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Web Tips

Basic Password Security

The security of your personal password depends on two concepts: the "strength" of your password and how well that password is protected. There is considerable debate, even among experts, as to what determines password strength. There is also considerable agreement as to what makes for a weak password.

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Small Business Website Tips: Three Things Every Small Business Website Should Accomplish

If you want to be successful as a small business owner, then you must make an effort to connect with consumers and potential clients. Today's small business owners must have a website if they want to compete. Just having a website, though, is not nearly enough.

Mistakes You Can Make When You Rush Into Designing Your Startup Website

Building a website for your startup can take a great deal of foresight, market knowledge and simple common sense. As can only be expected in a complex endeavor, startups tend to make one of several mistakes with their first websites. Try to make sure that your website design process stays clear of these unfortunate oversights.

Why Small Business Owners Should Consider Email Marketing

Operating a small business on a budget calls for smart marketing strategies that will convert communication into sales. It is therefore imperative to device a marketing platform that has higher prospects of generating revenue and promoting your brand without pushing you to the brink of bankruptcy!

What's the Big Deal About Social Media?

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about social media these days? It seems like all of the business gurus out there are hailing it as the next big thing when it comes to connecting with your customer or user base, and the fact of the matter is that they're exactly right.

Blogs are Powerful SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is not as regimented and organized as people think. There is no real or effective path to getting your website listed highly on the search engines unless you are willing to break the rules and use Black-Hat SEO.

How to Create a Perfect Landing Page

A landing page, also known as a lead capture page, is an important feature of Internet marketing. The landing page is the one which people will see if they click on an advertisement. It is not the same as a homepage, and is instead supposed to focus on advertising a specific product or service that your company has to offer.

Can Your Website Both Be Found at the WWW and Non-WWW Version?

If you have canonicalization errors on your site, visitors will be able to reach your website from multiple URLs such as the www version and the non-www. This creates a huge problem with the search engines, as you will have two similar pages with the exact same content, which will look like duplicate content.

Why Choose Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is often relatively expensive compared to cheaper shared hosting plans. Although shared hosting can be only a few dollars a month, dedicated plans can sometimes run over a hundred a month. When reviewing your hosting options, the price may deter you from choosing a dedicated option.

The Perils Of Employing Plagiarism On Your Website

It's not unusual for Google alone to approve up to six million requests for websites to desist from the use of copyrighted or plagiarized content each day. Technically speaking, there is little difference in hosting the latest pirated Hollywood blockbuster to cutting and pasting original text from other websites without permission, and the process has become so routine that offending websites usual feel the repercussions within just 24 hours.

Windows or Linux: Choosing the Best Hosting Platform

Choosing between web hosts is often a difficult decision. You may feel intimidated by the number of choices available. There are a plethora of companies that offer web hosting. To complicate matters further, once you have decided on a company, then you also need to choose a hosting environment.

How Using 'Server Side Includes' Makes Site Maintenance Easier

Using Server Side Includes (SSIs) is a simple, but very effective, way to provide dynamic features on your web pages. Using Server Side Includes (SSIs) is a simple, but very effective, way to provide dynamic features on your web pages. Many dynamic pages are generated by using scripts on either the client or the server.

Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote Your Personal Blog or Online Portfolio

Online social networks are one of the easiest ways to reach a larger audience with your blog or digital portfolio. While search engine optimization (SEO) and website directories will help you reach a general audience, social media marketing is arguably much more beneficial for personal blogs and online portfolios, because it offers a way to more directly interact with your visitors.

4 Ways Pinterest Boosts Your Online Presence

Pinterest has exploded in popularity over the past several months. The Pinterest concept is to create visual "Pinboards" from images, called "Pins." Pins can have a caption of up to 500 characters, including links. Pins can be repinned to a user's Pinboard or the user can click "Like" to simply like the image.

Dog Care in Winter: Keeping Your Best Friend Cozy and Healthy

Although dogs descended from hardy, outdoor wolves, they no longer have the survival ability that their wild cousins possess. Most dogs live indoors with their owners, and though this is a much healthier way to weather the winter months, dogs still may encounter a number of problems. When bitter winter winds blow and snow and ice cover the streets, it's time to take a close look at how your furry friend is managing in these difficult climate conditions.

Evaluating the Need for Live Chat Support

Live chat support, or assistance through instant messaging is slowly becoming a very important method of providing customer care services.

6 Tips for Memorable and Secure Passwords

You're probably groaning and rolling your eyes already, but most of us have that voice in the back of our minds when we read password advice, always reminding us about that bad password we continue to use.

Hiring a Web Developer? Create a Wireframe First

If you're getting ready to create a feature-rich, interactive website with custom applications, chances are good that you'll be working with a web developer. On the surface, it seems like a straightforward process: tell the developer what you want, and he or she will deliver it. But of course, it's more complicated than that.

Advantages to Utilizing Bitcoin for Your Company

Early adoption of successful new technologies is part of what makes a rising company thrive. When a new business owner is experiencing exciting growth, it is a prime opportunity to embrace previously unheard of methodologies in their expansion. Of course, many choose to stick with "tried and true" methods, but they are rarely remembered as a part of innovation.

Is it Time for your Website to Go Mobile

If you have a website, it is in your best interest to make a mobile-friendly website. Here are the advantages to making a mobile-friendly website.

Why Social Media Is More Than Bullying, Bragging, and Bad Manners

It started with MySpace and has grown to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a dozen other popular platforms. The ability to share information, opinions and images on a global level gave social media users a voice that they had never had before. It didn't come with a manual.

10 Steps to Rank Well in Search Engines

Creating a website and publishing it to the internet is a great start, but if nobody can find your site it will end up languishing forgotten in a corner of cyberspace. The key to increasing the visibility of any website is to find ways to get it to show up well in the search engine results.

Advantages of a CMS for your Website

Content Management Systems, commonly referred to as CMS, offer many benefits for individuals looking to create their own website, as well as make certain their growing website remains organized. There is no doubt there is an abundance of digital information available from almost anywhere, making it much more difficult to manage it all.

Building a Non Profit Website

The daunting prospect each good charitable soul faces is obviously funds, or rather an influx of funds, from prospective donors. We live in a world where technology rules the roost thereby signifying the marketing aspect in the form of a website as an important tool.