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Headline for Scrumptious Street Food dishes to try in Singapore – Food adventures worth exploring
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Scrumptious Street Food dishes to try in Singapore – Food adventures worth exploring

Singapore is a small destination, but you can enjoy many amazing experiences while you are there. It's not just about shopping and sightseeing, but also about enjoying an astonishing culinary journey. You'll surely fall in love with many street food items in Singapore.


Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is of course the unofficial national dish in Singapore, which is also considered one of the most delicious in the entire world. Although it's listed as a street food dish here, even the restaurants at hotels in Singapore the likes of Pan Pacific Singapore serve this dish to their guests who prefer local flavours over western ones.


Oh-luak and chai tao kway

Oh-luak means oyster omelets and it's a popular dish in Singapore. Chai tao kway means egg cakes, often mistaken as carrot cakes by the travelers. Both are great for a simple breakfast and, almost every street food stall has them in store for you.


Frog porridge

No- there's nothing to be scared of or feel odd about this dish! The name 'frog porridge' can sometimes create disgust, but that doesn't mean that it's not delicious. Frog porridge is a very clean dish you find in Singapore, and that's equally tasty as well. They cook the frog meat very well, and you won't even be able to guess how delicate this is until you try it out when you are in Singapore. Some of the hawker stalls offer the frog porridge with a green onion sauce unique to them, and that combination makes a heavenly taste.


Bah kut teh

Simply put, bah kut teh means juicy pork ribs simmered in a herbal broth. Yes, it may sound simple, but the process of preparing bah kut teh is very complicated. The broth has to contain many ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, dang gui, garlic, and fennel and the simmering has to happen for long hours. Some street food stalls are specialized for bah kut teh from the early 1900s.


Sambal stingray

This is an authentic dish, invented by Singapore. There was a time where Singaporeans regarded stingray as a poor-tasting and cheap fish, but this sambal changed the whole perception. For this sambal, they use shrimps, shallots, chili peppers, and many other spices - lime is also added as necessary.



Either you like durian, or dislike it completely- there's no in-between! But, most of the Singaporeans love this fruit (they call it the KING of all fruits!) and have a never-ending craving for the same. Forget about the smell it has, and just remember its most unique taste. In Singapore, you find Durian drinks and Durian ice-cream as well, and most of them are mind-blowing in taste.


Tau hua

Singapore street food scenery is not all about being hot and spicy. It includes a heavenly selection of desserts as well. If you have tried out 'donhua' in China, you will realize that both these desserts are so similar. Tau hua is a savoury dish, but in Singapore, they also add a sweet syrup as the topping.