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Updated by Christine kragg on Jul 25, 2022
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Get Airborne COVID-19 Monitoring Device

Differentiate yourself with the airborne COVID-19 test that your clients need to get back to business in the new normal.


Airborne COVID-19 Monitoring | Home Allergen Test

Now improve your indoor air quality and breathe easier with help from AirAnswers. This device identifies harmful airborne allergens and provides a personalized action plan for reducing them in your home environment. You can plug it at the home or business place for 5 days for allergens, 1 day to mold and ship to our lab. Then your results will be emailed to you or also you can choose optional consultation with us. This home allergen testing device also has the capability to detect viruses in the air and potentially Covid 19 which has been proved from recent research.

Indoor Air Professionals | Best Air Quality Monitor

AirAnswers is the only indoor test that identifies airborne allergens and molds. Patented and scientifically validated, this powerful technology helps air quality(IAQ) professionals to create new revenue streams by delivering even more of what today’s savvy customers want to know. AirAnswers makes it easy by collecting the air samples for you and providing detailed findings for your customers. AirAnswers is the best to monitor small airborne allergens capable of entering deeply into the lungs and triggering severe symptoms. One AirAnswers device can provide a complete allergen profile of your client’s environment.


COVID-19 Virus Monitoring Device

COVID-19 Virus Monitoring Device

This AirAnswers device also has the capability to detect viruses in the air and potentially COVID-19 which has been proved from recent research by top universities in US.

Inspirotec + AirAnswers

AirAnswers is the only commercial air sampling device that has the capability to collect ultrafine particles (0.1um) including aero-allergens, various bacteria and virus.

AirAnswers Device Instructional Video

Inspirotec's Head of Laboratory Rachel Reboulet walks through using the AirAnswers device.

Home Allergen Test - Air Testing Kit for Mold

Get an AirAnswers testing kit for your home that detects airborne allergen particles floating in the air like molds, pollens, dust mites, etc. At indoor homes, Only AirAnswers can do home allergen tests by detecting airborne allergen particles floating in air that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

The New Gold Standard in IAQ Testing for Mold

For IAQ specialists if their customers are looking for answers about what's in the air in their home. AirAnswers® allows you to detect an array of allergens and molds so you can provide them with the answers they're searching for.

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