the park in a bullock cart and enjoy coconut ice-cream to your heart's content.