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Dogs Training and Care

Training tips for Dogs

Top grooming tips for a new dog owner

If you have recently added a dog to the family, you may have some questions about caring for it. No doubt you will have been inundated with tips from family members and well-meaning friends on how to look after your new puppy, but they may not have necessarily told you how to go about grooming him.

Why Foster a Dog?

The term "fostering a dog" is used to to refer to the process of preparing an adolescent or adult dog from a rescue facility for adoption by a permanent family. Usually the foster dog is one which may be hard to adopt because it needs special care, frequently just training to prepare it for family living.

Keeping Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

My dog thinks she's cool when she wears her metal studded black patent leather harness. She's a very muscular black and tan standard Dachshund and can look very tough. When she is outside in summer in the hot Florida sun she starts worrying about a different kind of cool...suddenly being muscular and having short black fur isn't so cool.

Natural Ways to Protect Your Dog

As the summer season approaches, so do fleas and ticks and then towards the end of the summer, harvest mites arrive to bring even more misery to our beloved dogs. Many people's immediate reaction is to reach for one of the many chemical products that are available on the market, but is there a better way to protect our dogs from these parasites?

Dog Training Approaches to Rebuilding Trust

A moment with the neighbor's dog horribly misconstrued, an encounter with a skunk turned into a tomato bath... Suddenly your pooch's trust vanishes. But it can be rebuilt. Of course, opinions vary on how to accomplish this. Talk to twenty experts and get twenty approaches, but fortunately these can be distilled into two major schools of thought.

Dogs and Boredom

Dogs who exhibit destructive behavior often end up in animal shelters when their families have reached their limit of chewed shoes and shredded furniture. Unfortunately, these owners may not realize that their dog isn't trying to be bad, but merely misbehaving out of boredom.

5 Simple Ways to Help Stop Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Does your dog exhibit bad behavior when you leave the house? Do you come home to find that your dog has ripped up all the toilet paper or chewed up your favorite pair of shoes? Does your dog have accidents in the house only when you're not there?

How to Check Your Dog for Signs of Sickness

They are our best friends and most reliable companions. Having a dog in your life can significantly reduce stress, which will ultimately help you to live longer and healthier. Doesn't it seem fair that we should return the favor?

Caring for a Foster Dog

The decision to open your family's doors and hearts to a foster dog is indeed noble and rewarding. Animal shelters and rescue groups depend on the kindness of individuals to welcome unfortunate and homeless pets into their care and comfort.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Your Dog

For many people, their dog is nothing less than a member of the family. They buy expensive bagged dry food thinking that they are giving their beloved pet the very best dog food available. However, even the best dry food formulas are not optimal for a dog's health.

How to choose a Domain Name that suits your Website

The domain name is the one you use for your homepage on your website. All the other pages come off of that original home page in order to make URLs. Here are a few tips to help you pick a web domain name that works well with your website.

Reward Your Dog With Massage

Locating dog massagers is not as difficult as you may think; many are employed at pet sitting companies or "doggie spas." For motivated self-starters, there are also DIY pet massage courses that you can purchase online; many of these courses have detailed videos available for convenient learning

Most Common Ways In Which People Fail Their Dogs

Clothing stores put their most attractive designs in their window displays hoping for impulse buys. Do pet stores display their cutest puppies for the same reasons? Do people actually buy the pets that they will live with and take care of for years on an impulse?

Is Your Dog Depressed? How to Recognize the Symptoms & Some Simple Solutions

It may surprise you to learn that dogs, like humans, can experience the signs and symptoms of depression. Canine depression tends to be less common than the human equivalent, but the consequences are similar. A lethargic, lifeless dog who seems to have lost his zeal for life.

7 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Dog

Would you like to have more fun with your dog? Dogs are social creatures and are appreciative of the time you spend together. There are a variety of fun dog activities you can and your best friend can share.

Tips for Stopping Your Dog's Destructive Chewing

There's nothing worse than coming home to find that your dog has destroyed your furniture, shoes, or valuables, especially if this has become a chronic problem. It can make you dread opening the front door to see what the dog has done this time.

Proper Etiquette for Taking Your Dog Out and About

Many pet owners love to take their dogs with them when they attend local festivals, art exhibits and other community events. A number of communities throughout the United States encourage these dog-and-owner outings, and you can often find sidewalk cafes with water bowls for dogs, dog biscuits avail

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People who engage in the Search Engine Optimization business should know about the various upcoming programming languages and the related day-to-day updates. Influencing the fair chances of any web page or any particular web site's visibility in a search engine's paid (natural) or unpaid (organic) results happens with the process known as search engine optimization, or SEO.

Understanding the Social Behavior of Dogs

The social behavior of dogs originates from several different areas. Their environment and experiences play a role in their actions, but the major part of their behavior comes from instinct. Up to eighty percent of behavior may be said to come from natural instinctual drive.

Twenty-one Fun Things to Do With a Dog

It's easy to settle into a rut. Here are some nifty ideas of things you can do with your dog to spice up both of your lives. If you haven't tried it before, you might consider using clicker training for your activity. It's a fun and positive method of training any animal.

Dog Allergies - Managing An Ongoing Medical Problem

Allergies can make your dog miserable with itching, eye discharge, ear infections and stomach distress. Finding the allergen at fault can take some time, particularly with food allergies. Your veterinarian can help you to determine what is causing the allergy and the best way to treat it.

Ways to Stop Excessive Scratching in Dogs

Excessive scratching in dogs is an indication that there is a problem that needs dealing with. Dogs, just like humans, enjoy the odd scratch here and there, but when scratching becomes excessive there is usually a good reason.

Fear Biting in Dogs

Dogs that haven't been trained properly often exhibit a wide range of unacceptable behaviors that range from jumping up on people to fear biting. Although aggressive dogs often bare their teeth and growl in a display of dominance, fear biting occurs more frequently in less dominant dogs or in dogs

Natural Ways to Calm Your Dog

It can be distressing to see our dogs acting anxious, stressed-out and fearful. Their behavior when under such duress can be a source of aggravation for us, too. When dogs are feeling unfulfilled and/or full of anxiety they express it in a number of unwelcome ways.

Dogs: More Than Friends For Life

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