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Best Speech & Language Blogs

Here are the list of Best Speech & Language Blogs suggested by SLP's at AppyMall.

This is not meant to be a "stagnate" list, however. We want our list to continuously grow, be user-ranked, and offer the very best active blogs there are!

So remember to VOTE for your favourites, as well as ADD any blogs we may have missed! This will guarantee the very best Speech and Language Blogroll around! Which is what each of you deserves:-)


Speech Room News

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by to visit! I am a speech language pathologist working with preschool and elementary students in the schools and clinic. I sign my IEP's as Jenna Rayburn M.A., CCC-SLP. I'm a graduate of The Ohio State University and Ohio University. My speech room is chronically messy.

putting words in your mouth

A blog for all things speech, language, education and whatever else comes along

Crazy Speech World

JENN for having us guest post on her fabulous blog today! We feel honored to be able to post onbecause we both think that she is a talented and marvelous speech language pathologist who has inspired us in our own work, and we're sure she has done the same for many of you as well!

Sublime Speech

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination" ~Henry David Thoreau Virtual Speech Center recently released " Describe with Art" which is an app which aims to help preschool/elementary aged children who struggle with verbally describing and following directions which contain descriptive vocabulary.

Figuratively Speeching SLP

One of the first speech page owners I met online was Natalie from Just Wright Speech. She is a talented Speech-Language Pathologist from Texas, whose friendly, energetic personality is displayed on her blog, page, and in the materials she creates. I enjoy having someone like her to bounce ideas off of, and I love using her materials.

Blog | Smart Speech Therapy LLC

Keep abreast of the latest news and developments in the speech and language therapy pediatric medical, educational and private practice worlds, by reading informative articles about the latest Evidence Based Practice research and developments. Read reviews of apps, books and products, and participate in numerous giveaways.

Speech Time Fun

Are you a fan of EET (expanding expression tool) by Sara L. Smith? ( Do you have students working on object-function?! Then this activity pack is for you! Do you notice all of the color blue?!!

Consonantly Speaking

Consonantly Speaking is owned and maintained by a licensed speech-language pathologist in her free time after work at a public school. There are monetary and time costs to maintain this website. If you find any of the free materials or ideas on this website helpful, please consider donating what you feel the free materials that you have used are worth.

The Queen's Speech

Welcome to The Queen's Speech! I'm Rachel Osborn, M.A., CCC-SLP. Graduate of SDSU with a BA in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. Graduate of SJSU with a MA in Communicative Disorders. School-based SLP with a SLP credential, CA state license and ASHA CCC's. What a mouthful!

If Only I Had Super Powers...

I've been extremely busy around these parts! Not only is May the biggest IEP month of the year (I think I've had 30 so far), but we also put an offer on a home two weeks ago. We are having some difficulties with the negotiating process and I'm not sure yet if the home is "juuuuuust right" for us.

Rae's Speech Spot

Here is the Blog lineup: 1. Figuratively Speeching SLP 2. Just Wright Speech 3. Queen's Speech 4. Putting Words in your Mouth 5. Straight Up Speech 6. The Speech Umbrella 7. Miss Thrifty SLP 8. Rae's Speech Spot 9. Speech2U 10. Word to the Wise 11. Let's Talk Speech Language Pathology 12.

PrAACtical AAC

One of the best blogs out there and is a must for those who are working on AAC.

Mommy Speech Therapy

Posted by Heidi | Filed under Early Language Development, Improving Articulation, Language Delay We've talked a lot about helping kids with articulation disorders here on Mommy Speech Therapy. I've shared my Articulation Screener to help you identify the sounds kids are saying in error as well as an Articulation Goal Tracker to help select the sounds that need to be targeted and keep track of progress.

PediaStaff Pediatric SLP, OT and PT Blog

Source: Friendship Circle] My son is the type who loves checklists, schedules, scripts, anything that will make his life predictable. But life isn't predictable. Sooner or later, there will be a problem that he has to solve on his own. Everyone must learn how to adapt.

Straight Up Speech

Guess what?? I just recently finished the second installment in my Articulation BINGO series targeting /s/ and /z/ in all word positions! My Articulation BINGO sets include simple sets of cards (just clip art picture and word) and addresses multiple words per position per sound.




I study up on their special interest. I buy products on stores like Teachers Notebook and Teachers pay Teachers. I know the names of all of the Star Wars Characters and Superheroes. I know that Nick Fury leads the Avengers. I know more than I have ever cared too about Bakugan.

A unique blog that creatively incorporates speech and language ideas (to utilize at school or home) with simple and nutritious cooking/food activities! "Speak Well and Eat Well!"

thedabblingspeechie - Inspirations for therapists & parents

Are you a traveling SLP who has to go to multiple sites? Do many of your students need visuals to help suppor their language development? Are your upper elementary students or junior high students always grumbling about coming to speech? Are you TIRED of using worksheets in therapy to target language development?

Speechie Freebies

Speechie Freebies is a website where the top speech-language pathologist bloggers create free materials for you to download, print, and use in speech therapy!

Activity Tailor | Activity Tailor - Creative Ideas for Speech Therapy

It's all well and good to work on a list of single words, but, really, what's the point if you can't get that good production to show up in regular conversation? And we all know that it seldom "magically" transfers from single words in therapy to general usage.

Just Wright Speech

Activity Review & Giveaway: Thank you Kelly from Speech2u for giving me the chance to review this great activity, and for offering a copy to one lucky reader! This activity is designed to work on early problem solving skills, categorization, and answering wh- questions.

The Speech Bubble

Thanks for stopping by The Speech Bubble, a creative resource for speech therapy ideas and activities.