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Updated by Stephan Marais on May 27, 2013
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Inbound Marketing, Content, Outreach & Blogging - Round Up, 24 May 2013

How Traditional Guest Blogging Practices Will Change After Next Major Penguin Update - Search Engine Journal

The most popular way of building back links right now is guest blogging. Why is it so popular? Simple, it's so effective at driving up keyword rankings - when it's done consistently and when those guest posts are published on authoritative domains that are relevant.

The Ultimate Resource for 2013 Inbound Marketing Stats and Charts [SlideShare]

I love reading great writing, which is what we aim to deliver consistently on this blog. But sometimes you're just looking for a compelling piece of data to plug into a presentation or support a point you're making in your writing. Well, if that's what you need today, then this post is for you.

7 Ways to Find What Your Target Audience Wants and Create Epic Content - Search Engine Journal

Great content sells. It converts. It helps with SEO. And sometimes, it works like magic: it goes viral, creates traffic inflow, and helps you achieve your goals. But what exactly is great content? How do you produce something so great it'll go viral and help you achieve your goals?

53 Actionable Content Marketing Metrics | Heidi Cohen

Content marketing is about attracting the right target audience and getting them to take appropriate action as a result of engaging with your content. Content marketing metrics is about measuring the results. As businesses continue to move a greater proportion of their budget to content marketing, marketers must associate results with this investment that are aligned with their goals.

Vine: 12 Ways to Make Your Videos Stand Out

You've had some fun with Vine, but now you want to get serious. Here are 12 tips to turn you into a Vine pro. With Vine, you have six seconds to really impress a viewer. Thankfully, six seconds is more than enough time to dazzle someone, tell a story or share a laugh.

Social Signals Are So Last Week - Use Infographics to Drive Real Leads

There is a lot of talk these days about social signals affecting Google Search Results, and many SEOs are feeling the effects for their clients, who are disconnected from the social world. When it comes to infographics, you may find yourself scratching your head at the many conflicting claims out there from the marketers that [...]

15 ways to optimise your evergreen content strategy

Evergreen content can drive plenty of the right kind of traffic to your website over the long term. It is one of the best returns on your investment into content, as it is a gift that keeps on giving, and should be a key part of your content strategy.

Find Content Creation Ideas: 7 Sources for a Virtually Endless Supply

By Arnie Kuenn published May 24, 2013 Content marketing poses many different challenges to businesses of all sizes, one being producing enough content. In fact, according to a Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs study, 64 percent of small businesses and 53 percent of enterprise businesses note that producing enough content is a content marketing challenge they currently face.

3 Examples of Great Content Marketing in Competitive Verticals - SEOgadget

Let's get right to it. Great content marketing is more than just plopping an infographic on your site. Great content marketing is knowing what an audience wants, what stirs up emotion, what gets those people excited, and dangling whatever that is in front of their noses, sometimes for weeks or months before they can attain it.

SEO Link Building ALERT! Paid-Organic Social Content Distribution Is The Future

In case you haven't noticed the SEO buzz kill, it's practically Armageddon out there, at least for some last gen marketers. For SEO practitioners who don't know what they're doing anymore 2013 SEO is brutal man, just brutal. Google's veritable Jihad against link spammers and outdated link building tactics is finally working to a greater extent.